Scam letter(s) from Michelle Scanlon to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Thank you for the compliments John.
I'm currently in Tennessee USA, i will be getting one week leave for Christmas
What are your plans ?
Letter 2
Hello John,
Apologies for the late response, I hardly check my emails.. I am still very much interested in getting to know more about you,
I don;t take a lot of Pictures, but i will be glad to share a few with you..
I haven't made plans for Christmas, but i am sure something will come up before that time.
You haven't said much about yourself,
What kind of work do you do in Brasil
How long have you been single?
Are you divorced or Widowed ?
What are your interests ? Please feel free to ask anything you would like too know about me
Letter 3
Hi John.
That was a huge disaster. LOL
You seems to be a nice man i am still very much interested in coming to see you.
We need to talk more.
Hope you had a great day
Letter 4

I'm sorry for the late replies, i was on special duty for 3 days.
If you're still interested in me, Let me know
Letter 5
Hi John, I am still ery much interested in you, I haven't been on the site for a while, I have been busy with work
I would love to talk to you more and see if we can make plans of spending some time together during the Holiday.
Do you own a personal house in Brasil ?
What kind of woman are you hoping to find?
Letter 6
Hi John
Thank you for the pictures of your House. It's huge and beautiful and i would love to spend some time there with you but we need to get to know more about each other to make our meeting more interesting
I'm a tender and caring american lady who is eager to be happy in life! I can say that I'm very affectionate and romantic and try to find fun in everything that surrounds me: in nature, in art, in books and in music. At the same time I'm very energetic and sociable and I like to communicate with people very much, because I think we can learn a lot from other people.
I can say i posses most of the qualities you want in a Lady but i try not to compliment myself. LOL.
I am hoping to meet a man that is Honest , caring , one who is motivated and ambitious, intelligent, and self confident. I enjoy meaningful conversation in addition to plain old good fun. I just want a man that will love me for who i am and loveme alone. I hope this isn't too much to ask for.
Hope you're having a nice day dear ?
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