Scam Letter(s) from Anna Sigurlaung Palsdottir to Brad (France)

Letter 1

Happy Sunday

My fund is clean and non-criminal origin, therefore my Financial Adviser have been doing everything possible to move the funds out from the bank within the past few months but we are having challenges within the banking sector. My Financial Adviser have sorted out all the major Issues with the bank directors and they are currently making good arrangement to move the funds through a Canadian Company (Toronto Funding Incorporation) and this Canadian Company will be moving the fund through Private Secured Unlimited Master Card and the total Investment fund will be moved into this Private Secured Unlimited Master Card and you can withdraw a daily limit of 50,000 euros to 300,000 euros weekly from this Private Secured Unlimited Master Card which will be issued in your name as my Investor.

Please feel free to contact my Financial Adviser so he will explain everything clearly to you and we shall also proceed to finalize this transaction within this week as soon as possible:

Bank Consultant : R. R. Oswald
Nationality : British Citizen (United Kingdom)
Occupation: Hedge Fund Manager / Banking Consultant
Date of Born: April 4 ,1961
Direct Telephone: +44-745-205-3025,

Thanks for your understanding,

Letter 2

Dear Sir,
I wonder why you still keep silent on me, after send you my last message about my investment fund you still keeping silent till time.

Please i want to know what is going if you are willing to finalize everything about this transaction with me.

Thanks and best regards,
Mrs. Anna,,,,

Letter 3

Dear Sir,
They are waiting for you to send the fees to before the fund can be transfer in your name. Please do whatever you can to solve this problem, i don't want to enter another month with the same problem.

i wait to hear from you.