Scam Letter(s) from Bella Kolo to Brad (France)

Letter 1

My Dear Beloved,

Thanks for your kind respond, however, I choose to reach you through this source as it still remains the fastest medium of Communication.Once again, I am Mrs. Nicole Pauline and i have been suffering from ovarian cancer disease and the doctor says that i have short time to live.
I am from Paris, France but based in Burkina Faso, in Africa for over eight years ago as a business woman dealing on gold exportation, regarding my previous mail to you, note that this is my dream do not play with it i have finally decided to hand it over to you for you to fulfill it. Try and get this money from ECO BANK PLC and use to help the Poor, needy, orphans, victims of war and less privileged ones in the society in your country for my soul to rest after i have gone, i hope you are a God fearing some one, and do not inform or tell any one about it, let God be praise not man you will succeed if you keep it within your self as a secret before the fund enters into your account take my words and let God be with you. Attached to this email is a scan copy of the CERTIFICATE of DEPOSIT which i use in depositing the fund with the bank in the year 2003, i want you send it to the bank so that the bank may not have doubt transferring the money to you as I have instructed them that anybody who can provide my passport and the certificate to them will be the rightful beneficiary to the fund. I pray to God to give you the straight to proceed, please do not be discourage no matter what I will always be with you in spirit before you accomplish my dreams, note that you are my hope of making the chance to be with God.

Finally, send my PASSPORT and the CERTIFICATE of DEPOSIT to the bank and let them know the following procedure, regarding all I have instructed you to do with my money with them; I may not live to read your email again because my condition is getting worst. Note that one of the bank director is my very good friend and I have told her to help you in any area you need her assistant, her name is DR. MRS. JOY NDANM UJI here is her contact phone number and email contact address

00226 77661613

contact her she will assist you she will Be happy to hear from you because I just talk to her now regarding your matter. Below is the bank contact information, contact the bank by putting claim as the beneficiary to my fund/money with them.

00226 75479508

Mrs. Nicole Pauline

Letter 2


Do what the bank asks, to able you receive the ATM card from them, OK ?