Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hello)) I recently registered on a dating site and I have no experience of such communication ... so I do not know what to write) but I'm sure that we can find something to talk about) I just want to say that I'm a girl from Ukraine and More precisely from the city of Pesochin. I'm looking for a serious and long-term relationship. If you are looking for the same thing as I am, I'll be glad to start a conversation with you) this is our initial letter that will start our communication and if you really are serious, I will be happy to talk about me more and more with each letter) I want you to talk about you as much as possible)
I'm very glad to start our communication and with great excitement I'm waiting for your answer)
Letter 2
Hello, dear John! How are you? How is you day going?
I'm so excited by your message) I'm very glad that you wrote to me)
I think that you need to give an approximate idea of me) I'm a girl who was born in the town of Pesochin. This is a small town that is in the Kharkov region) I am 25 years old and I am full of strength and energy) I believe that I am an active and cheerful girl with a good upbringing) I grew up in a family with my mom and dad. But my dad was out of our family when I was little and I lived with my mother for a long time. My mother is my best friend and we have excellent relations) Also I have a younger sister and she is 11 years old. I graduated from high school and a university with a specialization in teaching. But after I completed my higher education and found a job I decided to live alone and help my mother financially. I think that it was a mature decision) By the way, I work as a teacher as an organizer in school and I'm engaged in organizing and helping to conduct various school events. This work requires a vivid imagination and creativity) I like working with children and helping children discover their talents and make them happy) I also studied English on my own so I hope that we will not have difficulties communicating and we will be able to communicate in English and understand each other )
I do not strive for too long correspondence. All I want is to find a worthy man with whom I will have many common and shared interests and with whom I can be blissful and who I can love with all my heart. I'm here for a serious relationship and I have no intention of just chatting or making a penpal. Only a serious relationship that in the future may lead to marriage. So that as you see I have serious intentions and I hope that you want the same and are also tuned) if this is so then I will be glad to start our communication just from here.
I had earlier relationships but they did not lead to anything because I and my partner made too many mistakes and it was disastrous for the relationship. But now I'm ready to reveal myself and my heart for you and start building relationships)
I think that it's not worth to tire you with a longer message and today is enough) so I'll wait for a message from you where you will tell about you)
Your Svetlana
P.S. I send you a photo where I'm with my family and on separate photos I see my younger sister along with my mother on September 1 to school) also my photos with my friends and I'm at work) Also in the photo where I'm with my sister and dog I'm visiting my mother and sister and this is their doggie) I hope that you will like it)
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