Scam letter(s) from Katerina Vigran to Ivon (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend, it is glad, that you have written to me, I wish to continue our acquaintance. I shall tell not much about me.
I was born in not the big city to Russia, name Kapustin Yar. It is city formilitarians. My daddy the militarian and I since the childhood went much totravel together with the daddy and with mum.
My parents from Ukraine and when the daddy has finished service, we have returned to Kiev. And here 10 years, I constantly live and I work in Kiev.
I work in the big improving complex, in a beauty salon. I, the hairdresser{barber} the stylist. I love my work, it is very womanly.
In my free time, I like to meet friends, to go to cinema, I like to read booksand as, I very much like to draw. I like to think out new style of hairdresses,I participated in many competitions in Ukraine and have received enough bigquantity{amount} of diplomas for my work.
On the Internet, I have decided to try to get acquainted with the man which first of all, becomes for me the friend.
I prefer to not correspond long as I do not consider{count}, that it is serious, to express ideas and feelings in the letter. For me a real meeting, more more important.
If you were interested with my letter I shall be glad if you will write to me.
Have good day.
Letter 2

It is pleasant to me to read your letter.
I am very interested by you. Frankly speaking me writes many men. But for me it is not important to have quantity{amount}. I wish to have one man but veryespecial. I can be with the man if we shall have understanding, trust, frankness if the man will be about me care, romanticism, to look after and I shall feel the happy woman. It is very important to me!
For me as important to have a reality a meeting. Me long correspondence does not interest. I to speak all of you it is very frank because to consider{count} that so correctly.
I wish to have a meeting in a reality and to spend time together, what completely to study{investigate} each other!!!! My dream to be happy and to do{make} happy mine the man!!!!!
I to think of you and I wait the answer
Letter 3

Hello dear Ivon Thanks for your letter and photo, was pleasant to me it. Whence this photo is taken?
I very much like to travel. And especially, I love the warm countries where it is possible to relax on a beach, to float and have sunburn.
Do not worry about that. If you cannot write to me often. For me it as is complex{difficult}, to write often. But I hope, our dialogue will proceed. Have good day. Karolina
Letter 4

Hello dear It is pleasant to me to read your letters. To like me that that you write about itself.
I am interested by you and I wish you to learn{find out} more as the person.
And as in the future I do not wish to have long correspondence. I shall be frank with you. Me the reality a meeting interests. I would want that the meeting was romanticism and not forgotten +. Therefore this meeting should be in warm edges{territories}!!!!
In Kiev I many{a lot of;much} work and consequently I to plan to have holiday. I would like to lead it as with advantage{benefit} and good acquaintance to mine unique the man.
I love spirits about tenderness a smell. Mine the love flowers is field camomiles.ssss I search generous, kind, reliable, sharp, strong, accurate, responsible{crucial}, hardworking, romantic, polite, assured{confident}, close{attentive} for the man. I try to steer clear from boring and silly. In men I am am involved with more character, than appearance. Appearance in due course varies (and frequently not in the best party{side}), and character and a manner of dialogue with others something almost constant. I like intelligent and careful men with sense of humour.
I wait your answer,
Letter 5

Hello dear Ivon!!!
It is pleasant to me to see your congratulation. Thanks.
Yesterday I remained at home in loneliness. I have taken a bottle of wine " Chateau Climens 1989 " Also romanticism of film has ***** it{him} in loneliness during viewing. It would be good to visit{attend} you. I am seriously adjusted{set seriously up}. I wish to study{investigate} well you, it would be important for looking as you live in yours the country, to study{investigate} culture of yours the country. I find you very especial the man and it is not simple words. To have the most important a meeting in a reality + It is very serious step what to visit{attend} you. If you are really seriously adjusted{really seriously set up} what me to invite, we should plan all.
I as to think of you.
Have good day!!!!
Letter 6

Dear Ivon So it is pleasant to me to receive your letter. My dear I very much wish to have an our meeting. I would want that we have spent good time together. I to dream about our the first meeting and of that as for the first time I can see you andyour eyes.
I spoke with director for my vacation. I can have a vacation in the beginning of March on a week. It is good for you? Inform me please! I to think of you is constant, already now I to start to represent as we to walk on your city together and to hold each other for a hand. It so romanticism for us +.
I to send you a kiss and to dream about a meeting very strongly.
Letter 7

Lovely Ivon Thanks for the letter and beautiful words.
My dear I can arrive to you if to buy the permit of the tourist. To me will not open the visa if to go only about the invitation. As if I to arrive about the invitation from the man that at me will ask who it and as we have got acquainted. Because of that that we earlier did not see each other that to me of 100 % the visa on yours the invitation will not open.
It to me which agent I well has told to know and always through it{him} to travel. For that what to open the visa in your country to me it would be necessary to employ the agent which prepares for all documents and agrees, payment the insurance and as for work of the agent I should payment. All this costs{stands} 400 euros. + cost of the ticket.
The matter is that I do not have now opportunity independently to pay all this.
Therefore I can arrive but I shall require yours to help{assist} me.
This money for travel will be necessary to me.
I to think of you is constant. I wait your answer.
My kiss!!!!
Letter 8

Mys Ivon!
My dear to me it is pleasant that you the answer to my questions. Big to you thanks my dear. My dear I would want that once you have visited{attended} Kiev but the first meeting I wish to have romanticism and not forgotten. I now to work in Kiev much and had no holiday long time, but would come time what to have holiday and consequently I would like to divide {undresse} with you it. Certainly in the future I would would like that you to show my country, culture and to study{investigate} all this.
But for the beginning we should have romanticism and a meeting in a reality.
I to think of you. I wait the answer.
Letter 9

Hello dear Ivon!
Thanks for your letter.
My dear the matter is that if I shall go to travel in your country that to me it is necessary to have the tourist the visa. It is easier{lighter} what will open and to not have a problem. I the young woman and not married and it am heavy in sew the country to open the visa. But it is real if to pay money and to show that I to have an opportunity to travel.
I spoke with the agent. It{he} one of these days should me give the exact information on all and cost as. I should as to know the name of city in which you live.
I constantly to think of you. I to think of an opportunity of our meeting and it much so it is important for me and I very much wish to have it in a reality andto study{investigate} each other.
I to think of you is constant. I wait your answer.
My kiss!
Letter 10

Hello my dear.
It is pleasant to me to hear that to you to like my photo.
I asked you what city you live?
My data which you asked.
Vigran Katrina 9 of Murch 1978 Ukraine 08912 Kiev, street sadovaja 21 apt 9 My dear it is the agent which opening the visa is engaged and to have good acquaintances and the visa for the certain money can open.
It not agency. It simply agent which for certain the sum of money works.
My English language well. But grammar badly.
Therefore I to use the translator electronic.
I to think of you and I wait your answer.
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