Scam Letter(s) from Vera Loshakova to Tom (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello dear)
I'm so glad to see you again.I think that if there are feelings between people, you can overcome any distance. Isn't it ? How was your day ? My working day starts at 8am and ends at 17-00. I work seller of lingerie in the Mall. Today is a beautiful day and a lot of snow ! I want someone to share that joy and good cheer with me, to walk the streets and maybe go sledding !!) As in childhood) May I ever show you my native city of Lugansk and you will see what a beautiful winter ! What holiday do you prefer ? Active or sit somewhere in a quiet place ? I want to know you every day more, I may not be a great poet and write in big beautiful letters, but I'm sincerely and I will write what I think. Honey, I'll write you a little bit about me. I grew up in a modest family, my father was drinking alcohol and the family almost had no money. I went to school in a very poor clothes. I had one sweater from 1 to 5 class ! But then thank God he finished drinking alcohol and live in peace and harmony with mom. My mom is retired,dad continues to work as a driver. I have older brother, 2 cousins and a cousin sister, but they live far away from me in Novosibirsk and Sevastopol. In my spare time I love to read books, draw sketches of clothes, to go with friends to the theatre or just to walk around the city. Sometimes we go to a sushi bar or pancake.I do step aerobics or with a big ball for fitness and try not to miss a workout. But sometimes there are exceptions !!)) I can stay home, relax, eat chocolate with tea and watch TV) you ever get those days ? When you want nothing to do but lie in bed ?) Is actually very not enough men around, partner, friend and lover in one person. With whom I can talk openly and share the most important and to whom I felt a passion. I don't like casual relationships. I prefer to be alone, but I will find my only man. I hope it will be you. only time will tell.
Write me !
I wish good mood.

Letter 2

Good day dear)
How are you ? Do you have a Sunday off ? I have a short working day on Sunday. Honey, I can request leave at any time, but how I will come to you ? This is not a cheap pleasure for me. Today I was rushing home to see what is in my mailbox from you. You know, I really like how to develop our acquaintance and I hope that I finally found a man whom they I looking for, and think I will not be disappointed in you ever. I like you and maybe our communication will be followed by a real meeting. How much are you capable of love ? You can for example make your girl massage, apply a coat, open the car door and so on ? It's the little things, but such nuances are not enough for every woman, I think that this is love, care, respect for each other. When such fine details no longer exist in a couple, I think love can crack. I know that I will give my beloved man it all in any situation. That has happened to him, and wherever he was, I always will be there to inspire and motivate, to give affection, kindness and tenderness, in that case the man feels strong and always hurries home to the family, don't you think so ? I don't want to waste precious time, life is always filled with different events, I want next to me finally was love, but it is impossible to find love one day. I'm gradually getting used to you, I like this habit, I'm happy now and that's enough for me. I hope you feel the same way))
Okay honey, I will go make something to eat.
I always wait for your letters !
Hugging you.

Letter 3

Hello, my dear man.
Tonight is the night at the Donbass was restless(( Night, I woke up to air raid. Such alarm sometimes include in Lugansk, but it happens usually when I hear military aircraft. But yesterday, air raid alarm began to sound in 23:00. I often hear explosions, but I haven't heard explosions in the yard for a long time.This is mainly on the outskirts of the city. My parents warned me to tape the windows so I could protect my windows from the blast, but even this method didn't help (because I live low on the second floor. And after about 10 minutes of military alarm was an explosion in my yard, I heard a loud noise and my apartment flew glass (( I have a broken window in the hall !!((( When I went to work in the morning, I looked on the other side of the house, where my window goes into the bedroom. Thank God there's a whole window, but there's too many holes in the wall from the blast. My love, I now have absolutely no money ( And I'm asking you for help if you can give me money for my window. It's too cold outside now ! And it is impossible to live with such a window ( In my town, one window costs about $ 80 and I am very nadeyus for your support ! I am very ashamed and uncomfortable to ask you about it ( But I currently have no one else to turn to. Only you can help me, my man.
I'll wait for your letter !
Embrace you.
your Vera

Letter 4

Good evening my dear man,
I always glad to see your letter and I am glad that now I have you ! At least I think so. And this is the best that happened to me over the last half year of my life. To live and know that you need someone and someone needs you is great ! There is nothing more beautiful than mutual feelings. Sometimes it happens that love is only unilateral, but it does not bring happiness. Now I feel that we both are committed to each other, moving closer and with each day getting to know each other better. I want to give my future husband all the best from me, affection, care, tenderness, sex, love, passion, delicious dinners, romantic evenings, massages, joint celebrations and children's laughter around us. I dream when finally that day comes and you embrace me and never let go. I have no idea what is high love ! Because I didn't know the feeling. From my past relationships I just received the bitter experience, I became stronger and realized that those men whom I have chosen, in fact, were not real men, they were boys of fools. I will not make any more such mistakes.And I'm sure that I have a sincere loving man, I want it to be you.
Take care of yourself.
Hugs, with love.

Letter 5

Honey, thank you very much for your support !
Here's my address :

Ukraine, Lugansk region,
city Lugansk,
street Kurchatova
house 7 flat 11.
name Vera Loshakova

Honey, my details match my passport. I gave you the right address.



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