Scam Letter(s) from Linda Evans to John (Brazil)

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Letter 1

Hi. I am actually looking for long lasting relationship with a decent man, someone honest, caring, romantic, loyal, intelligent, passionate ,loving and confident...who has focus and knows what he wants. Most of all I care for happiness and a bit of adventure in my life.

Letter 2

You are the first man in my life, i have never meet or chat with any man in my life and i have never beent to any relationship despite of sleeping with a man or having any sexual intercourse.
I am new on here and you are the first man that i would ever share my feeling with or contact on here and its just because of your christianity believes and we really have lots in common if we are a couple.
This are the reason why i have not go into any relationship since all this day and the reason why i have been keeping my virginity for my dream man to be my husband.
Honey, its not easy to just jump into a relationship or quickly fall in love with some one that we just met each other and to find or meet good soul heart it will be so long and some mens of now are dayd are very wicked with retch heart, some men were not ready to commit a long term relationship and they are not ready to settle down or live with woman and have some one living with them under the same roof.
And some men does believe in using woman as thier sex slave and sex toy which has means i can't never afford to do or subscribe my heart into such a thing, because i am just seeking for something real, strong, pure, unique and genuine.
And i dont want to useless my body and lose my virginity with uncare man, or some one that doesn't ready to get marry. But am ready to give all my body to my dream man to be my husband at any time that he want me on bed, and make sweet passionate love together.



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