Scam Letter(s) from Basirat Ibrahim to Brad (France)

Letter 1

My trustee love
I really thank you for your message you sent to me today with your understanding to rescue me out from this my present situation, my god will always continue to bless you and your family for helping an orphan like me.

I have also met with the bank director he was kind and he told me to present a foreign trustee who will stand to claim this fund with me. My trustee love, the fund will be legally processed according to the bank director so that there won't be any error or any problem when transferring the funds in to your designated bank account. My trustee love, I don’t have any order photos with me here in the refugee camp again because I lost my photos during the war of my coming to Burkina Faso where my father deposited the fund, so is only the 2 photos I have with me here in the refugee camp and I don’t have any money with me here to go out of the refugee camp to take other photos but my love if you still want me to send you some photos of me I don’t know maybe you can send me anything you have so that I can go out of the refugee camp and take a new photos and send it to you as you requested if you want it,

My love, I am still a student but I was admitted in the University in 2015 there I did my one year subject in accountancy before the death of my beloved parents, and I will like to continue as soon as I relocate to your country. My trustee, I hope you will not disappoint me now or in the near future. On my side, I promise to be honest with you and you will never regret helping me. I don't have much to say for now until this fund is transferred to your account, then I will come over to your country and continue my University education with you, my trustee love, now I don’t have any boy friend yet. So my dear trustee, here below is the name of the Director Mr. Matins F. Sanni of the UBA bank and the customers electronic email address :



Good day sir, my name is......................... from.................... the trustee of Miss Basirat Ibrahim Musa the only daughter of Mr. Ibrahim Musa Deposited money for his daughter with UBA Bank before his sudden Death, I have applied to the bank for his balance with them amounting to

usd$10.5millions dollars

as Miss Basirat Ibrahim trustee and I promise that I will help her invest her inheritance fund in a good way
over here in my country.

Bank ---------------
Email -----------------------

Miss Basirat Ibrahim