Scam letter(s) from Leighty Loveren to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hello how are you doing Dear?? I found your profile interesting and i would like us to get acquainted with each other and i hope i dont scare you... I will be waiting to hear back from you... you can Wassp me on +1(442-261-0409) Email loverenleighty @
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Name: Olga Ryzhaya
Age: 27
Name: Anna Evseeva
Age: 29
Name: Diana Akhmedova
Age: 30
Name: Marie Albert
Age: 26
Name: Sarah
Age: 33
Name: Evelyn Ashamatey
Age: 35
Name: Ludmila Vasilieva
Age: 22
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 28
Name: Anna Linda
Age: 29
Name: Naomi
Age: 24
Name: Natalia Pisova
Age: 27
Name: Maylene Baligyas
Age: 21
Name: Evelyn Hawkins
Age: 23
Name: Emil Vershora Ion
Age: 18
Name: Ekaterina Gavrilova
Age: 28