Scam Letter(s) from Jeanne Sota to John (Brazil)

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Letter 1

Hi... I am one of the people who know what they want from life. I am an intelligent, purposeful, reliable woman with a kind heart and a rich inner world. I am fond of reading, going to the theaters, traveling and learning something new about different things. I always try to develop myself and my creative potential. I am here because I want nothing more than to find my second-half. I have always considered that everything in our life is possible, but of course, if you do your best to achieve your goals.

Letter 2

Ok..well said about yourself and sounds interesting ,I like to know you too and Im glad with the way communicate ,Do you have children?Do you work ?Do you live alone?

Letter 3

No im also single living with my aunt but we can still communicate through email too ok

Letter 4

It so nice to hear from you and i'm looking forward to achieve through that site, I`m looking for a romantic man who is tired of being alone and wants love and happiness in life.a respectful man, with good sense of humor and positive thinking. But most important is for him to be just a good man that knows how to love.

Letter 5

Well i never got good luck there but its getting more interesting about you I love to explore and get to know you more better,..Im glad we met and we can communicate ,But first John I love to put you to a test and i hope lot of guys complain about it but i will let you do for you to take it as your responsibility until then we can move forward ok ..hope you having a wonderful day

Letter 6

Lolx you such a nice person and you getting me to be fond of you and i think it brings smile to my face every time i see your pictures,well im having a good day and rough day here but it will be ok

Letter 7

My rough day made me slept early yesterday so i woke up early 3:15am hope its no problem if i share a little of my problem ,hope you will assist me but its ok if you dont have the means

Letter 8

I need some money to check my myself because i feel some hard pains under my stomach for some few days now ,and i need 200$ which is 700 brl ,I don't know how you take it but didn't want to tell you

Letter 9

Will you give me . dear I really . need to go check up myself ,i dont want to bother but please ok

Letter 10

Name: Barbara Letzer
State/City : New Baltimore ,Michigan

she will pick up at money gram and bring it to me at home ,dont worry i trust her ok
her place is a few minutes away from Walmart so i thought it would be best if she could pickup the funds for me .That's if you send it to me and totally fine with that
Besides she'll be here at my aunt's place tonight

Letter 11

I thank you so much no one could do this but you proved me and i promise to be a good girl to you and also will always be only for you i swear.John I really appreciate it so much,Hope you had a good sleep well its 4:05 AM will go for it early this morning here but John please do send it through Moneygram ok

Letter 12

Good morning to you John..hope you lied about you going to send the money for me ...well is alright and thank you take care



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