Scam Letter(s) from Monica Tug to John (Brazil)

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Letter 1

hi John how are you, am new here and your the first man I saw and like I would like to have a chart with you, I know this is weird but I let my heart speaks, my what'ssupp number are +254717101106 ,looking forward to hear from you thanks

Letter 2

Hello my love, how are you doing? Hope all is well with you cause today i didn't see you online, i just want to take this chance to thank you for understanding me and to accept and love me the way I am it's not easy for other men out there to take this responsibility of taking care of another man's child,for that i respect you more and more and that make me love you even more, i admired you the first day i saw your pic and that gives me strength to approach you, for real you make me feel alive again. And what i can add for that is that age is nothing but a number i loved you and i will still love you the way you are, am a adult and i know what the best for me and my son that's why i choose you instead of others, you matured enough and that's what I was looking for, respect ,humble ,loving and not forget caring. Am a happy woman again and i won't hurry things the way you say but i will be the same monicah tuggiey for you till you decide either I'll be a good wife to you, i love you so much John and i can't wait to show you to my people at last they can be happy for me,, for now my love,, you just take care and don't forget that i love you and it's not for your background or your wealth but for the love and feelings i have for you,,, kiss kiss mwaaaaaach



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