Scam letter(s) from Lubov Biktagirova to Tom (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Tor. I am very pleased to receive your letter. It is very interesting to talk with you and learn about you. I got your pictures. You have very beautiful eyes. You did not become an actor ??? You're just doing ballet ??? I am a bit do not understand you. I'm going to talk about themselves gradually. It will develop better you an idea about me. you think I'm a fraud ??? I gave you on this occasion ??? It offends me. What do you want me to do a photo !!!! I want to tell you more about themselves. I work in the company "your door". Our company is engaged in manufacturing and selling doors. I work in an office manager. I advise clients, work with documents and answer the phone. Every day I come to work at 8 am and leave work at 5 pm, but can linger a little bit. I work from Monday to Friday. When a lot of work, I'm staying to work on Saturday and sometimes on Sunday, but it happens very rarely. I have a good job and I like it. I always wanted to work as a teacher at the school, but the fate of so happened that I work here. Can you tell me more about your work ??? I will be very interesting. I hope you like my letter. I want to tell you that I am writing you a letter from internet cafes. And on this, I can not answer you online. I hope that you will understand me. I hope that you gladden me with his answer. I will be waiting for your answer.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Tor. Thank you for your answer. I am glad to receive your letters. I'll tell you about your education. Where have you studied something ??? What is your education??? It is not particularly important, but still I think you might be interested to hear where and how I learned. I went to school in the village where my mother lives. We have to learn to Russia at the school for 11 years. My mother worked in the school, a primary school teacher and so I have always had an interest in learning. I was always a good student and graduated from high school with the highest score. In our school the highest score was 5. I graduated from high school and my grades were 5. My mom is always proud of me. You are very handsome man. I think this is enough. I want to know you. After I finished school, I moved to Vologda and entered the Pedagogical University. His I also graduated with honors but a job as a teacher in our city are hard to find. I really wanted to become a teacher. My profession - a teacher of elementary grades. The institute passed the most pleasant and interesting years of my life. Now I live alone in a rented apartment. With me living my favorite cat. My cat's name is Thomas, so I was not bored one)). Do you have pets??? Now I would like to say goodbye to you. I hope you like my letter and soon you will answer me. Liubov.
Letter 3
Hello my friend. How are you??? What is your weather like???? I was waiting for your letter. I want to tell you about their hobbies. Do you have any hobbies or interests that ???? On the last photo next to me, my colleagues, with whom we communicate well. I wish you had never been to Russia. Russia is a very cultural country. In our country, like the theater, ballet and opera. This is especially loved in St. Petersburg. Saint - Petersburg is called the cultural capital of Russia. If you come here, you will never regret it. Your dad chef - cook ??? It's fine. This means that you tried lots of delicious things. I love most dumplings and borscht. I know how to cook them well. I eat seafood, but I do not have that you can select. Do you have a daughter??? Children are the most beautiful thing in life. My dream is to have children and love them. I have a small child with a hobby. When I lived with my mother in the village, I often gave stuffed toys. And since I love to collect them. I have a lot of toys in the apartment. And when I do not feel like I sleep with them. Just in my spare time I like to read books. Do you like read ???. What was the last book you read ???. On weekends or holidays, I try to go to his mother in the village. I often go to his mother in the village and help her in various work around the house and garden. We have a very large garden and lots of flowers. Do you love flowers?. We also have a lot of vegetables in our garden. Do you have a garden???. I am happy to tell you about myself more in my next letter. Ask your questions, and I am happy to answer them. Also I am very interested to know more about you. Liubov.
Letter 4

Hey. How are you Tor ???. Your letter again brought a smile to my face. We already know a lot about each other, and now I want to tell you more about her family. Thank you for all your compliments. I am very pleased. You are also a very handsome man with beautiful kind eyes. I have no children)). I mean, when I was a child I had a hobby. You have a wonderful hobby. I think you would have done to me great photos. Why you could not make the garden ??? If I do not understand where you, then I will ask me to explain. While I do not have such problems. I am glad that you are asking me that what you can not understand. All the same, I am Russian and I have a defect in the English language. I do not mind if you want to print my photos. I was even nice. I am glad to receive your photos, but you get a lot of those that I already have. I need new) !! I've never tasted lobster. Shrimp and I ate nor very tasty. Especially prawns. I do Caesar salad and shrimp box there. This is my favorite salad. In my family I am the only child. I have no brothers or sisters, so all the parental love given to me. As you already know, I was born in a small village where everyone knows each other. With five years my mother brought me up alone because my dad died young. I miss him very much. I believe that children should grow up in a complete family and receive education as the mother and father. Dad worked as a driver of the machine and once he got into an accident and he was gone. He took the milk from the countryside to the city. I am very sad to say this but I want you to know my family history. My mother and I are very good friends. She's the only joy and happiness in our lives. I always shared with her their secrets and do not hide from it. I wanted to have a brother or sister, but alas, I was alone. I try to visit often my mom and help her around. She still works in this same school and teaches children. All her life she devoted to her case. I'll be glad to hear more about your family. I hope that your letter does not have to wait long.
Letter 5
Good afternoon Tor!!!! I lifted the mood when you answer me. Yesterday I spent time with my friend. Thank you for your photos. You're a very attractive man with beautiful eyes. My friend name is Irina. I met her when I was in college. I've known her for 6 years. In this city, I do not have anyone near her. She was like my 30s years old, but she already has a child. His name is Pavel. I am very happy when I get to come to visit her and play with her son. I love him so much. When I come very much enjoys having fun and did not want to let me go home. We often walk with them in the park, go on a carousel and fun. My girlfriend is very happy that she had such a wonderful son. Also, she has a husband. His name is Igor. He works as an engineer in a large company. They are happy together and they are fine. Watching their relationship, I understand that the main thing in the life of the family. When you have a loved one, and a child that you're a lucky man. But life is so difficult to find such a man. Do you agree with me? I am very glad that you and I started talking. I support you. I know you more and more with each your letter. I am glad that you came into my life. Now I want to tell you yet. I look forward to your next letter. Your Liubov !!!
Letter 6
Hello my dear Tor !!!!!! I am pleased that you try to answer all my questions and carefully read my letter. I see that I'm interested in you. I'm glad we found each other. Our acquaintance with you a pleasure for me. You're an interesting and sociable man. You write me wonderful letters! I would hope that our relationship does not stop only at correspondence. This is my opinion, and I want to be sincere with you. I am glad that fate brought us together. I can not say it in another way! Now, when I wake up in the morning I think of you! When I go to sleep thinking about you. You made me come back to reality. I used to think only about work. But now I have other thoughts. Thoughts of you. It's very nice when a man understands my feelings. Therefore, I am not afraid to trust you my feelings. I do not know why, but I trust you. I did not have such feelings for a man for a long time. But you deserve my trust. I believe that confidence is important for a strong and happy marriage. I wish we did not have secrets from each other! Do you agree? We're looking for a serious relationship that could later lead to marriage! So we have to be very honest! We need to trust each other! I have not watched the Oscar. This is the place where the prize is awarded the best actors of the world ??? My back is fine. I told my mother that you're a wonderful man. She alerted your age, but she was younger than my father. Age is not important in life. I think that only an adult and an experienced man can make a woman happy. I hope that your ideas become a reality and you will be sure to Broadway. I have long been waiting for a real man will appear in my life. I feel that this man is you. I did not expect that online communication can cause a person such strong feelings. I got used to you. I imagine that you will cease to write to me and I get scared by this. I hope you never do. I would be happy if you gave me a hug and together we watched the movie. You changed my life, you came into my life and changed it forever. I do not want to miss the chance to meet such a man as you! Today, a woman came to work, about which I told you. The chief told me that she would get used to a week and then I'll go on vacation. My dear very soon I will have a rest and I will have a lot of free time. I will think like me spend their holidays. Now I have to go. I'll be waiting for your letter.-
Letter 7
Hello my dear. My dear, how did your day? Last night I went with friends to a cafe. We had fun. Yesterday in Russia was an international women's day. I received many congratulations and waited for yours. We are gradually beginning to melt everything. What kind of weather do you have ?? My dear, you wrote to me that yesterday you went to MoneyGram. Did you send help to me or not ??? If so, then I need the information I asked you so that I could get your help. My dear, I hope. That you sent me help and we will be together soon. Time is an immortal thing. Time kills everything in its path. I hope that we will not have to wait a year and we will soon be together. That's all I want. I want to see you, hear, touch and feel you. My dear, I miss your letters. It is a pity that we have a big time difference and we can not talk for longer. I'll never leave you. I only dream about one thing - it's to be close to you. I do not want to waste time. I want to be with you as soon as possible. Your Liubov.
Letter 8
Hello my dear. My dear, I'm ready to be with you at least in the hotel, even in a box from under the fridge. For me, the most important thing is to be with you. My dear, I'm sorry. That you can not write to me earlier because of the difference in the time. We could talk longer. My dear, I'm ready to clean your house and help your sister with recovery. It will be very pleasant for me. You decide where we will live. It is not important. My dear, I was glad that you trusted me. We spent a great time with Mom and talked a lot about you. She asks for your information for her peace of mind. She needs your address, phone number, full name! She should know everything, if I do not contact her. It is necessary for her for her peace of mind. My dear, if we solved these questions and you trust me, I'm waiting for your help today so that we begin preparing for our meeting. We have already lost too much time. I ask you today to go to Money Gram and send me help. I'm tired of giving and wasting time. I ask you not to upset me more. I want to be with you and want to hug and kiss you more. My feelings for you will make you much younger. we will be happy. I hope that you will not ruin everything we built !!! Your Liubov.
Letter 9
Privet my dear. My dear, finally we solved all the questions with money. Now nothing hinders us from being together. I was in a travel company and I was told that my meeting at the embassy will only be on Monday. My dear, we will have to wait a little longer. My suitcases are almost ready! I'll go to my mom on Friday and say goodbye to her. On Sunday I will go to Moscow !!!! My dear, you constantly write to me very late. When I'm in Moscow, I ask you to be constantly in touch with me. I will have no one but you. I ask you to write me letters, because I will meet at the embassy and get my tickets. I will need you very much and I will need your support. Soon I will finally be able to hug and kiss you. I've waited too long for this. My dear, how was your weekend ?? Lately, your letters are very small !!!! Kisses !
Letter 10
Hi my love. Today early in the morning I went to the airport to settle all my problems. At the airport, I met with the boss of the customs service and he told me that now everything is in order. The boss of the customs service told me that now everything is legal and there are no obstacles for my flight. I signed all the necessary documents. You just can not imagine how happy I was! But then began something that I could not even imagine. I do not know how you to write that this and explain in me gives a shiver for excitement. When I passed the customs inspection of things, I had excitement, but I did not understand from It, as if I felt it. After the tape capacity of my suitcase, I was asked to open the suitcase and take out all the things. I took out all the things without any arguments. He took an icon from me and asked what it was? I told the icon that it was not stolen, that it is a relic of my ancestors then I was asked to show the tax to this image. I asked what is the tax? They said that you need to have a paper assessing this thing and for leaving with it from the country the duty paid at a rate of 15%. I said this, this is my thing, and I do not have to pay that. They say to me that this is an expensive thing, and it should cost a lot. Abroad, they said that it still costs a lot of money and that this thing belongs to the Russian Federation, that for its transfer from the country it is necessary to pay a tax of 15%. I said okay then that I would leave it in the storage room, but they said it would not work. Because I already treat my actions as smuggling. And that I wanted to collect a valuable item from the Russian Federation. I am in tears, because I did not understand anything at once, I had a strong hysterics from the fact that I might be detained by the authorities, and I will have strong problems and from the fact that you will not meet me, and I can not write to you, Because they would put me in jail, I had a violent hysteria. I was asked by police officers what they would release at least to write to you, but they did not do it, as it was necessary to take from me a written explanation. I was threatened with imprisonment for a long time, or I had to pay somehow 15% of the cost of the icon tax. They realized that I'm not a crook. They had to call a doctor for me. I had a lot of pressure, my head hurt badly, and they went to see me at the meeting. They agreed that I would pay for the icon. And they agreed not to make me a criminal. I was very lucky that I talked to good cops. They felt sorry for me. They summoned the expert, and the expert concluded on the evaluation of the icon of 10,000 us dollars, and now I have to pay 15% of the amount. Of course I paid it, 1500 us dollars from customs money in another way I would not be released at all. My dear, I had to give the money I needed for customs control. I had no other choice. My dear, this icon was a gift for you. This gift was for you from my mother. Remember, I wrote to you that my mother was giving you a present. My love is sorry, I did not know that this icon is so expensive. I could not imagine it. This icon was in our family for a long time. My dear, I did not know how to write you this letter. This event was a **** to me. My heart ached, but the doctor gave me medicine. And now it's easier for me. My dear, I ask you not to scold me. My love, I talked with an expert who estimated the value of the icon. He told me that in your country it will be much more expensive. In Russia, prices for antiques are specially understated in order to less steal old things. And he advised me to sell it in your country. My dear, we can sell it in your country. And I will immediately give you the money you gave me. This is the only chance we can do. My dear, I am very worried about this situation. I ask you to write me an answer. I am waiting for your letter.
Letter 11
Hello my dear. I explained to you that if I had not paid the tax and left the picture, it would have been contraband and I would have had problems with the police. This value and it belonged to Russia. They take money for everything and this is their main goal. I'm powerless here because these are laws and I can not do anything with them. My dear, what kind of nonsense do you offer me ??? I'm ready to kneel before any of the customs controls, but no one will risk just for their workplace and their freedom for me. This is silly! I already paid for it, so it does not matter. My dear my ticket with an open date. I can change the departure date, but once. We have no choice but to wait again. I'm ready again for this ****. Maybe I can settle in a flower shop again. My dear, I need your decision. My dearest, I dream to get this Saturday to you. Now we again need 1500 dollars. I do not know what to do ! I'm tired of crying and suffering. If you are ready to help me, then on Saturday we will be together. If you need time, I need to know how much to change my ticket. I have to do this before Saturday !!! I'm waiting for your answer ! Be with me and write to me!
Letter 12
My dear, I talked for a long time with my mother. As I have already explained to you, I have no credits. When my mother took out a loan, I was her guarantor in a bank. I know that you spent a lot of money on my trip and your money is in the storage room. I will not spend a cent. This is your money and I do not have the right to spend it. I cried for a long time, because I did not know that my mother was fired from work. For me, the news was terrible. I cried for a long time and could not calm down. This work was the meaning of my mother's life. You just can not imagine. what it means to her. She is now unable to pay the loan and because of this I can not leave the country, because I am a surety for her loan. Two years ago in our house there was a fire and my mother had to take out a loan in order to make repairs there. My mom took $ 8000 in a bank. She spent all this time paying the loan and paid the bank $ 4000. My love, if she was not fired from work, she would pay this loan further. But no one knew, all this will happen. It is very hard and insulting for my mother. I explained my mother that I can not go to you because of her loan. She begged my forgiveness and cried for a long time. My mom started calling our relatives and asking them for help. My mother is a proud woman and she did all this for me and our happiness. We have an aunt who does not bad money. She promised to give my mother money on loan. She promised to help us. I will hope that everything will be fine. I ask you not to worry. My plane was moved. I love you and I will tell you about all the news.
Letter 13
Hey. Passport control is the last stage before you board an airplane. If I pass it, they can do nothing more. These are laws and requirements. If I pay the loan, then I am completely clean. My dear, I can not wait that long, because I will lose my visa and ticket. Do you understand this ??? My dear one will give me a new flight and if I do not stay on it, my tickets will burn. If I lose my visa, I will lose the chance to fly to the US for a long time. My dear, if I return, it is unlikely that we can be together. My heart is breaking. Everyone in my life is ruled by money and I'm sad from that! I do not know what to say, but if my plane flies away, it will be a complete collapse!
Letter 14
Hello ! My dear, we have discussed this many times and argued a lot. Do you think that people with credit can safely travel ?? Yes, but people whose credit does not exceed 10,000 rubles. A lot of people could take huge credits and leave Russia forever. Do you know what I mean ??? There is logic in this. My mother could not pay the loan and I, as her guarantor, must do it! Perhaps there would be no problems if the loan was paid, but my mother could not do this and the problems began. You think I'm fooling you ??? Do you think that I endure all this and do not want to take a plane ??? My dear, this offends me. If I could you would jump into this plane and never stay in this ****. If you are ready to send me money today for a ticket, then I will be happy, but we will need to pay 1000 for a loan. Understand that! My dear, I said many times that my mom's loan was 4000. My aunt said that she would help and give me 3000 when it would. I'm waiting for your 1000 to settle all this and get on the plane safely. This is the check-out before my boarding. Understand that ! We went through all the procedures. I can not do anything with this loan. I would have been with you long ago. My dear, I'm tired of all this! I do not want a photo, I want that very soon we do not need these photos, and we saw the friend's friend alive. I'm waiting for your answer !
Letter 15
Hello ! So that I'm not angry you should keep your word no matter what! You are a man and only you make my mood. You must keep your word always in any situation. I'm here and I'm waiting for your letter from you and I hope that you will send me 1000 today! Understand how hard it is for me and make me happy, only you can do it!
Letter 16
Hello my dear ! I'll be looking for tickets around November 20th or a little later. I'll let you know ! We have to wait a little bit and soon this nightmare will end and we will find happiness! My dear, I will tell this woman your words. She will be very pleased and I am also grateful to you. My dear, I have not been to the cinema for a very long time. The only thing I'm doing here is walking in the park. More I do not do anything! My dear, I just sit and wait for you. We'll soon be together. I've been waiting for this for so long. I suffered so much and suffered and you will always have a smile on my face, because I will be with you!
Letter 17
Hi my love ! My weekend was at work. As usual ! My dear next weekend we should be together! I've collected tickets! My dear, they cost me $ 530. My dear, I hope that this week or the beginning of the next, you will already send me $ 500 and I will pay the loan !!!! I'm glad that you work and try for us and for our future! When we are together, then everything will be fine and we will live well! I'm glad you're all right with your eyes! I want you to see me when I arrive! At us in Russia not such holiday and for the first time I hear about it! I hope that very soon I can finally kiss you! Departure Flight From To 11/25/2017 07:05 LH 1451 Domodedovo, Moscow Frankfurt 11/25/2017 10:55 LH 422 Frankfurt Boston, Logan
Letter 18
Hello my dear. Today I received your money. My dear Tomorrow I'll go pay a loan. At last it's all over and we can be together. My dear, we will be the happiest couple in the world. I've been waiting for this for so long and I'm happy that we'll spend Christmas together. This legendary and magical time and our fairy tale is just beginning! My dear, I'm flying to Boston at 13.05 in the E-terminal! I love you.
Letter 19

Hello my dear. I'm glad that we can do anything! My dear where you took 1000 dollars. Will you send it to me ??? How much time do you need to find another 1000 dollars ??? Do you have enough for two weeks ?? We should be together for Christmas. If it does not, then I will return home! My dear, if I fly to you in two weeks, then I will not need a new ticket! You're right, the most important thing is to pay off my loan. My dear enough to constantly say that the other should make a decision. I accepted it. Everything depends only on you. You already have 1000 and we need another 1000 to get my loan repaid. My dear, we have this for two weeks! Now the solution is just for you! My dear, I do not know the exact date of the end of my visa, but I can not wait any longer. I'll tell you about it. We must be together for Christmas! If you understand me, then you must make a decision. I love you and you are right, no one will love you more than I do!
Letter 20
Now I understand that you do not care about me. I see that you consider me a liar and a rascal. You did not say that, but you did everything to make me feel bad. You broke my heart. You broke my life. I thought that I deserved a different attitude to myself, but I see that you only think about yourself and your money. I was at the airport and made a document for you. He's in Russian. I hope that you will not regret that we lost each other. On Monday I will go home. I hope that you will be happy!
Letter 21
Hello ! After all that we were together, you did not even try to correct the situation. You act like you do not care. You say that I should look from your side. I understood you and made this document for you. It is issued only to Russians who leave Russia and travel to the United States. He is in Russian and I do not have an English version. If you were interested, then you would enter the text in the translator and see what is written there. There are written requirements to go from Russia to the United States. You asked me to provide you with proof that you need to have 2,700. I have provided you with these evidences. What do you say now ??? You again that that you will think up and you will behave as if I lie ??? Why did not you try to visit my skin ??? I've only been here for so long. I eat badly, I work a lot, so that I have money for housing and food. You do not care about that. You sleep in your bed at home and do not think about my suffering. You only think about your safety. I once again did everything that you asked for! I again proved everything to you. When you prove that you love me and want to be with me. How many times have you lied to me ??? What do you want now ??? Do you want to be with me. Decide this for yourself. Or I'll go home on Monday, or on Monday you'll do everything so that we'll be together. Decide for yourself. I left work and can not wait any longer. I waited too much and did not see your care and support!
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