Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Avdeeva to Jeffrey (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my Jeffrey.
Hello! I am happy that now I can write to you because I really want to find the man of my dream. I want to find a good, honest man and I don't want to play games! I'll be glad if you look my profile and if you like my profile then I will wait your letter and I'll be happy to correspond with you and get to know each other better.

Letter 2

Hello! I am happy that you have answered me because I shall be happy to correspond with you and to learn each other better and then to solve our future. I shall be glad if you will speak me your email to send you my photos.
Thanks! I shall write to you on your email.

Letter 3

Hello, I hope that you remember me.. We corresponded with you on Cute Only... I don't know that will happen, but I am glad to get acquainted with you and I will wait your reply with impatience.
I want also write some more about me here, it's almost all from my profile, but I want you to know all about me. I never dated with any man of other countries. Have you been dated with anybody on Internet? I have no own computer and consequently I visit the library in my village to correspond with you. I studied the English language at school and in technical school when I studied as the seller.
Now I work as the seller in food shop. I am cashier. My growth 168 cm, weight of 58 kg.
My friends talk about me that I am honest, loyal, careful, tender and a good cook, they like my cooking and I like good food too. I think that you would like my cooking too. I like active
life, but I have never traveled out of limits Russia. Have you traveled in other countries? I don't drink and smoke, but I don't mind if people have these habits. My life is healthy and I like it. I love life. I believe that most interesting things are waiting us in future.
I live in village Urnashbash in Russia. My village is on distance of 50-60 kilometers from Kazan city. I have 1 brother and my brother is more senior than me for 4 years. His name - Egor. My brother works as the security at school. I have no parents because my parents have died, when I was 15 years old. My parents had a car accident. But I do not want to recollect it. When my parents died, my brother brought up me. I think that I cannot speak all about me in one letter and consequently I shall continue to speak about me in the following letter.
I hope that you will not ignore me and write to me and we shall learn each other better because I think from one letter we do not learn each other. I don't know what will really happen, but I am
looking to the future with hope and smile. You are very interesting for me. I shall wait for your letter.
Your new friend from Russia Ekaterina.

Letter 4

Hello Jeffrey.
I am glad to receive your new letter. In my first letter I spoke you a little about me but I know that is impossible to speak all about myself in one letter and consequently I shall try to speak more about myself in this letter. I will write you about things, which can be interesting for you, things, which I want to tell you: about my interests, hobbies, dreams, about my profession, and about my life and about many other things. Please tell me about your interests, hobbies and some other things. If you want to ask me about something, ask me, not be afraid to do it, because you can be firmly convinced that I will tell the truth. On my mind, it is better to tell nothing than to tell lie. I hate lie. I think that it is not worthy to deceive people. In Cute Only the man asked my naked photos but I have written to him fuck you and consequently I think they have removed my profile.
I think that I am affectionate person. Yes, I like to hug, kiss, tickle, caress, and touch, if I shall find my loved man.
I very much like to go in for sports because I want to support a figure and health. I visit aerobics 3 times a week. At leisure I like to walk on park and to visit museums, theatres. How you spending free time?
Now my family consists of one man, it is my brother. We help each other in difficult life situations. Fortunately him family life is fine. He has the wife and children. The name of his wife is Larisa. She is a school teacher. They have 1 very nice and funny boy. I love him. His name - Andrey, to him 11 years.
Tell me about your family, about your relatives. I spend a lot of time to write the letter for you, but I really like it. I hope that you understand my English. I hope to get your new letter soon.
With the best regards from Russia Ekaterina.

Letter 5

Hi Jeffrey,
Thanks for photos. I like it!!! So happy to have a chance to reply you!!! I'm very glad to get letter from you. It is so interesting for me to communicate with you. I was not sure that you would continue the correspondence with me. I was afraid that you could lose the interest to me. Fortunately it didn't happen so and I am very glad of this fact. I have never corresponded by the Internet. That is why everything what is connected with our correspondence is new, very interesting and surprising for me.
At least it is difficult to begin to write and then will be more easily. It is very important for me that my letters will be interesting for you. It is difficult to guess what will be interesting for you, but I will try.
Yes, I like the theater, ballet, and opera but in my village there is no theatre and consequently I cannot visit theatre frequently. My birthday – on August 11, 1987.
My color eyes - green.
Yes, I want a career along with a family. . . .
I have many friends in the work, in the college I have good schoolmates - everything must be very fine - but they are only friends, I can't find my the man of my dream among them. May be it sounds very silly but I wait for prince of my dreams. I can't pin-point what character he must have, what appearance he must have, what the color of his hair and his eyes must be, what the form of his nose must be etc., but I'm sure he must be truthful and have a nice spirit.
And it is very interesting for me to know what is the girl of your dreams. Please tell me about your ideal.
I shall wait for your letter.
Your new friend in Russia Ekaterina.

Letter 6

Hello Jeffrey. I will be happy to correspond with you.
I'm glad that I can write you these letters. I hope that you will read my letter and watch my profile and if you like my profile I will be happy to correspond with you and get to know each other better and then decide our future. I'm glad that I can use this site and I hope that I can find the man of my dreams!

Letter 7

I'm glad that you answered me and I hope that you like my profile and you want to correspond with me and get to know each other better and then decide our future. I've looked at your profile and I'll be happy to learn you better. I want to delete my profile because I do not have time to visit this site and I think that I found the man of my dreams and it is you and if you really want to correspond with me then I will be waiting for your email on my email. My email -



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