Scam letter(s) from Eva Allotey to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
You left me your e-mail on and I am sending you a short note to see if you will get it. I am ready for new adventures, friendships, romance, lots of laughter and a long term relationship. Is this what you seek and will you love to talk more ? I have attached some photo's...
Letter 2
Good morning my lover Master Frank, How was your night ? Hope you dream about us being together soon , Master i hope you got my DL and my information that you will send my traveling Money yesterday ..?? Master if you can send the Money out to me today , i will leave immediately i get the Money pick up...Master im tired of this loneliness, i really need my Master companion....Master incase you don't get the info, below is it again ..

Name : Emilio Vasquez
Address : 2045 S 14th Ave #56, Yuma, AZ 85364..

Master after you are done with sending the Money ,Just get back to me with me details like senders name, senders address, Code number and actual amount sent ...Master i will need all this details for me to be able to get the funds pics up, either you send it through western union or Money gram.... Honey I'm waiting to hear back from you asap...
Yours future ***** forever..
Emilio Vasquez...
Letter 3
Hello my dear Master Frank,How are you doing .....Here is my Racine WI DL, I have been using it since i got Yuma last year December, so far its not yet expired they said i can still be using it until it get expired and i will get the new one..Now if i want to get the one ,You will get NJ DL for me and that would be year 2023...I cant wait to be in your arms Master..I'm truly looking forward to be with you soon...
Letter 4

... Good morning my lover Master ,How was your night ? I hope you dream about us being together soon...Master i have got the map directions , This journey is 2588 miles which will spend me 3 days drive...Master the total cost i figure out for my trip with Motel, food,gas and some extra bulk with me is $580.00...Master once i have this, i will be on my way to you Master ..I'm waiting to hear back from you my lover Master...
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