Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Korotneva to Giancarlo (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello my men!
How are you doing?
I'm single, sometime I feel so lonely, because I dont have person, who will give me support and take care of me.
My heart is free, I have not met my city with a man with whom I will be happy.
My full name is Tatiana.
As I was told 35 years. In my opinion, this is a good age for creating an attitude and family.
I believe that a man should be older than his girlfriend and age not when there was no problem for me.
I'm interested to know more about you.
What do you like? hobbies, height, weight.
Do you work? I will send some photos in the letter to remind myself.
Perhaps in my first letter you could not get my photo. Hope to be interesting for you.
I'm waiting for the continuation of the correspondence.
Letter 2
I must tell you again how pleasant it is for me to receive letters
I think that you are interested in where your address is??
I received a letter from the address that a man wants to get to know you and is waiting for an answer, I decided to write. I hope that our goal coincides.
My reason for searching the Internet, since I did not meet a man of my city, I decided to try the Internet.
Tell me in what city do you live ??? Do you have a hobby?
My date of birth is January 13, 1983.
I want to remind that I am 35 years old and I want to find a man for whom I will be like a stone wall that will protect me and love, take care of me, so I will do everything so that he was the happiest man next to me.
Do you like alcohol? Do you smoke? I did not when I did not smoke and tried to smoke, sometimes in the circle of friends we drink red wine or champagne.
How would I not be against alcohol, well, if you drink every day, then the health damage is big you agree with me?
In the following letter I will tell you about my work, and more about my life.
You, too, can tell me about your life, about work, I'm interested in learning about you.
Please tell me about your country. I'm curious to know your life.
How do you spend every day?
Thank you for your attention. I will wait for the letter Tatiana
Letter 3
Good morning
How are you doing?
I try to check the mail every day, if you have not received a letter from me maybe it did not reach you because the mail server is working badly.
Please write me if you did not receive a letter from me.
I read your letters with great interest.
We continue our communication, and it's really interesting to me.
I like our communication and I want to develop it.
I am open with you and I am ready to answer any your question.
I forgot to tell you about my work, I work in beauty salon as a manager.
Salon in which I work do everything for care, body, face, hair, legs and very much more.
I like my work, I try to look after myself.
I also like that.
I really like watching comedy, adventure, just like watching romantic movies about love.
Preference for music is more like Pop music, sometimes I like listening to jazz:)
What genres do you like? What music?
Yesterday when we had supper the sister Marina , the son of my sister played with my phone.
The child is such whimsical His name Kostya its only 2.5 years, it has imperceptibly taken my phone and has drowned it in a toilet. I was very malicious on it.
As I can not that I have drowned mine phone.
But I was very much upset, after all, I have bought this phone at all for a long time, is insulting.
Later the nephew approaches and speaks, "Forgive aunt Tatiana?
It was so touchingly, I have got it at his eyes and at once have forgiven.
Sister Irina my best and unique sister.
We with it became very close and we understand each other without words.
I to it have told recently about. She was delighted, for me.
You told about me to friends?
It is good, what I could find you. To me very interestingly to learn you, you have the best friends?
You can write to me about them, your environment very interests.
What you will do today at evening?
Today after work I gather grocery, I wish to buy products for a supper.
I think that today I will prepare a hen in French with a potato in an oven.
All my friends and relatives adore this dish.
And you love a hen or prefer that not be another? You like fish or meat?
In general very much I love a hen, it is tasty and it is useful.
But I do not allow myself a lot of ***.
Now probably I will go to a workshop, I will try to give a phone to repair.
And that without a mobile communication is very heavy today.
Please write me the phone when I will repair phone.
My a phone number + 79020210840, well you can not call to me as phone I give today on repair.
Though all these mobile phones, the Internet, they take out the most valuable.
But can not people be far apart, you agree with me? I wait for yours the letter yours Tatiana Ps I send a photo in 50 minutes as nephew Kostya drowned my phone in the toilet :)))
Letter 4

You thought that will do the weekend? At you plans? Tell to you interesting ours of dialogue?
Please if I am interesting to you I will stop ours of dialogue I want to spend in vain your time and the.
Not much of a supplement about myself in the letter In the beginning of my letter I want to say that I have no secrets.
I want to say that my body does not have tattoos, and Piercings. My mom was against tattoos on her body, she said that the girl should be without any tattoos so the body looks much more beautiful.
I'm not against tattoos, everyone decides for himself. As for religion.
My religion Christianity, when I was 9 months old, I was baptized into the church.
if possible, I go to church for holidays. I think that you wonder if I know how to drive a car, I want to say that Yes, and not bad.
I am a driver, I have a driving license, My driving experience is 8 years.
But I do not have a car.
I also have the experience of driving a sports bike, studied at school riding a motorcycle for 3 months, I really like the speed, well, I have a fear of great speed, the fastest speed I had was 180 km.
Tell me more about yourself. It's nice to know you more and more.
My eye color is brown, I think you already drew my eye color on the photo, do you like my eyes?
My favorite fruit is pineapple and mango.
I like sweet desserts, I like ice cream. Also different cakes. Well, I try to eat a little as I watch my body.
My sizes: Chest 92
Waist 60
Hips 102
Hair color Brunette
Clothing size 40-42
Shoe size 38 Please tell me more about yourself, I'm curious to know about you every thing she let me get to know you.
I'll look forward to your next letter with impatience.
Please tell me the answers to my questions. I need to hear them. Tatiana
Letter 5
Good morning,
How is your day? How are you feeling? Were you waiting for my letter ???
We already wrote each other some letters. Now we know each other not much better.
If probably has not answered on what that a question write to me the separate letter, I communicated for a long time in English. I read your letters with great interest.
I'm interested in receiving your letters, and I like learning about you and your life.
You are very handsome man, I look at your photos and they very much it is pleasant to me.
How much time do you have now? I think that you have not eaten breakfast yet.
Did you have breakfast today? My breakfast was ordinary coffee today and an omelet made from milk.
Yesterday after work I finished reading the book "Anna Karenina" I prefer to read a book when I'm alone, the last time I'm very lonely, I want to meet a man with whom I will be happy.
I would be very glad to walk with you, we could speaks about each other.
I do not want to hurry up, it is interesting to me to learn about you, I want that you knew that it is very interesting to me with you.
And I very much hope that our friendship has chance to become good relations.
As told my heart freely, I previous ratio have ended for a long time already 3 years ago, the man with whom I was beat me and drank, I have left from it as could not suffer drubbing.
I told you so little about my life. But sometimes it seems to me, which I write to you too much.
Today, when I went to work, I turned on JAZZ.
I really like quiet music that helps me relax on the way to work.
I like our communication and I want to develop it.
I'm glad that we have communication with each other.
Tell me more about yourself, send me your new photos, I'm very interested in learning about you.
What qualities of a partner are important to me, what kind of a man should be next to me, not when he did not raise his hand to me, had respect for me, trust, sincere love.
The most important thing for me is care and love for me, attention. If my man makes me happy.
I will do everything so that he is also happy with me. Our life is not eternal!
I would like to have my side a cautious, reliable and kind person. A man who will respect me.
Trust is the most important thing for me.
Without any trust, everything is impossible: work, friendship, love.
I am sending you new photos now. They were made quite recently, I hope that you like them.
Thank you for your attention and patience when you read my letter!!!! Sometimes I write very much.
I just want to say and ask everything. It is important and interesting for me to find answers to questions.
Waiting for your letter to Tatiana
Letter 6
I write to you, the letter comes back! delete the old letter!
If you're not interested, tell me about it.
I do not understand already I write from different mails Well all letter come back !!!
Letter 7
Hello dear.
Now I sit with a coffee cup in the cafe Internet.
I become seems to me is dependent you.
Because every day I run in the cafe Internet to read your letter.
I think of you and I dream to speak by at last with you to phone or on skype, and better certainly to meet personally.
I cannot transfer on how many strongly I wish to see you, to embrace you and not to release any more. You very lovely.
Today I want to tell you about my dreams that I had a dream last night.
I dreamed that we meet at the airport, I get off the plane and you stand with a bouquet of red roses.
By the way, my favorite flowers are red roses.
I came up to you we kissed I wanted to touch you with my hand on the cheek and then I thundered my alarm clock 07:00.
I was very upset that my sleep passed within a few seconds. In the morning, I became not so sad.
I think that the day of our meeting will be great!
We will look for each other and when I see you, I will not hide my emotions. I will embrace you.
Today I caught myself thinking that I want to kiss you. I want to feel your lips.
Between us a huge distance, but it does not affect my feelings.
I want to hold you so tight that you feel the rhythm of my heart. Now I am very excited by our meeting.
I promise, I will be the most beautiful woman on the day of our meeting.
I want you to be proud of me. All men will envy you when we leave the airport together.
And all women will envy me, because you will meet me!
I hope I'm not frightening you with the words in the letter, it's hard to explain, it can only be understood.
You are far away, but I feel you. It seems to me that we are very close.
I have a feeling that we are near and there are no barriers between us. And I want it to be true.
I want a meeting with you. If we have at least one chance to meet, we must take this opportunity.
Something occurs to me. All I represent your image and very much I wish to hear your voice at last.
Send number, a city code when the countries as soon as I will have a possibility, I necessarily you will call to you.
As I yet have not repaired phone. You remember a case with Kostya.
About the Internet of cafe from where I write there is no possibility to speak on skype or msn Messenger.
To me probably has madly carried, that from hundreds thousand on the Internet, I have written to you and was not mistaken in you.
Thanks for your warm words in my address, for your compliments. All it very much is pleasant to me.
It is very glad, that I could find the person who so strongly understands me.
I very open and quiet girl. There are some people who can anger me, but such people I try to avoid.
I am very easy for offending or frightening =)
It is interesting and what character at you? Whether is at you what be fears? At me, it is fear of height.
I simply do not transfer height, very much I am afraid to fall.
Probably I too cowardly. OH, has forgotten to tell the most important thing.
I consider, that the girl should be able to enter dialogue with the man and to be verbose and interesting.
That to the man it was never boring with it. You consider as? Me very much pleases our relations.
I am assured, between us more than simply friendship, I am afraid to admit it.
But I seem I test to you not friendly feelings.
This feeling is mutual? I wish to become your girlfriend? You agree? If yes, I is the happiest ******* light.
After all such man as you, with such character - dream of any girl.
But I will try not to lose you, after all the second such to me not to find.
I very much appreciate our dialogue, please write to me more about what you see the ideal wife.
I think, that the most important thing in the wife, it to be true to the husband.
I consider that fidelity - pledge of long love.
I wait from you for the letter. Yours Tatiana
Letter 8
Hello dear.
I am very glad, that you so have quickly answered. To me it is very pleasant.
Today talked to the director concerning forthcoming holiday.
She has told, that I can not worry about it and is quiet have a rest, as it has found to me replacement on work.
Yesterday after work came home cooked dinner chicken and potatoes mushroom sauce.
After I cooked the bathroom for 50/60 minutes, I lay around with foam and bath salts, very relaxing the body.
Usually I just go to the shower, but sometimes I want to lie down in a bathroom.
It relaxes my body and gives me new strength. Then after a bath I read the book and fell asleep.
I slept very well and so I woke up in a good mood.
How do you spend your evenings? I want to know about your life as much as possible.
Yes, we have never met, but I do have feelings for you. It is difficult to explain, it can only be understood.
You are far away, but I feel you. It seems to me that we are very close.
I do not wish to waste this time in vain Vacation, I wish to meet you in your city.
I very much want our first meeting, to look at you in a reality, to embrace you and to be near to you.
Please I do not think of that that I hurry up I wish to have a meeting with you together to spend time and talk to you in live dialogue. You agree with me?
My feelings are mutual? You wish to meet me? I simply dream of it.
Tell please more in detail about your city and about architectural constructions.
It will be very interesting to me. Whether you can show me a city when I will arrive to you?
I want, that my guidebook was. There is nothing better, than to go with the person for a hand was simply happy.
But that I have arrived, it is necessary to have the visa, with the insurance and as which I have the passport.
It will occupy which what time, but with money at me problems are not present.
I understand, that we communicate a little, but I very much wish to see you in a real life.
Our first meeting to allow to learn each other on much better, even day of spent time together to replace what the letter.
The destiny has given us this chance, we have met each other during this period when at me holiday has stood out.
We are obliged to meet =) I Hope you is glad to it. I do not have acquaintances and friends in your city.
Whether you can meet me and help to pick up to me hotel?
It would be simply remarkable, as at us in Russia, payment through credit cards is very badly developed.
And I cannot through internet pay hotel or call a taxi in the airport.
Or I can stop at you at home and you will meet me at the airport?
I hope that you remember that I live in Russia with my sister in the city Torzhok.
I will give the home address of the sister where I live.
Street Kirov 27, Tver region, index 172002!
I am assured, we will not have a barrier in dialogue because I confidently know English.
I think, our meeting is new level of our relations and is final, they play very important role in my life.
Tell me please how do you view your future? What do you want in the future and do you want me to be a part of your future?
I very much appreciate our contact information. Please write to me more about what you are about the ideal wife.
I think, that the most important thing in the wife, it to be true to the husband.
I consider that fidelity is a pledge of long love.
I hope and in your life too. You which friend I wish to see my first Internet in a reality.
It is very disturbing moment for me and I will try to look on all of 100 to justify your hopes.
I do not wish to be for you a burden, on it if you do not want me to meet, I will understand.
But I very much want and I dream, at last to see you and to look in your eyes.
Unfortunately, we cannot speak on the phone with you or exchange sms. It is sad for me.
But I will search for a way to call to you from post office for telegraph. As I will learn as it it to make.
Please answer me, that you think concerning this offer.
I will be very glad, if our desires coincide also we can spend these unforgettable some weeks in together.
With love Tatiana
Letter 9
Hello darling,
Thanks, for your letter, for you, it's very glad, that you understand me and my feelings.
I have written on the holiday.
Now to work it is necessary to come back only in 1-1.5 months , this fine feeling of freedom.
You to me seem very attentive and sensitive person, on it I very much would like to see at last you in a real life.
I can not wait this moment. I think, that our meeting will be especial.
After all, not every day, people from different points of globe meet.
Especially if have got acquainted on the Internet. It seems to me it is destiny.
But before taking off for your country, I should issue the visa and buy tickets.
To me it is carried, that for coming to your country, I can hand in the statement on the visa through the Internet, by means of a website.
It will facilitate the process of receiving documents.
Since 2017 issue of visa your country is made only in Moscow and is not possible what cities of Russia any more to receive the visa.
It is news I has learnt only today and has been surprised.
In city Kursk is not present airports of departure for you, I'll have to go to Moscow to prepare for a visa closer.
When you find the close and favorite person, money is not the main value in a life. I hope you with me it agree?
I still do not know all of this trip (the visa, tickets) but I am obligatory all to you. I will write in the following letter.
I think, soon I will receive the answer from consulate and to a smog to prepare for a trip.
Do not think, that I hurry up. During other times it will be difficult for me to take a vacation.
Certainly I will understand, if you can not find for me all time. I want to carry a load for you in your country.
I can meet you from work with dinner, and a hot kiss.
We communicate here, in AN e-mail.
Our meeting will give the chance to us to learn very well each other. I sincere with you.
It is assured, that when we will meet, you will not know anything new about me.
But I with pleasure would live at you. As you the man you should solve this question.
I accept any variant, the main thing that you were near to me all this time.
I could stay with you all of my holiday, but I should settle in my city, on it.
How many you want, that I stay with you for week or all my vacation? I can remain for our first meeting month.
But I want to hear your opinion. Time with the favorite person. As has bought souvenirs to you from my city.
I think you very much will be glad to such gifts, after all souvenirs very beautiful.
I am very excited about the forthcoming trip.
This day I will remember well, I hope also you too. With love Tatiana
Letter 10
Today I at last have received the answer from embassy, they should talk to me personally and to spend interview.
It was very good news and I in very good mood.
Oh as I have become bored of you and on your smile, I look at your photos.
Very much I wish to kiss at last that you and to embrace.
I very much do not have your heat and your love.
Can you meet me in April?
Other months I will not be comfortable since my vacation will be in April.
Write the date that suits you best.
Today I descended on shops, have bought a beautiful dress.
It not the expensive but very beautiful costs only 68 dollars.
I do not wish to seem to you in what that old.
On it has bought a charming evening dress, I will make a fine supper and we will have supper with you.
And as has bought still still which that, but it is a secret. You will see when we remain alone.
Very much, you it is pleasant to you, I am assured.
Your reaction is very interesting to me when we will meet. You thought of it?
I very vulnerable person and such meetings usually pass for me very disturbingly.
I always cry because of happiness, when someone for a long time did not see)
Today I was definitively convinced, that to me is not necessary who except you and your love.
I have bought tickets to Moscow shortly to go to the consul.
They already wait for me, I have collected all necessary inquiries and documents.
I have chosen the visa of the tourist, on much easier it to receive, within 4-5 days will give out the visa.
Has received the inquiry that I not married I have already sent to them. I think problems will not arise with it.
They have told, that all is already ready. Connected with the visa I have paid all financial questions in bank.
As I have paid today apartment in Moscow for days, a stock for 3 days.
To me have told that the visa will be ready in 5-7 days.
Day of residing stood 33 dollars. I have paid 231 dollars for apartment.
I write the price in dollars, I have translated from Russian roubles for dollars.
I as have paid the visa, with the medical insurance, tickets to Moscow and residing.
And I do not have money for purchase of tickets.
You can help me with money for tickets when I will in Moscow I can look the price and tickets and to inform you on it.
I do not know whence still to get money. At me tickets to Moscow are already paid, all gathering the visas connected with reception are paid and I still had money only on demountable apartment.
I in a small panic.
I understand, that it is very bad news, but I am assured, that we will find a way out.
You and I should try, that our relations have risen on new level and all this time, that I will be with you we will not forget never in a life.
I very much wish you to see and I do for this purpose very many.
To me not dexterously to ask you about the help, but other exit at me is not present.
Very much late all to cancel, tickets are bought, I have already collected things and soon it is necessary to fly to Moscow.
If I cancel all, I will lose not only holiday but also possibility to see you.
I hope you understand a situation? I can count on you?
All this time, I think only of you. And you me supported all this time.
I think, that our relations especial because I loved you not seeing you both your beautiful eyes and a smile.
I very much wait for your answer and your decision. Our meeting depends on you, than anything is more important cannot.
I wait for your answer and your decision. I have gone to prepare for a start.
With love Tatiana Korotneva
Letter 11
I had a wonderful dream last night. I woke up with a happy smile and thoughts of you.
We were together in my dream.
I want to tell that my full name: Tatiana Korotneva
We talked very kindly and held hands. I was very happy. Since the morning I have a good mood.
I'm glad that I have you. This is the second dream of our meeting, the first was a meeting at the airport and now that we are already together and we are both well together.
Please write me the airport which is next to your houses.
For the sake of our happiness, I am ready to change my life. I want to be only with you.
This morning I sent an application for a visa, which was not that complicated, I read all the instructions on the Internet.
I signed a vacation for 5 weeks, I can take an additional vacation for 2-3 weeks, well, if we do not have enough time together.
I have an important question: 1 You will meet me at the airport??
2 - I hope that we will sleep together. Since I do not want to sleep separately.
I hope that when I arrive you give me a few days to get used to you, I want to say that more than 2.5 years I did not have ***, I hope that you will be polite with me. Please promise me this.
I want to wake up next to you from your kiss and your embrace.
I have a feeling of joy that has appeared since the first day of our acquaintance.
A feeling of loneliness has vanished from my life, and I am pleased to know that there is a person in the World who thinks about me.
Our meeting with you is a big step in our relations with you.
I listen to my heart, and my heart says that together we will be happy. Please tell me your thoughts.
I'll be waiting for your letter.
I do not want to lose a single day from my vacation. I really miss you. Tomorrow I will go to Moscow.
Every day, my feelings for you are getting stronger.
It's not convenient for me to ask you for money for tickets, first of all I asked to help my sister. Well, they have no money, As has asked the sister, well as cannot help to get to me tickets.
If you can not help, I do not know what to do, our meeting is now in your hands.
Now I do not know how much tickets will cost, for the next few days, and then I'll tell you the exact price of the tickets.
I hope that you can help with the money for tickets for our meeting.
I think that the cost of air tickets is not great, and you will be able to help us.
Soon we'll be together, can you imagine it?
Our meeting will be great. Every day my feelings for you are getting stronger. I will wait for your letter.
I send you my hot and passionate kisses. I look forward to your letter.
With Love, forever your Tatiana Korotneva
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