Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Golik to Francisco (USA)
Letter 1
Good evening. How are you? My name is Olesya.
I saw your profile at the dating site.
I even wrote a message for you there but you didn't answer. So I dediced to write right on your e-mail.
I liked you and want to get acquainted with you.
I hope you don't mind and we can chat a little.
I send you my pic. Hope you like it.
Looking forward for your e-mail
Bye Bye
Letter 2
Good evening Frankie, I wish you a pleasant Monday! Thank you for your letter.
I really hope that our communication development will continue more and we learn about each other better. I think right now you could be interested to know a little new for me. my city Volgograd, Volgogradskiy region. It is the European part of Russia.
It is very beautiful and nice city where I was born and lived all my life.
It will be interesting to me, if you tell me about the place where you live?
In Volgograd, I studied from highschool, just certified manager for trade professions.
I'm good to talk English. If we like to continue to communicate, then in the future we can talk on the phone. I probably have a very funny accent. :)
As well as I study Italian. This is my little hobby. And I hope we will be easy to understand me each other.
But I think I have a funny accent. :) Now I am working in the company, which sells ceramic and marble tiles, tools and plumbing for the bathroom. I'm manager for the sale tiles. And a lot of time to work, and by the age of 29 I want to begin building relationships with a large outlook. Now I could not find a loved one in my life.
Which is why I decided to look on the web man with whom I would create a serious relationship.
And it has become a serious relationship can be in the future! Tell me please, what are you looking for?
Since childhood, my parents raised me, as an open and friendly woman.
I am always with big respect for the elderly and care for my loved ones!
When I was little girl, my mum sent me to a school of choreography.
And so many years later, I continue to follow the figure and I think that I did it. :)
I try to do every morning jogging or morning work-out. I will send you some of my photos.
Photo with mom, photo at work. and a few more photos.
Frankie, tell me please, what do you have a hobby and fun activity? What do you do in your free time?
I'll be glad if you send me more of your pictures. I know about your country, as a strong and beautiful country, with a chic culture and good traditions. In our country, by the way, now a very popular cafe with your kitchen. Well, I think it's not a secret. :)
It was my old dream to visit your country. But most important my dream
Now to find a loved one for a relationship. And perhaps our meeting was not a coincidence or chance.
And I'd like you to tell more about you, your interests and your hobbies, your life.
I hope our communication will be most interesting and it will be easy together.
At the beginning of January, I filed documents for tourist visa.
Thank you for reading my letter and learned a little about me.
Now I've got to walk the dog, and then I'll sleep tomorrow to go to work.
And I wish you a good day and a smile.
With kind regards, Olesya
Letter 3
Hello, I wish you an easy start to the week!:) I hope you come home for a long time, and you have pleasant stay tonight? :-) If you want, I'll make you a cup of delicious hot tea?
You drink tea without sugar or maybe put a piece lemon? :-) Please smile, and I smile at you. :-)
Today I had a hard time, it was necessary to pass reports this month on the work done and complete some business with customers. Tomorrow is also a difficult day. I need to finish all my projects, and pass all my work in the hands of another manager.
And then I can go on vacation with peace of mind. What did you do this weekend?
Earlier in the winter, we skied or skated, but recently, snow is less in winter.
And what kind of entertainment do you have in the winter?
Your country for me is something very new, never before I was not abroad. Also I have not any friends there, so I would very much like you to become my friend.
For me the most important thing in our relationships is, above all, mutual understanding, care, trust and purity of feelings. What is important to you?
I think, the most important thing that should exist between a man and woman. I am ready to give everything for the man whom I love, which I cherish more than anything in the world. I give all my love and affection, fully giving ourselves to our relations. At the same time I would like to feel strong male support and attention to me. The most important thing for woman to love and be loved. Only in such relationships is born strong, reliable future. I am ready to do everything to create a family where everyone will feel welcome and happy!
For I have an ideal future man, is a reliable, kind, fair, moderately modest man, with great potential for life, which there is a feature, and of course sexy and romanticism!
And what are your thoughts? I think in this I finish my letter, and I will gather go to bed. I'm not tired you with his answer? :-)
I send you some photos. In my next letter I will try to tell more about themselves.
And I'm curious to know everything about you.
Tomorrow I have to get up early to go to work, and complete all my work.
I hope you liked my tea, and you will be happy to read a letter from me and with a smile on his face continued this evening!
I wish you good mood and all the best, Olesya
Letter 4

Good morning, my sweet! Do you have an easy start to the week? I wish you a light Monday!
Today was a very intense day. I'm at work, I'll write you a letter and go home.
I finished all the works on the job and is now officially a thing of the holiday.
give another recent documents manager and I am free! How was your day?
I have a suggestion! I wish talk to you on phone. And really want to hear your voice.
What do you think about this? Please write me your full phone number, and what time is best to call you?
Yesterday , I still went to see my cousina, aunt Valya.
She prepared a very special delicious dessert, it was a cake with apples, covered with cream.
You just no idea what a delicious cake is ready, my aunt, from can not refuse. Mmmmm ... it's wonderful :-)
And, yet, we talked a lot about life, about love. I told my aunt that i am do not like other men, in you there is something special that I was very attracts. By the way my aunt gave me a gift that I must necessarily to tell you her name. It will be a surprise for you, but this has remain a mystery. :-)
I collected some things for my trip in Moscow for visa.
I call the embassy to clarify the interview. Namely, on Tuesday, February 27, at 10:00 am I will have an interview at Embassy.
Today night I'll go to Moscow. Distance from Volgograd to Moscow almost 950km, so I'll be up all night on the train. And arrive in Moscow on Tuesday morning.
After receiving the visa, I'll be back in Volgograd and I we plan a trip to the future.
So we can talk on the phone for us and our interests and plans.
I will go to home, for evening meal and walk with the dog. After the walk, I want to take a "MM's".
You love MM's? Black or yellow? Mm's is my favorite treat.
And watch a movie. What are your favorite movies?
Write to me, as you will have the opportunity to look will be waiting for your answer! I wish a pleasant evening ...
I miss you, Olesya
Letter 5
Good morning, my Frankie, I'm in Moscow now. I did not have the opportunity to write you a letter earlier. how are you? I could not write to you earlier.
Today I had an interview at the embassy. Today evening I back in Volgograd, my interview went well, and I pick up a passport with visa.
Now my dreams are only about you and me, about our meeting, our first date.
I can not say when I plan to come to you, but I think by phone and email we'll talk about our plans.
In the future we will be able to meet. I have a dream, how you will meet me and tightly hug me, kiss me and calm down excitement! ohhh let slip! ;-) But I hope give me smile.
I am now very worried, but I hope you soothe me. I just want to make your day was good.
You to was safe, and that you met me in a good mood! And I will write you a letter.
So I'll write you my cell phone +7 928 114 4924.
Thanks for your phone number. Now we have the opportunity to hear each other.
We'll talk about all that we are interested in, and find answers to our many questions.
Now we will have constant communication on the phone. I'll try to call you, too.
Ok, I'm done on this my message. I just want to hug you, and a gentle kiss.
gently hug, Olesya!!!
Yesterday, I sent you two angels to protect your sleep.
But they turned back and said that angels can not protecting angel! :)
Letter 6
My Frankie, i have a night now, and before going to bed I will call you using a telephone card.
I do not know which phone number you see, but if you see an unknown phone, then please answer.
Most likely all this will I call you to hear you! If you do not have the opportunity to call me, then please send me an SMS. I hope to hear your voice.
Letter 7
Hello my Frankie, how are you? Congratulations to the first day of spring.
But we have a snowfall today, and promise 2 more days of such weather! :)
I hope you will be light day and a wonderful evening.
On Tuesday I had an interview and I successfully passed it.
I execute all documents and get visa. Now I can go to you in future!
Today I will be going to travel agency and will be booking travel.
And I think in the middle of March we will have a meeting.
I was very lonely in Moscow, but I also watched a lot of beautiful places! When I was in Moscow, the time it seemed like an eternity.
Around were some robots. 15 million robots.
You know what I noticed? They constantly somewhere run. :)
While I was in Moscow, I visited many beautiful places. I watched Gorky Park, visited two of the museum. Was in the Tretyakov Gallery.
So he traveled to many interesting places. I have so far is a holiday, and we now hope to plan a meeting.
Tell me please, how you doing? What are your plans for tonight?
if you have the opportunity, please call me. And I can answer you!
And have a chance to talk to you about my journey.
I returned home, and now I can comfortably talk on the phone.
We need to be sure to talk about the meeting. I think communication
is not enough letters. our communication on the phone will give us closer.
Write me please. Have a good day and I embrace.
Your Olesya
Letter 8
Good morning my love, how are you? For me this morning is not very good!:(((
Now I went to the agency to draw up a tour for you. But I have difficulty paying tour.
I am now very worried. And Because of this, I decided to write you a letter.
And now try to explain to you my situation. I do not know what to do.
I'm trying to find a way out situation. My love for flight conditions of Russia, there are certain conditions. I need to have a tour to travel to you.
The price includes tickets, hotel, medical insurance. Since I have a tourist visa.
The entire cost of the tour to come to you 1170dollars.
But I was able to pay only 650dollars to start your reservation, trying to solve the problem of finding the rest of the money to pay for the tour.
I paid part of the tour, but I can not fly to you and have not all the money for the tour.
I wanted to write you sooner but I can say?! It'S Nothing!:(((
Now speak with my parents. They said they would try to help me.
I hope that everything will be fine.
Maybe they can help me with a solution to the problem and find a way out of this situation. If all be well, soon we will have a meeting.
I am very want to see you now! I really need you.
hope you have a nice day. How is your day?
Wish you a nice mood, and my most tender kiss on your lips!
Your Olesya
P.s. Please write to me, as you will be able...
Letter 9
My Frankie, I've talked to my parents again, nothing happens to me yet.
I do not have a solution yet. I hope everything will turn out.
As I wrote to you in my last letter, i will have to organize a trip for 16 March by 30 March.
I just want us to quickly see eye to eye! Hopefully soon we will be able to do it!
As soon as you help me, I will immediately arrange journey with you.
As you know I need now is 520 dollars to pay for travel.
I need to pay for the trip as soon as possible to get everything done on time.
Please help me transfer, company Walmart transfer o RIA transfer. I found some offices.
I was in the bank Binbank and they told me that it is very easy to do.
In order to send me transfer you need just my name.
And address where I will get the transfer. I'll write to you all information to send me a transfer.
My name and surname: Olesya Korablyeva
My home address:
Russia, Volgogradskiy region, Volgograd, Street Akademicheskaya 14/1 , aprt 21
gsm phone: +79281144924.
Manager in the bank said that you will not have problems. If you will need additional information, please contact me.
Also, I have a bank account, but I do not know how to operate properly in the international regime. If you want, I can write my account details.
but it will be more convenient Walmart or RIA, it will be faster.
As soon as I pay the entire cost of the tour, the travel agency manager will give me all the information travels. Time of departure, time of arrival. And I'll write you all a letter. ok?
Have a good day. My gentle kiss!
Your Olesya
Letter 10
My Frankie, I do not know what to write to you about the trip.
Therefore I do not know what to do! Since I could not find a solution problems.
I try to use all the features. I speak now with their parents.
They do everything they can to help with my travel. They are looking for money for my trip.
They do all opportunity for me. But I understand that they can not collect on all money for me. And just because of that, because of a desperate situation.
I ask your help! My Frankie, excuse me please, I am creating you problems.
But i need your help only a little while. I will organize a trip for 16 March. It's Friday.
And I will come to you in 14 days. The cost of the trip in 1170dollars. I paid 650dollars, and I need another 520dollars to pay for your entire tour price. I need your help.
Today I was trying to find the money. But all my efforts were not effective.
I asked for help from relatives and parents. But they said they could not help me.
Before traveling to Moscow they has helped me. But it was not enough.
I'm sorry that because of a problems, I have to tell you about it.
To fly to thee, i need 520dollars, but what I do now?!
I am sending you a copy of my documents, because I understand that this is a large sum of money.
Please tell me please, what do you do in this situation.
But I hope that the plans for our meeting have not changed.
And I just want one that you was next to me, and to look into your eyes.
And if we overcome obstacle, we will meet.
I hope that very soon we'll be together.
Please write to me as soon as possible. I'll be waiting!
Your Olesya
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