Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Vinogradova to Ike (USA)

Letter 1
How are you doing today.. Am so sorry for the late reply
I really appreciate for getting your email... i was shock when i read your mail because you really impress me and make my heart pound so fast.. I'm thinking that being with you will be the best thing i never experience.. I look at your profile and it really nice and i will like to cuddle with you... sleeping on the same bed and cuddle each other.... I join this site to make pleasure and adventure.. i will like to meet you..have some sex style with you like 69 style, doggy style and straight sex.. i love you and want to be next to you.. dreaming about you all time.. i want you to be the first person i see when i wake up every morning and last person i say goodnight too before i sleep. I'm Pamela Henderson originally born and brought up in Manchester,England.... UK but presently in Nigeria with my granny for visiting... I wish to come over and spend a weekend with you as to have fun and pleasure together to make each other happy. i will like to see some of your pics. I'm just 32 yrs single never married.. hope to know your opinion.
See you soon
Letter 2
Actually you know why i join this site and i know why you join the site, the site is for sex, whether you put picture or not, it doesn't matter how you look like.. i'm here to make sex and have sex partner.. I love sex and i love meeting people.. you're the first member to meet here that talk so sweet and i really want to enjoy my fun with you, having pleasure together and make each other enjoy each other, as you can read my first message, i told you i was originated from Manchester England.. UK but currently in Nigeria. like i said i love sex and travelling,i will like to meet you give you blow job,suck you for more than hours and make you happy all time, give you the blow job for more than hours,hold your dick hard and make you cum in my mouth, also eat my pussy why i give you blow job which mean we have 69 style of sex,so you suck my breast while i suck your dick and play with my nipples. I hope you can tell me how Your country look like and if this week will be more good for us to meet as to enjoy each other.. send me the nearest airport to you as to check the cost of my flight from Murtala Muhamed international airport Lagos Nigeria to you. i will be waiting for your mail soon.
See you soon
Kisses Pamela
Letter 3
Thanks for your mail .. I do appreciate the picture you sent me before and i am ready to come to you and enjoy each other... have fun together and make each other happy.. I will like to swim with you and suck each other inside the pool or beach and make each other cum, while i suck your dick and you suck my breast and cum in my mouth and i cum also. Then you eat my pussy and lick my wet juice pussy cum... I love anal sex so much and think that it better if we arrange in meeting each other as to enjoy each other for weekend... well i just check the cost of my flight from Lagos Nigeria to you via KLM because it a nice and safest airline, it goes around ?1350 Pounds but i could only afford ?400 Pounds only which means i will need ?950 Pounds more to come to you and i hope you will bear the remaining cost for my flight to you this week or this weekend is okay by me but i think it will be better if we can secure a seat on the plane against this weekend as to have a cheaper flight from Lagos Nigeria to you. I really want to come next with you and make you happy all time.. i'm willing to have sex with you on the same bed, sleeping under the same blanket and sucking my breast while i start sucking your dick, as to make it hard and give you blow job each time we sleep together on bed as to cum in my mouth and i eat your cum,as you know that i am living with my granny in Nigeria right now, and i am 32yrs of age I hope you can eat my pussy and also let me know when you will be sending the flight money as to secure a seat on the i can send you my information to get the money across to me via Money Gram... please let me know if you are serious about this okay,cos i will like to meet you soon and have all the sexiest together with you!! Love you and kisses to you. Pamela.
Letter 4

Hello my lovely man Ilkka,
How are you doing today and how was your night?
Thanks so much for your lovely mail, you really amazed me with your lovely and nice words. Have read your last mail over and over again, that it makes me feel so comfortable with you and i can feel so much love from you.
I feel so lucky and blessed to have met you cos you're my type of man. You talk so sweet and really impress me with your words. Been with you will be the best thing to ever happen to me.
I just hope you're serious with me cos have fallen in love with you. I trust and believe all your words and i can feel it inside of me that you're truly a gentle man and a man of his word.
Well, it will be fun to go out for dinner together. I like wine and i will also love to be with you soonest to show you how much i truly love and care about you.
I really can't wait to finally be in your arms cos it will be a dream come true to be with you
I want you to know that am ready to come to you and stay with you forever. I want to start a new life with you cos you're all i need in a man
Well, it will be better we take things one step at a time, we can decide on what we really want when i finally get to you but am sure the outcome will be positive
My love, i woke up so happy this morning cos i dreamed of us together and i really can't wait for my dream to finally come true,
I went to the traveler agent this morning about my ticket, and i have deposited the 400 Pounds to the agent. I have been issued a receipt which makes the money not refundable. I know that you promised to cover all my flight costs but i also want to partake in the fee to prove my love for you and to also let you know that i so much want to be with you.
All that remain now is for us to complete the ticket fee so that the airline agent can get my flight booked and i can be able to send you my ticket confirmation and flight summary as to know the time and date of my arrival to you
I already promised the agent that my Fiance will be sending the remaining amount ASAP. I will want us to make the balance payment now cos i wouldn't want the agent to think that we are not serious.
My love, it will be a dream to be with you before Feb 14th so that we can spend the Valentine's day together and i can prove my love to you.
I would have bought the ticket myself if i can afford the whole fee but 400 is all i can afford, I hope you will assist me with the remaining 950 Pounds now to complete my ticket fee
Let me know if you will assist me with the remaining amount now so that i can send you my payment information that you will need to send the money to via Western Union or Moneygram now.
I love you more and more and i can't wait to finally be in your arms where i truly belong
Hope to read from you now
See you soon
Kisses and hugs
Your Beautiful and Beloved Future Wife
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