Scam letter(s) from Zeliha Merkit to Piotr (Poland)

Letter 1
Hello. I am very glad, that you have decided to write to me, and have shown interest to me. That you did not draw hasty conclusions about me, I want to tell at once that is necessary for me and why I want to get acquainted. Especially, my first message was provocative. I wanted that you answered me, actually I another. My name Zeliha. I am from Turkey. You know, many wish to seem better, than they are actually, and for this purpose choose to itself any exotic, absolutely ridiculous names … But my name for you, possibly, will be in any case exotic. I live in the small city of “Igdir”. I like my city, here very beautiful architecture. And it is very pure. To me of 28 years, the truth, many say, that I look younger. I do not know, whether the truth it. Here you, looking at my photo what you think in this occasion? If it is interesting, I can tell, that at growth of 178 sm 57 kg weigh.
At me usual work. I the usual seller in shop. I sell a foodstuff. In aerobics was engaged since the childhood, I like to move under cheerful clockwork music. To brag - not in my rules, but nevertheless I will notice, that dances for me is a love. My work not the best. But to work it is necessary, that there was money. And also money is necessary what to contain themselves and to feed. Unfortunately, sports not free pleasure. Also I wish to tell, that my English language at very bad level. It is possible to tell, that I badly understand it and consequently I write to you through the translator.
I hope, that it to you will not prevent to communicate with me.
Suddenly, if at us with you something turns out, always it is possible to pass an intensive course of English language. I do not have bad habits, I do not smoke and I do not use drugs, it simply is not necessary for me. Sometimes happens, that during holiday in the company of girlfriends I afford a little easy alcohol, and that is faster for the sake of company maintenance. All do it sometimes.
Married never was, children are not present. Probably, then I will tell more in detail why so has occurred. That I all about itself yes about itself! Tell, please, everything, that you consider it necessary: how you live, where work, than take a great interest? If you certainly want it. If you do not wish to continue to communicate with me and to get acquainted. That do not play for time and tell to me fairly about it. Probably you also set to yourself a question. What for I have written to you and what from you is necessary for me? I will tell fairly. To me something would be desirable to try new. I wish to get acquainted with the man from other country. Suddenly my desire is destiny and once we with you will have relations or good friendship. I with pleasure send you my photo! I hope, that she to you will like. And with impatience I wait for your letter, and your photo!
I will be happy! To tell about itself it is possible long and much.
But I think, that to start it will suffice. Now to you to solve, whether you wish to continue to communicate with me mutually, and to tell about yourself or not. I look forward your letter! Your new friend Zeliha!
Letter 2
Hello! Thanks for your letter. It will be very pleasant to me if you ask me questions, it will mean that I am interesting to you. Of course, it was very pleasant to me to learn that you are interested in how I live. So, I will tell about myself a little in more detail. I as you already understood from our correspondence, adore sport. It allows to be healthy and to support the body in shape. And after all it is important for each woman - many keep to diets, exhaust themselves to dump couple of kilograms. When on the street summer, it is much simpler because I run. Though here winters warm, but there is an exception therefore I run quite often. Therefore I can tell without false modesty that I have a beautiful body of which I do not hesitate.
Though there where I live it is impossible to show strongly the body, after all Turkey the Muslim country. Here is to me a little not comfortably because I am the orthodox Christian. As so it turned out that I live here, I will tell you perhaps in the following letter. I write from an Internet cafe because I have no house of the computer.
My hard drive on the computer broke recently, and I lost many photos, but I still had some and I will make the also new. I think that they will be pleasant to you. Tell, please, what do you think of sport, whether you are engaged in something? Perhaps you will not believe, but I love soccer, quite often I watch matches on TV if time allows.
It thanks to my father. How you think, soccer unites many people? And how is with it in your country? I spend free time generally at home. I watch soap operas, very much I love novels and adventures. From music I cannot allocate something the concrete. Therefore I love music on mood. Actually I like any music. With pleasure I go to the cinema or cafe with girlfriends, I love communication. Though, of course, sometimes at work you will so be exhausted that forces are not present to go. And how you spend the leisure-time? Probably, with guys in the bar? I think, you are interested in my character. It is difficult to estimate himself, but friends say that I am very quiet person. In people I appreciate frankness and honesty, and it is unpleasant to me if suddenly I learn that the person to me lay. And what qualities are pleasant to you in people? What it is important for you in the woman first of all? For me the main thing - that the person was kind. Such that could care of others. You love cats? Or dogs? Well now I filled up you with questions. I am glad that we continue communication, I wait for your letters!
Letter 3
Hi! I thought of you, and decided that, probably, you can be trusted. Today I want to tell about the family. My father - his name is Bahar, to it is 69 years and it works as the children's football coach.
Soccer is his life, and even despite the age, he does the favorite thing. Probably, therefore I love soccer. My mother is called Hamsik - she is 59 years old, it now on pensions, and does household chores.
She worked all life on a farm as loves animals. I very much love and I respect my parents. In the childhood, I, as well as all children attended school. Very much it was pleasant to me at school as I could learn, something new. I live with parents, and I have the room.
Sometimes to me the man wants to find already, and to begin private life. As well to live with parents, but more freedom there is a wish.
I always have the opinion, and achieved itself only. Earlier, when there was the USSR, we lived in the territory of the former Armenia.
My father Muslim, and my mother orthodox Christian. I was born in Armenia and there my mother insisted that I became a Christian. But then the country collapsed and very much soon we moved to Turkey. We live near border of Armenia and sometimes we go there. Now I look back at that period and I understand that besides difficulties and deprivations life me to much taught - to be independent, to achieve everything in life most. I after all have nobody was to count!
Therefore I studied well that gave me chance most to enter the university. I got ‘economic education but as often happens, in here people work not in the specialty. I have the higher education, but I work as the ordinary seller. Take place almost all money of shop through my hands. It is possible to tell that I work in the specialty, but it not so. In the West for some reason there is a delusion that all girls from Asia seek to marry the foreigner because of money. As though money is the most important in life. Here it is interesting, what you think about it? You know, I now very much do not have the understanding person who could listen, understand me that I feel.
I had relations with guys, but, unfortunately, most of my admirers needed only ***, here men do not consider Christians, as the potential wife. My father exception to the rules. They saw in me only an attractive figure, and nobody wanted to know that at me at heart. As soon as I to someone trusted and hoped, to me changed and broke heart.
That is why I decided to communicate with the help of the Internet.
Perhaps, during correspondence it will be possible to understand the person better. I am very glad that you appeared in my life. It is interesting to me to communicate with you, I with impatience climb in the mailbox to read your messages. Tell, please, and you had relations with girls? You would like to be on friendly terms simply or look for the half? I was tired to be lonely and I look for the serious relations, I dream of a good family with the kind loving husband, the reliable partner in life. Perhaps, I too many want? But I still believe in love. I want that you trusted me and I consider that we have to be sincere with each other. I wait for the answer to my questions. On it I finish the letter. Very much I wait for your answer.
Letter 4

Hi, my pleasant charming. It is possible to address to you so? I am glad that we continue our communication, it is interesting to me to recognize you. I want to warn at once you, it is difficult to me to understand up to the end your sense of questions. I not always completely understand sense of your questions, but I try to answer them. Therefore do not take offense if not always receive the correct answer on your question. Letters I try to answer all your questions in detail. It is possible to you it will be interesting to learn something about Turkey? I, with pleasure will tell you about my homeland in more detail. Of course, I love the country, after all I was born here and received education. Parents tried that I grew up honest and was respectful to people. I such still. I very much appreciate the same qualities in other people. I think, you are very honest person and is not capable of treachery.
Unfortunately, in our country there are also very bad people though it is unpleasant to me to write about it. Is such to whom only money is interesting, and they are indifferent to needs of others. So occurs, most likely because at us there are a lot of poor. In Turkey there are a lot of talented people and very many would like to work, but not for all, unfortunately, there is such opportunity. National economy of it does not allow, and there are many problems. At the same time our country made a big contribution to world culture. Tell, please, than your city in which you live is interesting? There are beautiful places? In my city of Igdir there live about 85 thousand people, it is normal for the small city, though an increase in population the very fast here. I started using recently the Internet therefore not up to the end here all mastered. I already said that mine the computer broke, I go to the Internet cafe which opened one of the first in our city. As it is healthy that there were technologies which connect people at distance! Earlier we about such also could not dream! You have, probably, many friends on the Internet? Today, when thought that I will communicate with you, the mood increased at once. Tell, please, that you feel to me? It is very important for me. It seems to me, I have for you very warm feelings. After all you are the good person and, and the pleasant man! You like mine of photos? Very much I wait for the letter, I hope for mutual understanding.
Letter 5
Hi, mine dear! How you there? Thanks you for such interesting and warm letter. I send you these excellent photos with the snow.
Generally in Turkey there is no snow in the winter. But I live in that place where snow happens. I send you pictures which were taken last year. It is interesting to probably you, why I did not have a private life here, in Turkey. To me did not carry with guys. My history is old, as the world, it is history of the deceived love. When the man admits love to the naive girl, and actually wishes to take advantage only. I thought, we approach each other but as bitterly I was mistaken Certainly, that happened, has made me more cautious. Now I very selectively concern people and I will not throw the arms round a neck to the first comer. We have such saying: «All of us are clever backdating», but what to do? But now I not so such trustful, as earlier. Certainly, it is necessary to concern all with gratitude, after all it is a certain experience, which, probably, is necessary to us to move further. I heard for a long time about acquaintances through the Internet, but something long did not dare to try similar.
And here at last has come into Internet cafe, the blessing it is nearby to my house. I only am able to use e-mail, and to read news on the Internet. I was not present in social networks as time in the Internet of cafe at me is limited. In the cafe Internet bad the equipment, it will be possible in the future better. I can probably find in the future skype to speak. It is possible to phone by phone.
Just we will speak each other? On what our conversation will be similar without gestures and a mimicry. Fairly to recognise, I did not expect, that so it will turn out, but you very much-very like me.
I receive many emotions from our dialogue as it is unusual! It is easy and interesting to communicate with you. I wish to find out, why you have decided to get acquainted through the Internet? After all in the world many good girls who can be met in a reality. And why you have written to me? Write, I necessarily will answer you.
Letter 6
Hi, my darling! I can call you tender words? It seems to me, development of our relations allows to make it. I send you today video which I made for you. I worried, recording video. I will be happy to see your video also. Last night I met my friends and we went not for a long time to cafe.
It was cheerful and we talked much. It is very interesting to me, what you in life. Tell, please, what you imagine me? How often you think of me? I want to admit that I before going to bed, often, scroll in our memories with you virtual conversations in letters. I want to know about you more. What was your family? What most important dream of your life? And many other things. I would like to begin the serious relations with the worthy man with whom we would have a full mutual understanding and respect. It seems to me, I can judge you according to your letters - in them a lot of interesting information, heat and kindness! You can smile, but I feel it, and it is very difficult to deceive me. You want to be this man? What a pity that we are so far apart! Sometimes I reflect that could be the good wife who will take care of me and will love me. Each woman needs the man who respects and loves her. Without it the full-fledged happiness is impossible. I want to meet the man who will be good which will be able to take care with which I will be sure in tomorrow. That woman who is sure of the partner in life is happy! The head of the family has to care of the wife both in happiness, and in sorrow, approximately as it is told in a wedding oath. And then the woman will be the happiest on Earth. And then it will be able to support the husband always, especially when he needs it. And what for you family happiness? What do you think of love? I think that it is very important for the harmonious relations between the man and the woman. I want to love and be a darling. Interestingly, what views at you about it? You know, I live not in the best country and I want to change something in the life. I hope that our relations will proceed and I think that you are that man who is necessary to me. I wait for your answer.
Letter 7
Hello, my beloved! At first I want to ask forgiveness that I write the answer with a delay. I forget to tell that sometimes the Internet cafe on Saturday and Sunday is occupied with a large number of people and I cannot simply get on the free computer. And yesterday I was too strongly occupied at work and therefore could not write to you. And now if you allow, I will pass to the letter. I thank you from the bottom of the heart for the kind letter. I am glad, that at us full mutual understanding on such important questions, as the relation to marriage and a family! You such surprising, even are strange, that else there are similar men good sense of humour, fair and careful. I see, that to you my life is not indifferent, and very much it I appreciate, believe. Sometimes it seems to me, when I read your messages, that I know you very much-very for a long time … Sometimes I close eyes and I represent, that you opposite to me. Would like to open once eyes and that you really were opposite to me. Growth or age in our case has no value. My love, today I wish to open for you! I A little I hesitate to speak to you this phrase, but I have taken courage and It is ready. I wish to admit to you, my prince I fall in love with you! From the moment of our the first the letter, I to concern every day began more warmly and more warmly to you. I hesitate as the little girl. Your letters operate for me in a special way. I understand, that we know a little, each other and never met before, and we at all do not know, whether our fluids will approach us to each other. We can find out it only at our meeting. But I need to think of it very seriously. I think, that we can construct serious relations. If certainly we can meet. Almost every day I found for you the time. I will badly master the computer.
You would smile, if saw as I write on the keyboard. It occupies long time to find familiar letters. But each time it is better. After our acquaintance I think only of you. I love you that you the kind, gentle, careful and tender man. I hope, that to a smog To rely on you the most difficult minute! After all as you already know, the reliable man is necessary to me. I think, that you never will deceive and not You will betray me. I knew, that somewhere in the world there is that man, Which I can grow fond really. And I have found you! But I will repeat, that I am enamoured in you. You are very interesting to me also I would like to develop our dialogue. I hope, that you will accept my feelings and will reciprocate! I wish to tell to you many thanks that you never disregarded my letters and went together with me to an overall objective - to construction of serious relations. Now we with you as a unit, as an indissoluble chain! I want that our relations developed and further. My prince, for me a word love more than the word is simple, therefore I can possibly tell that I love you, only at our meeting. For me love this that Feeling which I now live and I breathe. When I see your letters, in To me new breath wakes up, in my soul sing birds, I wish to live and To smile! I open for you what know, that you feel and on what I can hope. I to you have one very important question. Today I will think of our meeting. I am afraid of it. But also to waste time also I do not want, because if I will fall in love with you even more strongly, and you will not want to meet me. That to me will be very sick. Before I will agree on our meeting, I should ask you about our meeting some times. After all the confidence is necessary to me. Please, tell to me, what you feel? You are ready to tell to me, what is enamoured me? Now I have opened to you my small secret which I have understood only yesterday, and I can freely talk to you on a love theme. As it is a pity, that you so are far. Sometimes so it would be desirable to talk to you in a reality, really. To descend with you in cafe to chat, drink tea. And then to come together home, to roll in a bed, to feel your tenderness on the body. I would like to arrive to you in the future, at least for a short while! You became for me not simply the man, and the man of my dream. Recently my girlfriend complained of the guy, she has forgotten to cook to it to its food after work, and he has made scandal and has offended her. This history such ****. Unless there can be normal relations when the man does not respect the woman? Whether the love without respect is possible? It is assured, that is not present. And you as consider? I believe, that you understand me, that you very sensitive person. It seems to me, you can make happy any woman if you love her. Write, I like to read your letters, know, that you had very attentive reader. The whole.
Letter 8
Hello my dear! I thank you for your letter. It is always pleasant to me to receive your letters. Today I ran in the cafe Internet. I hurried up, it looked very funny. I send again to you video. I so worried, when wrote down. Today I wish to ask you again. You have well thought over our meeting?
You are assured, what want, that I have arrived? These are direct questions. I am sorry, that often I ask them. I hope, that you will understand my experiences. After all to go to other country and to leave all in Turkey difficultly. To dare and make this choice not simply. But if all receives only development we become happy pair. And this main thing. It is my dream, to meet the man who will love me.
With which I will be happy. With which I can speak on any themes. With which I will be glad to wake up and fall asleep. For which it will not be difficult to give love. After all if our purposes coincide, at us with you necessarily all will turn out. Also it was necessary for me to speak with my parents on this theme. Yesterday I have made it.
There was a serious conversation till the late night. My parents understand, that I already adult woman and itself should make of the decision. But they first of all parents. They I will always worry for the child. Even if I will be 50 years old, they will find words again to learn me to a life. I think, that any parents behave so. For good and responsible parents it should not be more important than anything, than own children. My parents, see, that I became last time «To soar on wings», They see my smile and constantly good mood. They me such did not see very much for a long time. They have told, that already earlier have noticed, that I have fallen in love also parents waited for this conversation. The most important thing they have told. That you were good and reliable. They ask, that you never offended me. They send for you huge, warm regards. Kiss you in both cheeks and bless our relations. Still they ask, that you have given to me your exact data.
They wish to know your exact address and a name. So they will be more confident. So they will worry less. I think, that it is correct. On their place I would arrive also. There can be you want, that I have transferred something to them from you? It is necessary to sum up. If you agree, that I will arrive to you.
Then I will go to do the visa to you and the passport. I think, that it is two basic documents. After all most important it to receive the permission to visitings of your country. In any case I about it learn.
The most important thing, I wish to read from you accurate thoughts and firm your decision. If there are questions necessarily ask me. Now such sensation, that I had wings. I ask you, do not cut off to me these wings. After all if I lose now wings I at all do not know, that with me will be. I do not wish to think of the bad. I know only that there is nothing worse the fallen angel. I should finish the letter. I will wait your answer with huge desire. I hope, that I will not disappoint you and you also.
Letter 9
Hello! I was madly glad to receive your letter again, you do not leave my thoughts, I want you! You are ready to meet me? My full name Zeliha Merkit. Address: No. 9 Cem Sk. Apartment 7. Postal index: 76000, city of Igdir Turkey. Thanks that you do not doubt me. Tomorrow I will make very important step to our meeting. I will go to travel agency and I will submit my demand for the visa. I hope, that money will suffice me to make it. My parents have given to me of a few money. Also I have some savings.
Most of all I am afraid if I am told that I have to go to other city of Turkey where there is an embassy of your country. I do not even know, in what city there is your embassy. The nearest embassy can be in Yerevan, and it is the neighboring country of Armenia. There I do not want to go at all. In any case it is necessary to listen, that to me will offer in travel agency. Our meeting should become significant event. Today I was completely convinced, that you wish our meeting.
Today I was convinced of the feelings to you. I so strongly worry, that I can not find suitable words at all. For excitement at me appetite was gone. I can possibly calm down, when I will arrive to you. Then that I will make the first, I will eat it. Though possibly the first day I will very shy. After all I similar in the life yet did not do anything. I hope, that you can soften me and that I became more unchained. We will look that will be. Also I think, that when I will see you at the airport I will lose speech gift. Suddenly I will start to stammer for excitement and you will be disappointed in me. Tell to me, how now weather at you? What it is better to me to dress? What it is better to me to make? I am very glad, that our relations do not stand on a place but only develop. I am confident, that we will be happy together. As we trust each other on 100 ! We will create with you the strong union as we will love and respect each other. I with impatience wait for your letter, as soon as possible. But I can read your letter only tomorrow.
I am sorry, that my letter short, but I strongly worry and I can not find the necessary words. We will keep words for our meeting.
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