Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Novoselova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello!!! My name is Katya. I live in Russia in city of Krasnoyarsk. In this city I have lived all my life. Now I want a little to tell about my life. To me 24 years, at me a light hair, green eyes. After school I have entered university and has received a trade of the teacher at school, at present I work the teacher at school. This job is pleasant to me and further I want to work with children, as I very much like children, and I would like to have as children. I think that children it simply very lovely creation. You like children? At present I live with the mum, we live in a separate apartment. So it seems, that in Russia there is no worthy man to create and to find family. And on this I was advised by my best girlfriends to search for my love in the Internet, I have addressed to the Internet with the purpose to find the companion of life my second half, for creation of the serious relations. I think that the our relations I shall be very serious, and it seems that at us with you all can turn out. My dream to meet the man which liked me all my life. I think that in the man most important is his kindness, respect for love of the man and his feeling humour. And me his appearance will be not important. So I think what you understand me concerning all it?? I with the large impatience shall wait for your new letter very soon. I wish to you excellent day!!!
Sincerely yours Katya.
Letter 2

Hello dear! I am simply happy to receive from you your new letter! I think that when you receive my letters to you too pleasantly. I do not understand some your letters.. and me very much it would would be desirable to see you and to meet you. Concern to me about attention, because I think that our meeting it only beginning of the our attitudes, you can to yourselves believe what it is the truth can be the our destiny see each other in real life??? For example I think that it is the truth because I yet when did not meet such man as you in my life. When you have written to me still first letter I at once has realized that you that which man I yet did not meet when or in my life.. you understand me concerning all it?? Understand that I shall be simply happy if we shall meet you, and it will seems that to us not important by what ways we shall do it, and most important that we shall meet, it and will be our destiny!! At me all is simply wonderful, if certainly you will be with me a number and it for both of us will be simply wonderful.. . By a road mine I wish to you excellent day and it seems that you will lead this day with the large pleasure, when you will recollect me.. I miss without you very strongly... Please write to me as soon as possible, I with impatience shall wait your new letters. My largest kiss only for you.. The happiest woman on ground, only due to you.. Katya
Letter 3

Hello my dear!!!
It is very pleasant to me really to receive from you your letters. How you? At me all is good. You really very much like to me also I think that at us with you can that that will turn out. I really would like to travel to you, certainly if you will help me I with the large pleasure to you I shall travel. I think that me very much was lucky also I shall learn my travel to you tomorrow how many will cost. I very much very much would like to travel to you because I almost did not see the world I when did not leave for limits of Russia and I really would like be with you. I consider that the relation of two people should develop on trust each other. You trust me? It seemed that you the very good and kind man with which is possible to connect life, whether but for this purpose it is necessary in the beginning will meet and to be together and only it will be then clearly valid we with you we approach each other whether or not. You understand me? I want to you to tell if you me will help with my travel to you that I think that I can take holiday at my work and travel to you. You are really interested in that that I was with you? To me would like at you to learn if I tomorrow I shall learn will cost how many my documents for travel to you, when you can help with my travel to your country? You really very much like to me also I with the large pleasure I shall travel to you. Write to me soon I with impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you!
Thousand to you of kisses!!!
Sincerely yours Katya!!!
Letter 4

It is very pleasant to me to receive your letter. I promised you that today I shall learn on the account of my trip to you. Me very much was lucky my girlfriend works in travel agency and she will help me in all. Now I shall write to you cost of my travel to you. My passport to cost $ 70 it it will be possible to make during one week, for travel to you I need the visa, cost of the visa can be made $ 225 her during 9-12 days. In agency me have told that for travel to you I should insure my life against accident, from unforeseen circumstances or from the terrorists of the certificates, and this insurance will cost $ 45, it seems that to me very well that they so do, I consider what to insure life against accident it very well. To travel to you to me Moscow will be necessary to reach and it costs $ 69 it is the price of the cheapest ticket, in Moscow I am going to go by train, because I consider that will fly by the plane very dearly and I do not want that you spent superfluous money. Concerning cost of the air tickets $ 1350, are the price to you and back in Russia, because me have told that my visa will be valid only a few weeks, and if I shall stay at you after the expiration of the visa me can expel from your country and any more will not let to you never. All my travel to you will cost $ 1759. When me have told this price I very much was frightened, you see it is the very large sum. For me it is the very large sum and I am afraid that you will not help me with my travel. You can to me help by this sum. I understand that it is the very large sum, but the price of love is great! It seems that I shall have time to make all documents and to travel to you in 20 numbers of November! You want it? It will seems that for you better if you at first can send money to the documents and then on the air tickets. I very much want to be with you and I think that money in our case has no any meaning in our case. It seems if two men are loved that not looking on anything by they should be together. You understand me? Write to me soon! About the large love I send you this letter!
Set gentle to you of kisses!
For ever yours Katya!
Letter 5

Hello my love!!!
Simply it is very pleasant that you have written to me. How you? Concerning my travel to you, if you will send me 2500 in a weekend that i think that i shall travel to you on January 25. It is very pleasant that you are ready to spend for me such large sum for my travel. Also it is very pleasant that you care of that that there can be other charges. Certainly i shall send you all details of my arrival to you, only for this purpose I should know at what airport you me want to meet. I have sent you number of my travel so i think that you already can prepares for my travel. But number which i have written to you this approximate, whether because i do not know can i order the documents for my travel to you without money, i am simple i want to order and then when you help to pay for my documents to you. But it seems that it will turn out because the good girlfriend works for me in agency. I have no a lot of photo and i have photo where I in clothes. But you were not mistaken in a choice of the hot and passionate girl, i the really hot woman and to think my travel to you it is not meaningful. My feelings to you really very much are not clear, at me yet when such was not also to me it very much it is pleasant. My relation to you is very sincere i yet when not of a kind the man with which i would feel myself so is sure. Today at night i simply could not fall asleep i thought of you all time you simply do not leave at me a head. You it is simple very much very much to me like with me really that similar and i simply can not wait of our meeting. I will be sure that you the very good man which concerns to me very well. Concerning my data i shall send you them but i do not have my own telephone, and i can send you only my passport and my address. I shall wait for very our meeting. Write to me soon i with impatience i shall look forward to hearing from you.
Thousand you of kisses and have a lot of by my love!!!
Sincerely yours Katya!!!
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