Scam letter(s) from Elena Dmitrievna Plotnikova to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Hallo! I have no clue how to start this message. Well let me put it straight that I am addressing a man online for the very first time. I m a little thrilled and ill at ease. Are you all alove ? Are you looking for a baby for getting rid of dark thoughts and starting a family? I yearning for a lad who will love me, protect me and treat me well. I am in search of a male who is prepared to love me, show respect and treat me well just like I would. right now I wish to find a guy who will give all his love to me just like I would do for him. I fm interested in finding my soul-mate who would love and respect me. I am yearning for a lad whom I could trust and love. I want to find a fellow I could live my life with. I want a person whofll take care of me and treat me right! I need a man to develop love with! You made me really interested in you. am NAME Maryna. To me of 32 years. I uploaded my photographs to let you see who writes to you. If you are ready to give us a chance find me appealing, please do text me using my e-mail. I m looking forward to holding my fists to receive u r answer to my letter. Write me back, please! pray you fancied me I could make you hot I was able to touch u r feelings and that our dialogue will go on. I will be looking forward to your letter. Have a good day! So long! Needing you, NAME Maryna. P.S: Oh, and how old are you and where are you from?
Letter 2
Ciao from Russia country. I believe ye meet time in yours living when ye have sad. At the moment I own the same. My colleague talked me that I have to get acquainted and it stop I made up one's mind to try it. And now say thou about me I am 29 old. My height one hundred seventy five cm tall. My weight fifty-eight kilograms. My astrologial aquarius. My dream hook true love and hero of for life. I not have bad habits and keep on sports. I not shall say just now the name as so shy. Supposing you reply me then I will say name. If you do not want to get dating then simply tell to me nay. Apparently this is my life. Wait for your words, if if you're interested my letter.
Letter 3
Hello Sebastian!
Nice to see your message. So many thoughts were in my head about what to write and what photos send to you. I decided not to torture myself for a long time. My colleague from work continues to advise how to answer you. I said her that I have enough advices, I know myself what to do because this is my life. I write to you, what I think at the moment, that's all. I think this is the most honest way of communicating. I want to tell you a bit about my family. My father former Navy officer. We have rarely seen in my childhood, and now do not see each other. I have always had my affairs, he had his affairs accordingly. My mother Natalia, real housewife. She always remains a good mom for me and an excellent keeper of the hearth. I always wanted to be like her and create family. I do not live with my parents since the childhood, because I lived in a sports boarding school since seventh grade, and after moved to study in Arkhangelsk for physical education teacher. I have a native sister Olga. With her we try to see and spend time together. She is an artist. They all live in Murmansk.
There is even colder than here. I do not have digital photos with my parents, because I was not in Murmansk 11 years. But I call them from time to time. Olga comes to me periodically. She says that her inspiration comes in Severodvinsk. You know, I sometimes get the feeling that I was born in this city and I live my whole life here. In my youth I traveled to competitions in Russia and I looked a bit of Russian cities, but I've never been abroad. I almost forgot to tell you about another member of my family. This is my cat Chumka. Is said that pets look like their owners, but this is my exact opposite. The most lazy creation of the world. I wanted to write to you about my job today, but I leave it for tomorrow, because so much has talked. Can you tell about your job too? Waiting for your answer.
Letter 4

Hello Sebastian!
I did not know before, how interesting to become live when I get another letter from you. You know, now I chose the photos to send you today. And I remembered that I wanted to write to you about the job. Last summer, our teaching staff was on a one-day holiday in Pinega Reserve. You can look at the map of the place, if you're interested. These photos were made there. "State Nature Reserve Pinezhsky". It is 200 kilometers from my house. My colleague Tatyana decided to arrange for me a kind of cosplay at Angelina Jolie from the movie about Lara Croft. She even picked up me some clothes specifically for this image. I honestly did not at first liked the idea, but then I got used to and also have some fun! And now we often remember those moments. In general, I like my job and our team. Age of my students is 15-17 years. From them emanates positive energy on my classes. Because many of kids love sports. But sometimes it is necessary be very strict with them because children are different. But I try not to go too far, because this still kids. Now parallel, I get a physical therapist education. I find it easier to do it, because I already have a degree in my profession. And maybe later I will be able to heal people. I've always had this definite desire. I like to help people and make them more kindly. Do you have such feelings? For example, I always wanted people to be more kindly. Because so much evil in this world. I really rarely smile, but when I do it, I do it with all my soul. A truly and without hypocrisy. In general, I can not pretend probably why my life is not always so good evolved. But I never regret the past. I believe that we need seeks only forward.
Through hardship to the stars. Can you tell me about your attitude towards life? I want to know it. Waiting for your answer.
Letter 5
Hello Sebastian!
I'm very tired today. I do not remember when that was the last time. Today at work we had a general cleaning. The whole college was seething with work. All the teaching staff and students cleaned the premises. At my disposal, of course, was the gym. It's good that the students helped me, otherwise I would go mad. But I understand that this is an integral part of our lives. We must be able to establish order in the first place to start with the head. How we treat ourselves, so other people will treat us. My sister often says this. I do not know where she gets it from, but I like it when she says smart things. Despite the hard day, I'm in a good mood, because I saw your letter. Tell me about your day. I think it's time to get acquainted on the phone. Send me the full number with the country code and a detailed description of how to call you. Because I never called abroad and I'm afraid of making a mistake. Please do not laugh at me, I can not speak English very well. I did it at school for the last time. I'm waiting for your letter with the phone number. Now I am very tired and want to rest. Bye.
Letter 6
Hello Sebastian!
Today I woke up with a great mood. I slept well, but most importantly, I fall asleep with a smile on my lips. Because, I thought of you at night before going to bed. I realized that you have become an integral part of my life. And it began to seem to me that it was always like this. Our communication changes me and I become kinder.
Even at work I was told that I began to smile more often. The people around are not used to seeing me happy. More often I was sad. My colleague, who advised how to write to you, asked about you. But I said her that I stopped correspondence with you. I do not want her to let the gossip about us. I'm afraid that evil tongues will jinx our relations. I told my sister Olga about us, because I trust her. She says she is very glad that I found you and sends you greetings! She wants to come to me in a couple of days to get a new inspiration for her creativity. I want to show her you and where you live. Can you send some of your favorite photos with your nature. I hope you do not mind?? I'm really glad to know that in my life there are you. What do you think about it? And what do you really think of me? I hope that you will not be late with the answer. Waiting for your answer. Elena.
Letter 7
Hello Sebastain!
You know, I really changed. It became interesting to me to live, thanks to you. More is a spring mood, which does not give me rest. The whole nature seems to whisper around about pleasant and joyful events. I feel that a new round of my life begins! I hope that our communication changes your life for the better. And you feel my spring mood! I again chose photos to send you. And so, I found, something that you might like. Last autumn we went to St. Petersburg together with the students. I really liked this city. But more interesting than the rest was the Museum of Torture in the Middle Ages in the Peter and Paul Fortress of St. Petersburg. It was really an unusual excursion. I held the real ax of the executioner. I tried tools for torture. The quality of the photos in the rooms is not very good, because there it is forbidden to shoot and we did it secretly and quickly. But, it was really interesting to look at the times of the Middle Ages from this side. We spent one evening in St. Petersburg, spent the night in a hotel and the next day we went back.
I'm very tired of getting there and back. But I think it was worth it.
Tell me what the weather is on your side? How do you sleep at night? I start to sleep less and less ... Waiting for your answer. Elena.
Letter 8
Hello Sebastain!
Well, here that day has come. Tomorrow my younger sister comes from Murmansk. But this is only by age she is the youngest. In fact, she behaves as if she knows everything about life. I and Chumka are preparing for her arrival. We want to surprise her tomorrow and prepare dinner for the meeting. We hope that she will like it. I wanted to attach to this letter my photos from everyday life. In the first photo I tried to curl my hair. Do you like? Chumka, as always, when I take pictures, looks at the TV. You will notice, I am a glutton in all its glory on this photos. Today there really is not enough time to write a full-fledged letter. Now I'm going to the supermarket, I will choose the products for the solemn visit of All-knowing Olga=)
Tell me how are you doing? I hope you eat well too?) I am waiting for your letter! Elena.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Sebastian!
I do not know what came over me. Apparently ***** wine also played a role. You know, I usually do not drink. But my sister is a creative person and they have it's normal. Therefore, I had to join her. Today I told her that I opened the soul to you. She said that it means it should have happened. It turns out that her arrival to me also took place in our relations with you. I wonder how amazingly this world is arranged! I do not regret what I said yesterday. I'm glad that you have similar feelings. This means that we can move on. I'm already starting to dream about our family. To be honest, I always knew that my man would be a foreigner. How wonderful that this man is you! I think about you more and more often. Sometimes I find myself thinking that you do not leave my head. When I do ordinary things, I imagine that you are close and you look, smile when I cook food or clean. I do not need someone except you. Just understand, I'm alive with you. I breathe deeply! And I do not want to stop it. Do you think this is love? I need a clue because I've never had this before. I'm sending you a photo with Olga. And a few of my photos in black and white. I hope you will like it. I kiss you. Elena.
Letter 10
Hello my happiness!
How are you Sebastian? Honestly, I really missed you.
There was not a moment that I stopped thinking about you. Today I took Olga to the station. She gave you greetings! We laughed for a long time today, when we recorded this video for you! Look please =) I hope that you will like it, because we tried very hard to make you like it.
Olga suggested the idea of this video. She always invents interesting things. I love her for that. You know, things happen really fast. I could not imagine that on this date I will melt from the love of you.
But this is so today. This insurmountable feeling burst into me all of a sudden. I want to confess to you that today Sebastian I officially love you! I do not know whether so says someone else on the planet. You're the man with whom warm, cozy and reliably. I want to be a faithful girl and a loving wife for you. I believe in you and our feelings. I took a picture when I woke up, I remember how at that moment your name froze on my lips. I did not stop repeating your name all night. You can laugh at me, but I can no longer keep my feelings within me. I want you to share your thoughts. Do you think we will be a great couple together? I kiss you a thousand times! I kiss you passionately and ardently! And, of course, of course I am very much forward to your letter!
Your Elena.
Letter 11
Hello my love!
Now I'm going to call you so! I also want to call you "My Knight"! You do not mind, Sebastain? I'm very glad that you liked the video. It turned out really fun. I never thought that together with love, happiness and ease come to the soul. But at the same time it's hard for me from the distance that separates us. I looked today at the clouds and thought that maybe you too would see them soon and sent an air kiss with them for you. Today I read such an expression in the book - "Kilometers - the best aphrodisiacs." I involuntarily shook my head at this moment. I believe in it. I realized that even if you are now far away, you can be close, because you are in my heart. Love at a distance is a special reality, it is more aesthetic and subtle, love without possession, it is feelings of admiration for each other. I adore you even if I'm not in the mood, even if it's cold outside, even if there are different countries outside the windows ... You can be close to a person, and be strangers, and you can be at a distance, fall in love with the soul, without touching the body, breathe and draw an image, loving madly !!! And let while our love goes on wires.
I know for sure that soon there will be a day when we embrace each other and never weaken hands again. True love will outlast all! And separation, and a temporary parting! After all, only real feelings will not fade away! I want to be with you, breathe into your ear and kiss your neck right now. Waiting for your letter.
Your Elena.
Letter 12
Hello my knight Sebastain! How are you? How is the weather? What are you doing? I decided to send you a photo with glasses. You like? Just do not think about eyesight, my eyesight is fine. I spoke with my sister today. I told her that my feelings do not give me rest. I understand that I lose body weight. She listened for a long time and said that she is tired of listening to your name from me. This is a constant Sebastain, Sebastain, Sebastain! She says if we really have feelings, then we need to be together. I hung up and thought about these words for a long time. You know, I do not find myself a place these days. Everything is burning inside me and I can not stay. I rush from corner to corner.
Chumka looks at me like I was crazy. In my head there is only one obsession - to come to you! I said at work about it. Everyone was surprised that I wanted to go to you, because I said that I did not write to you anymore. Do you remember, I decided to keep this a secret so that no one will jinx our relationship? So, it worked. Director of the College said that I need to find a replacement for the duration of the trip. I have a colleague who agrees to replace me. She will also take care of Chumka. I told the director that I want to move to you forever, if that's possible. Therefore, in the near future, he will need to look for another physical education teacher. He does not want to let me go, but said that this is my life and I decide what to do with it. You know, in my life there is no luxury. I am a very economical girl and do not spend money in vain. I saved money for two years. Just postponed it without a specific purpose. But I knew that I would spend it on something really important. And this moment has come. I want to go to a travel agency in Arkhangelsk tomorrow and buy myself a trip to you. Tell me, what do you think about this? Are you ready to meet me? I will not bother you if I come soon? If you do not mind, then send me the name of your airport, where I need to buy tickets. I very much want be in your strong hands my knight, the most valuable gift I can offer you is my presence. I do not need anything: no flowers, no gifts, no fervent phrases ... I just want to hold your hand and feel your gentle breath on my cheek. Love you.
Your Elena.
Letter 13
Hello, my knight Sebastian ! I returned from Arkhangelsk! I have great news! I turned to the best travel agency of the city. They quickly learned everything for me. Made me photos for the visa. Filled out an application for a foreign passport. Filled my application for a visa.
Health care insurance. Very good staff. They said that tickets for the plane will be booked after receiving the documents. I gave extra money to make the documents faster. Thus, my documents for the trip will be ready within five working days. All except the visa. To obtain a visa, I need to go to the visa-service center in Moscow next week. The travel agent said that to enter your country I will need to confirm my financial solvency. In connection with the law on immigration, your country has made certain rules for the entry of citizens of the Russian Federation. And one of these rules is the availability of money in the bank account of a person who enters the Sebastian territory.
The authorities of your country do not take this money. I need to show in the visa-service center an extract from my bank account. In order for your country to let me in, I need to have on my bank account 82600 rubles. For the term of my visa - 1 month. To get a visa, I need to show them this money. I will not be given a visa if I do not show that I have this money. This money is needed so that they are confident in my financial situation. This proves to them that I will not go to the streets or engage in criminal activities to earn money. So I paid at the travel agency for services, documents and tickets - 46,400 rubles.
I still have 17600 rubles in cash. On my bank account now there is 8000 rubles. I will transfer the cash to my bank account and so I will have 25600 rubles in my account in the total. I do not have enough 5700 rubles. I do not know where to get this money. I spent almost all the money I saved. I did not cancel anything, because I still have 25600 rubles left. And I thought that you could lend me 57000 rubles.
Can you help me with this money? When I make an extract and confirm to the authorities of your country my solvency, I immediately will transfer this money back to you. Realize that it is essential that your government let me into the territory of your country. This is the law. The presence of this money in my name should be just shown to them. Understand that I will send this money back to you after I receive the visa. That is, I will refund your money before my flight to you. I also found out in my bank that an international transfer to a bank account from your country to mine is from 3 to 5 days.
Therefore, if you can and want to help me, then we should not waste time! I'm burning with love for you. A violent passion has settled in my body and I want you to taste it. Probably, I took a desperate step, but I believe that this is my destiny and we must be together! I bought a lot of sweets in Arkhangelsk, because I really want *** .. I read that the sweet helps cope with the lack of *** for a short time.
I kiss you passionately a thousand times! Waiting for your letter!
Your Elena.
Letter 14
Hi my love. I am very sorry that you have a bla sleepless night. I also all night long cried, couldn't calm down. It seems I calm down, and through a nekotor I nichanat time again to cry. To me so without you. To me it is awfully bad.
My dear, I will try to call you today.
My love, I have decided to make the copy of the passport and to send you. I want that you completely trusted me. I very much love you. Very much I miss you. I want to arrive quicker to you, to embrace you, to kiss.
I will wait for your answer. I kiss, your Elena
Letter 15
I was very happy to hear your voice. I'm sorry that I did not immediately send you my photo, which you asked. I could not understand which photo you were asking. Now I understand, and I'm sending you my photo. I love you so much.
Letter 16
Hi my love Sebastain. How are you? Thanks for photos. You don't explain me what photo you it is necessary from me. You can not trust me, but I the truth don't know any more what proof you ask from me. I have decided to make a similar photo which I have sent. I am in an office, at school. I sometimes come from this laptop to write to you.
It is the working school laptop. It is a pity that mirrors that I could make weren't near you are direct the same photo, as well as. I had to take only such selfie. Hope, you to be pleasant. I very much love you. Very much I hope that we will be together soon. I very much miss you my dear. I kiss, your Elena
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