Scam letter(s) from Elena Dmitrievna Plotnikova to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Greetings my great friend from Cold Russia. I believe you found moments in your existence when you have sad. At the moment I own the same. My friend spoke me that I can get dating and it disappear I solved to do it. And now tell thou regarding myself Now I am twenty nine years. My height one hundred and seventy five centimeters tall. Weight is fifty eight kilograms. My astrologial the Aquarius. I dream of get real heart and hero of my fairytale. I don't have addiction and keep on sports. I will speek right now name because shy. Supposing thou answer me hereafter I will say it. If you do not wish to get dating so merely write me null. Apparently this is my way. Waiting for ye letter, when you are interested in in me.
Letter 2
Hello Jim
I did not think you were so quick to respond! Thank you, I am very pleased that you did not leave me without attention. I am really missing male communication. Girlfriends tried to introduce me to the men in my town. But the men here say that I am not like the Russian girl and my thinking some alien. Foreign to them. I talked about it with a colleague, and she said that it means. I have to try to communicate with a foreign man. Especially because in my blood really is blood from Norman. So my father likes to say. He is interested in History. I'll tell you more about myself: My name is Tatyana. I am 29 years old, you know it. I live in Severodvinsk, but I work in Arkhangelsk. In Arkhangelsk College of Building and Economics. But I do not understand either in construction or in the economy, because I teach physical education. This is not the woman's profession, of course. I went to a sports boarding school. I was engaged in cycle sport. My whole young life has been associated with it. But I got a knee injury in the competition and it put finish to my future career.
But I do not want to talk about sad things. Better tell about yourself. I'm not going to focus on your age, for me it's just a numerals. The main thing is that with what baggage we come to this numerals. Tell me about your family. Waiting for your answer... Tatyana.
Letter 3
Hello Jim ! Nice to see your message. So many thoughts were in my head about what to write and what photos send to you. I decided not to torture myself for a long time. My colleague from work continues to advise how to answer you. I said her that I have enough advices, I know myself what to do because this is my life. I write to you, what I think at the moment, that's all. I think this is the most honest way of communicating. I want to tell you a bit about my family. My father Aleksandr former Navy officer. We have rarely seen in my childhood, and now do not see each other. I have always had my affairs, he had his affairs accordingly. My mother Natalia, real housewife. She always remains a good mom for me and an excellent keeper of the hearth. I always wanted to be like her and create family. I do not live with my parents since the childhood, because I lived in a sports boarding school since seventh grade, and after moved to study in Arkhangelsk for physical education teacher. I have a native sister Olga. With her we try to see and spend time together. She is an artist. They all live in Murmansk. There is even colder than here. I do not have digital photos with my parents, because I was not in Murmansk 11 years. But I call them from time to time. Olga comes to me periodically. She says that her inspiration comes in Severodvinsk. You know, I sometimes get the feeling that I was born in this city and I live my whole life here. In my youth I traveled to competitions in Russia and I looked a bit of Russian cities, but I've never been abroad. I almost forgot to tell you about another member of my family. This is my cat Chumka. Is said that pets look like their owners, but this is my exact opposite.
The most lazy creation of the world. I wanted to write to you about my job today, but I leave it for tomorrow, because so much has talked.
Can you tell about your job too? Waiting for your answer. Tatyana
Letter 4

Hello Jim ! I did not know before, how interesting to become live when I get another letter from you. You know, now I chose the photos to send you today. And I remembered that I wanted to write to you about the job. Last summer, our teaching staff was on a one-day holiday in Pinega Reserve. You can look at the map of the place, if you're interested. These photos were made there. "State Nature Reserve Pinezhsky". It is 200 kilometers from my house. My colleague Elena decided to arrange for me a kind of cosplay at Angelina Jolie from the movie about Lara Croft. She even picked up me some clothes specifically for this image. I honestly did not at first liked the idea, but then I got used to and also have some fun! And now we often remember those moments. In general, I like my job and our team. Age of my students is 15-17 years. From them emanates positive energy on my classes. Because many of kids love sports. But sometimes it is necessary be very strict with them because children are different. But I try not to go too far, because this still kids. Now parallel, I get a physical therapist education. I find it easier to do it, because I already have a degree in my profession. And maybe later I will be able to heal people. I've always had this definite desire. I like to help people and make them more kindly. Do you have such feelings? For example, I always wanted people to be more kindly. Because so much evil in this world. I really rarely smile, but when I do it, I do it with all my soul. A truly and without hypocrisy. In general, I can not pretend probably why my life is not always so good evolved. But I never regret the past. I believe that we need seeks only forward.
Through hardship to the stars. Can you tell me about your attitude towards life? I want to know it. Waiting for your answer. Tatyana
Letter 5
Hello Jim !
I'm very tired today.
I do not remember when that was the last time. Today at work we had a general cleaning.
The whole college was seething with work. All the teaching staff and students cleaned the premises. At my disposal, of course, was the gym. It's good that the students helped me, otherwise I would go mad. But I understand that this is an integral part of our lives. We must be able to establish order in the first place to start with the head. How we treat ourselves, so other people will treat us. My sister often says this. I do not know where she gets it from, but I like it when she says smart things. Despite the hard day, I'm in a good mood, because I saw your letter. Tell me about your day. I think it's time to get acquainted on the phone. Send me the full number with the country code and a detailed description of how to call you. Because I never called abroad and I'm afraid of making a mistake. Please do not laugh at me, I can not speak English very well. I did it at school for the last time. I'm waiting for your letter with the phone number. Now I am very tired and want to rest. Bye. Tatyana
Letter 6
Hello Jim! Today I woke up with a great mood. I slept well, but most importantly, I fall asleep with a smile on my lips. Because, I thought of you at night before going to bed. I realized that you have become an integral part of my life. And it began to seem to me that it was always like this. Our communication changes me and I become kinder.
Even at work I was told that I began to smile more often. The people around are not used to seeing me happy. More often I was sad. My colleague, who advised how to write to you, asked about you. But I said her that I stopped correspondence with you. I do not want her to let the gossip about us. I'm afraid that evil tongues will jinx our relations. I told my sister Olga about us, because I trust her. She says she is very glad that I found you and sends you greetings! She wants to come to me in a couple of days to get a new inspiration for her creativity. I want to show her you and where you live. Can you send some of your favorite photos with your nature. I hope you do not mind?? I'm really glad to know that in my life there are you. What do you think about it? And what do you really think of me? I hope that you will not be late with the answer. Waiting for your answer. Tatyana.
Letter 7
Hello Jim ! You know, I really changed. It became interesting to me to live, thanks to you. More is a spring mood, which does not give me rest. The whole nature seems to whisper around about pleasant and joyful events. I feel that a new round of my life begins! I hope that our communication changes your life for the better. And you feel my spring mood! I again chose photos to send you. And so, I found, something that you might like. Last autumn we went to St. Petersburg together with the students. I really liked this city. But more interesting than the rest was the Museum of Torture in the Middle Ages in the Peter and Paul Fortress of St. Petersburg. It was really an unusual excursion. I held the real ax of the executioner. I tried tools for torture. The quality of the photos in the rooms is not very good, because there it is forbidden to shoot and we did it secretly and quickly. But, it was really interesting to look at the times of the Middle Ages from this side. We spent one evening in St.Petersburg, spent the night in a hotel and the next day we went back.
I'm very tired of getting there and back. But I think it was worth it.
Tell me what the weather is on your side? How do you sleep at night? I start to sleep less and less ... Waiting for your answer... Tatyana
Letter 8
Good evening my favourite.
It may seem like an annoying, I'm honestly very glad, ours communication with you.
This is some kind of untried feeling for me, when you do not see it live a person from another land and speaking another language.
But it does not matter to me, because all people are different, but we all have much in common.
For me, this is our communication with you.
I really would like you to send many of my photos.
To me really very interesting, what did you do today, how was your day?
I'm very attached to people. This is probably the terrible.
My heart talks, that our with you acquaintance - maybe it's fate.
I do not want to burden this word too seriously. But at the moment in my head I have such thoughts.
I want to tell you again "Hello." But too much experiences in my heart towards you, but I can not reveal their words...
I will wait for your news again and again, because I believe that our dating is not an randomness! Elena
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