Scam letter(s) from Angel Ducolon to Jon (USA)

Letter 1
Thanks for taking your time to write to me, I am so new to this whole online thing so i just hope to find the right man and be happy together till the end of time,
My name is Angel Richardson, 40 year old single woman living alone without no Kid I am an American citizen but relocated down to Australia few years ago, I am presently in Malaysia on Business purpose , i came down here for shipping of Antiques and Nuggets but i will be returning back to Australia in few days
So i joined the site seeking a good Friendship then see where it goes
So tell me more about yourself and do you think you can download Google hangout so that way we get to chat much better
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Name: Natalia Morozova
Age: 27
Name: Daniela Smith
Age: 25
Name: Natalia Kapar
Age: 28
Name: Loveth Ayuba
Age: 25
Name: Freda Sam
Age: 30
Name: Bogdana Vetrova
Age: 27
Name: Lisa Cagle
Age: 23
Name: Hope Bello
Age: 28
Name: Michelle Jeffrey
Age: 35
Name: Anna
Age: 37
Name: Anastasia Louzenina
Age: 26
Name: Marianna Gastin
Age: 38
Name: Lusine Mazmanyan
Age: 28
Name: Angel Brown
Age: 26
Name: Vivian Tracy Mensah
Age: 30