Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Efremova to Robson (Brazil)
Letter 1
Hello my darling angel Robson! Yes, I'll call Angel, because now I I want you to be my guardian angel! I want to be with along you to feel like a stone wall and not be afraid that one can offend me. Because I know you will always protect me Take care of me and love to the end of our lives! I am very I'm glad I found you in this big world. You remember how our relationship developed, where it started? And everything as is there was a great mutual feeling - love! I did not think it was It can happen when I wrote you the first message! But it happened and I am thankful to God, fate, we now know us and we Live for each other! That is the meaning of life, right? Do you agree with me?
Robson? Dear, how was your day today? What did you do?
You thought of me, dream of me, at our first meeting?
My dear, I mean in this letter I have news for you.
First, I talked to my parents about you. I found the time to visit my parents and enjoyed myself very well. We had a good family dinner. When I I met my parents, they immediately noticed the changes in me. They saw I look better, I was gay, gay and started very smiley. During dinner on the table, I decided to tell my family is about you. I said the reason I'm so happy now that a very nice person came into my life who loves me and wants to be with me. I write a lot about the conversation with his parents, about what questions they have me on the fact that they had a reaction and so on. But to describe the meeting with parents, I need a long time, everyone will not in one letter :).
But I can say one thing more important - my parents have blessed relationship and agreed to our meeting! I was very happy to be shining happiness! Are you happy, my love, Robson? Another novelty! What do you think?
will be good news or bad ??? :). Of course, good news! I always want you were in a good mood, happy and happy. So today I have only good news! The second news is a conversation with the boss at work. I
I said I need vacation urgently. Because I need to go to another country a personal question. In the beginning, my boss did not want to give and let me say that the holidays, as a rule, give only summer. But I convinced my boss that he would give me leave in the near future. Because I really want to be together with you as soon as possible. As a result, I agree with the boss I'm going out for 30 days. My holidays begin on March 28. My dear, you're happy with it News? I really hope you're happy to hear good news.
so we can meet and together soon!
I would be happy if you come to me but I also like to visit you and see your beautiful city and see their relatives!
I never left the borders of my country!
If you want to come to me when you do it?
My dear, I do not know how to end my letter because I want write and write more, I have so many thoughts and ideas at our meeting. But I just can not express all my emotions and feelings in a letter! It will be better if we wait our meeting and then since in real life we please us and we Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful together together! I will finish my letter today.
I await your letter. Why enthusiastically, because I I'm afraid a little what will you give me in the meeting! I love Thank you. I give you my sweet kisses, wet and hot! With love and affection
Your Olga.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Robson's my godfather in the world. I am very happy to receive his letter is always very good to me. Thanks for your a very nice letter, for your kind words about me. I am very happy you agreed to meet me.
I am very glad you are ready to make our meetings reality. I am very glad we can take an unforgettable time together. My vacation will last one month. I can spend that time with you. I think this is a long time and that will be enough to know each other very well. I'm sure it will be an unforgettable moment for both of us. The thought of meeting our forces my heart beats a lot and quickly. It looks like it's ready Salta my body. I am very grateful to the fate that met you my love! Every day brings me great pleasure when I see your Letter! Robson, his words mean more to me than just Letter! When I wake up in the morning I think of you, my dear!
When I sleep I think of you !!! When we're together I
I will be the happiest woman on earth! I really want to be with you my dear! And to me the most important person is you !!!
it fascinates my mood. I am very happy that we met !!! Our time will come soon. And we can go to meet !!!
This is amazing !!!!!!
Robson tomorrow I will find in the travel agency to learn more about the cost tickets to fly to you. I would like to stay with you forever, but I have to buy round trip ticket! Required! Otherwise, I will not be able to fly for you. I think that the Russian government did not hold back number of migrants in other countries. Otherwise, no one will be in Russia live and everything goes to the outside :). I am not a citizen of your country and therefore, can remain in the country only on vacation as a tourist.
But I find more information about all tomorrow travel rules in the travel agency.
I do not have a foreign passport!
My dear, I only have one small request. Please enter the airport name where should I go. I'll check Airport flights to its airport. But this flight will be in Moscow because almost all flights abroad go through Moscow. And I also write your full name, address, phone number, I could call you and say about all the details that I will learn.
My number is +7 9033261193 !
Robson, I really have serious intentions about our meeting. I think you all the time. Even there, 1000 km, feel your presence close for me
I am especially as Dressed send you photos, hope you like!
Million kisses for you, my dear Robson !!!
His beloved Olga.
Letter 3
Robson Hi!
I'm just in shock, I have no words.
It's just horror.
Forgive my love, probably we can not be together. I Don `t want to live anymore.
My heart is broken.
I did not think the trip would be so expensive. I found the prices for the trip for you. The cost of the trip is 1115 euros.
Because I could fly to you, according to Russian law, it must issue documents list:
I'll need:
- tickets (915 EUR)
- insurance medical life (90 euros)
- Consular fee (40 euros)
- travel agency services (70 euros)
I was shocked at these prices. I also need a foreign passport. Documents are issued approximately 4 days, sometimes three.
I'm just in shock, I ran away crying this agency. So I immediately called the help desk, found the address and went to two other agencies. I thought other agencies will have cheaper prices for the trip. Unfortunately the prices differ by only 10 and 20 euros.
in my soul, I suffocate with spiritual pain, it's really hard for me to write this letter. So I went back to the first agency contacted. I talked to the manager and consulted they sent me a loan or benefits. The manager said that if I have a debt the loans, they will not let me leave the country.
He said the trip should be paid in cash.
I went home in tears. I did not think the trip would be so expensive.
I did not expect such a turn of events. After all, we had everything so well.
Robson, please forgive me for everything, but I really do not want to live.
My soul is bursting with this pain.
I really do not know what to do now. Everything was lost in an instant.
and my dream will not come true with you
It's horrible.
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