Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra Andresen to Brad (France)

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Letter 1

Dear Sir

I am from Norway. I wish you to read this email carefully it will give you a better understanding why i am eager and ready to move my funds out from the FRANKFURTER VOLKS BANK Luxembourg (the investor) expectations are for the trustee to generate high profit margins on yearly bases.

I contacted you for this assistance base on absolute trust and confidence I have in you, after much independent praying and fasting, believing also that you will be credible and capable enough to help me handle this business, hence reaching was not accidental. I know we've not met but I can assure you, within the nearest time I will be with you. It only requires you to exercise honesty and sincerity to enable me handle the situation from here. I want us to advance to this business as one family friend, as God may have it we are going to establish a longer time relationship than this. You stand to have 30% of the fund and 70% for me. I would have love coming down to your country for a face to face meeting but since my political crises with the Norway Government, my name was restricted in traveling to some countries including your country for selfish government reasons.

My request is for you to invest funds, I want to know if you are willing, capable of investing funds in your country with good accountability, honesty, effectiveness and sincerity. The fund are clean and non-criminal funds which originated from my parents in Norway.

About my funds :

The total fund which I am seeking your assistance to invest is deposited as MTN bonds which were issued by FRANKFURTER VOLKS BANK Luxembourg and I also have another funds deposited in a bank in France. My major concern is to invest both funds successfully into a good projects or investment which will give me a better investment returns.

Your role as an Appointed Investor :

To appoint you as my investors to manage my funds in your country means you also have some roles to play in this transaction and such roles are : you will have an existing project to invest the funds or establishing a company where you will invest the funds successfully.

Your name and your existing company information will be used to prepare all d ocumentation required for the movement of the funds from the bank to your own bank successfully . You will also create time (1-2 bank working days) to meet my financial adviser and bankers for a meeting before they will approve to move the funds to your designated bank account.

Risk of this transaction :

There is absolutely no risk associated in this transaction because this find was inherited and allocated to her and her sister parents and all are still under 19 and 23 years old therefore we needed someone who will invest and manage this funds for us successfully.

Please feel free to give me some informations about yourselves, your projects and your company if you are serious and interested to manage my funds in your country. I would like to know more informations about you before we can proceed in fixing the face to face meeting with my financial adviser, financial adviser, bankers and after our meeting my financial adviser will release and transfer the funds to your designated bank account to enable you start managing my funds accordingly.

I will be providing you with the proof of funds which I intended to invest in your country for verification and confirmation from your local bank as soon as you will be serious and willing to invest my funds.

Thanks and best regards
Alexandra & Katharina Andresen



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