Scam letter(s) from Natalia Usova to Ray (Italy)

Letter 1

My sweet love ray! I shall be possible so you to name? I hope, what you not against? OK? already spoke with the director concerning my holiday from work and that I to want to go in other country to have a rest. It long disagreed, but nevertheless has allowed to go to me in holiday in the end January as now it is a lot of work. I shall be very glad to visit you ray. I shall be as it is possible to learn all soon. I know, that I shall be capable to surprise you with the culinary abilities and features of Russian kitchen. You to love is tasty to eat? What today at you weather? At us today is warm. Temperature -5. Tonight we with friends are going to descend in theatre. Today at us opening of a theatrical season. Will show a comedy " Taming obstinate " who looked, speak very good performance. Yesterday with girlfriends sat in a bar. Marked birthday of one of them. I showed them your photos, they have very much liked them. It is very a pity, that you were not a number as they very much wanted to communicate to you. On it I shall finish the letter. I promise, that the following letter will be long. Successful day ray! I wait for the letter ray. Love and kisses! Your forever! Natalya.
Letter 2

Hello Raymond! How are you? I have interesting news today. Yesterday we with the father Went to his friend, and he has told, that will help to issue all necessary papers in Short terms. I very much worry in this occasion. The tickets to me will order at the end of this week. I shall arrive to you during 30 days under the tourist visa, then I should return to Russia. For this time we can discuss much and if we shall want to marry in the future we also shall discuss it. I shall be capable to arrive to you by January, 28. I hope, what you will have good weather? I also have not a big request. Very much I hope, that you will help me! Some days back my father has got in auto accident And very strongly has broken the machine. All our savings have left on repair. Fortunately father has not suffered. Application on Registration of the necessary documents we already have submitted. Therefore I wanted to ask you Raymond Send to me please 352 American dollars. As at us payment is accepted or in dollars, also it is possible in euro. It is necessary, that in brief term to legalize my papers plus medical insurance. I very much hope for your help. You should inform me the name of the airport where I shall order tickets. I give to you the address of branch western union as it is the fastest way of transfer of money. Western Union in Cheboksary: Bank: " Menatep SPB " The address: Russia, Cheboksary, Prospekt Lenina, 6a. As I remind mine The data: Natalya Usova. My address: 428000. Russia. The Chuvash republic. City: Cheboksary. Street: Nikolaeva. Home: 45. An apartment: 34. I would want that you have shown me a native land, Places, where you love to carry out free time. I shall be very happy to get acquainted with yours By the relatives and nearest friends. I want to be with you very much, so much my love %TOFNAME! I very much hope for your help. I very much wait for ours with you of a meeting! Very much I wait for the letter. Yours Natalya.
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