Scam Letter(s) from Tracy Love to Phil (England)

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Letter 1

OMG..i am dumbfounded right now...... What a very nice profile. i don't even know where to start from,I think i must start by saying Hi, I am Tracy Michael am new to this site but luckily i came across your profile and wow.... it made my heart skip, i just have to send a message and say Hello, you are so handsome, ,as i do not come here much so i can send you some of my photos and more about me please do that if you don't mind. M I C H A E L T R A C Y 1 1 1 @ O U T L O O K .C O M

Letter 2

hello Mr john are you there to write me back, this is michael tracy from single

Letter 3

thanks for the reply can you please tell me more about your self if you dont mind, tell me your age and also what you are looking for.

Letter 4

i am 34 year hope am not too young for you to date?

Letter 5

hello why are you not replying my message?

Letter 6

Hello I will send you the security company email address now.

Letter 7 that is the company email address all you need is to contact them on behalf of me telling them you are my boy friend telling them you want the boxes to be delivered to your home address okay.



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