Scam letter(s) from Natalia Joseph to Phil (England)

Letter 1
Greeting Sir, Sir, it is an honor to hear from you. Sir, I am writing you from my home computer, because I don't work in my office today Saturday. Sir, I was with your fiancee Miss. Natalia Joseph last time in my office, she came to find out about the requirements needed to obtain the Brazilain visitor, or touristic Visa, and I explained it all to her understanding. Sir, the reason why I gave your fiancee Miss. Natalia our email address to give you, is because I want to deal with you directly, since you are responsible for her travels, and the person inviting her to Brazil. Sir, I would need some of your personal details to back up Miss. Natalia travel documents to help her obtain the Brazil Visa, and this includes. Your house address.
Your phone numbers.
Scanned copy of your passport, or drivers license.
Letter of invitation with your names and signature on it.
The Visa fee, and our official service fee, all in the total sum of $487.00. Sir, you should send all the details to us here in our E-mail address, and the fund, we will let you know how to get it to us, as soon as we hear back from you. Sir, if all this requirements is provided, we assure you that your fiancee's Visa will be ready within 14 days. May Almighty Allah be with you. Yours Sincerely,
Mr. A. Katab. AbdukatabTravelagencyCairoEgypt.
Letter 2
Greeting Sir, Sir, it is an honor to hear from you very soon, and we are waiting for your details. Sir, as I said in my previous e-mail, that I will send you the name by wish you will send the fund $487 to us as soon as I hear back from you. Sir, you should send the fund $487.00, to the name of my associate, Abdulmajeed, Allan, Chikukula, by the way of Western Union, here in Cairo Egypt.
Letter 3
Darling, I am sorry for not have been able to contact you since morning as I have been very busy today washing, and packing things, getting ready for our meeting, yes I am so excited my darling...(smiles).
Please my darling, do not say sorry again...for the most important thing is that the internet is finally working and you have contacted the travel agency...and I am happy about that my darling..(smiles).
You have decorated our bedroom, and put the new furniture in goodness.
Darling, painting all white is very ok...and the dark blue is ok as well.
I am so sorry for all they stress you going through...I will look after you when I am home in Brazil ok my darling..(smiles).
Thank you so much for your caring, loving and understanding..and hope to hear from you soon.
My best regards,
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