Letter(s) from Tatyana Viityk to Neil (Australia)
Letter 1
Hello my darling Neil
thank you so much for your letter,
I was missing you this weekend. Every time when i go on weekend, i feel lonely. I wish to have you near me. I feel tired spend my free time alone. I have girlfriends, but they have their own families and not always have time for me. I wish that soon this distance between us diseased and we could be together
You told you were hoping that i will save up funds. My dear, i told you before i i can not afford this trip, because my salary is too small. And during so short time i simply could not save any big amount. Because my salary is only 170 dollars per one month. All what is left from it after i pay for food and for living, it is 10-20 dollars. So i simply could not save any big amount in this short time yet.
About how to send some funds, you can send them in the same way, to the travel agency. The travel agency will book tickets for my train. And the rest of funds for cash and travel expenses they will give me.
Taxes in the airport are included, but i still have to pay for this train ticket, for taxi come to the train station from my city, and from train station to the airport. And i will have to travel so far away, so i suppose it will be better to have with me some funds just for a case, if there will be some fees for crossing borders. in any way, if there will be no this fees, i will just not spend this funds, but will keep them with me. It is better, then to get some problem because i could not manage with some unexpected expenses in the road. i do not want to have any bad surprises, that something would prevent us to meet. I told, for everything i will need around 200-250 dollars.
about date for which i will fly, we discussed it, 26 of January, as you told me. It is not too long time left, so it is better to arrange train ticket already now. because if we will wait till the last day, it can happen that there is no ticket left for the train which will suit time of my flight. What will i do then?
You know that my passport is ready, i sent it to you before. All my documents are almost ready. So train and travel expenses is the only thing which is left now which do we have to manage.
I told already everybody in my family and at my work that i am going to your country to meet with you. My family supports me, and my friends girls, told that they also support me. but also i felt that they are a bit jealous about it. But girls are always like this.
there is nothing wrong, why are you worried? just my apartment where i am living is outside of the city, as there is cheaper rent for apparent. And since it is outside of the city, the connection there can be working not so well. This weekends we had holiday in Ukraine "Old New year", so many people were calling. I suppose because of this it can happen that you could not reach me. you can call me any time during day time, i always have my phone with me.
The weather here is cold, even if we do not have snow yet. I really need to have you near me. So you could hug me, I am sure in your arms i will never feel cold
send you many kisses
with love
Letter 2
Good morning my love Neil
yes, the travel agency called me yesterday and told that you sent funds for the train ticket! That is why i could not write you yesterday, because i had to go there in my lunch time and to arrange all the things for my trip. I came back at my work and i had to work the rest of the day, that is why i simply did not have time to write you email. so today in the morning when i came at my worm, the first thing what i am doing, it is writing you this letter to tell you that everything is good! and now we can be sure that by the day of my flight all will be ready and there will be no problems for me to come to the airport! I am so much happy for this!
And thank you for everything, for all what you are doing that we could see each other! When we will meet, i will do my best to give you the same care, so you could feel what do i feel for you.
I will think what the clothes take with me in the trip. I will try not to take too many things. I will just take some necessary clothes, and some things which do i need. I suppose that i will better not take such things as shampoo, as you probably have it there, or at least it is possible to buy it there when i will arrive. I know there is a limit of weight of baggage on the airplane. Because too heave baggage for me it will be difficult to carry.
I think that when i will see you in the airport for the first time, I will be so much happy! I will probably scream your name and then take you in my arms and will hold you for around one hour! It is difficult to find the right words what to say. I think i can know it only when i will see you :)
It seems that now everything is ready for my travel. And we just need to wait some days until 26th, when i will fly to you. It is not so long time is left for us to wait. I am sure this time will pass fast. I am counting every day until that moment!
And you have so warm weather there. Here it is cold and we have already snow today, so everything around is white :)
send you my kiss
with love
Letter 3
Good evening my dear Neil
Actually today we have a weekend, but i had come at my work because we had to put of the Christmas and New year decoration, as holidays finished. So since i am here, i decide to write you a message. Because i am missing you. And every day without having possibility talk to you, makes me feel very lonely. I wish day of our meeting already come as soon as possible.
Thank you so much that you cared to find a job for me there. I think that it can be easier to get a job, if I will be there personality, and if i could talk in person to owners of fitness club or gym, so hey can see me. I think that the for them it will be easier take a decision to take me for work, then now, when i am still here. So when i will come there, i could also go to look for a work.
I can check about phone here. I am sure if i will have a smartphone, then i can fix the date there, maybe even with my old number, so we could talk with you on viber and whatsapp. I do not know how it will be better, if you can fix your old phone or get the new one. But really, it could help us a lot if we could talk in some better way, not only with this emails. Because it will take too long time to wait for the answer. Besides we could have direct chat :)
To wait it is really so difficult, i can not get enough patience to wait until day when we will be together. Actually it is not so long time is left by now. In around one week i can see you. I am so much happy! Every time when think about you and imagine moment of our meeting, i start to be more and more excited. I think that the day before my flight i will not be bale to fall asleep, because i will thin only about you :)
I wish you to have a good day, send you lots of my kisses, and wish soon finally i can hug you in reality!
with love
Letter 4

Hello my darling Neil
thank you so much for your letter, I hope your day is fine,
I really was busy yesterday with the issues about our meeting, as they called me from the travel agency and I had to go there to talk with them about my trip. They told that with my documents everything is okay. They gave me details of my tickets, I will send them to you here.
But also they told that there is one issue for me to travel to your country. They told that to enter your country, i have to confirm that i have with me enough funds to cover my travel expenses, pay for food, for hotel, for buses, taxi, for everything. It is made because authorities of your country, they want to be sure that person, if he or she came from such poor country as Ukraine, where is bad economic situation and small salaries, can afford this trip.
Because right now there are lots of illegal emigrants from such poor countries as Ukraine, where is war, and difficult economic situation, who are trying to emigrate to live to some better place as your country, where economic situation is not so bad. But when they are coming there, they have no funds for food and no place to stay. And it makes problem for your government. So now they want to be sure that if person comes there, then this person has enough funds to support all travel expenses, and will not cause any problems.
They require to show that i have with me around 5000 dollars to confirm my financial security, that i have enough funds pay for the food and for my living.
But also they told that I do not need spend this funds. They only ask to show that i have it with me, to confirm that i will have funds pay for all my needs during my holidays, when i will be there. It means that if you can find them, then i can just show it here, and bring it to you, to give it back to you immediately in the same day when i will arrive.
I was shocked to hear this news. I have not heard about it before. I have never travelled abroad before, and i do not now rules to travel to your country. I decided to look in the Internet and i found out that they write there the same things on forums. That they really can check it. I will send you a picture from the forum where people were speaking.
The only difference that there were speaking people who are officially from Canada, and it is considered to be rich country, where people can receive a salary in 1000 dollars, 2000 dollars per even 5 dollars per one month.
But i am from Ukraine, and here the average salary is 200 dollars per one month. So here the economic situation is much worse then in Canada. So if to people in Canada they are not so strict and check not everybody, then for people from Ukraine they are much more strict. and they check everybody if he or she has enough funds to travel to your country, as they do not want to have any problems if person can not afford even food and place to live.
I do not know what what to do. You know that for me this amount is really big, i do not have it. And i do not want to make any issues for you.
But from another hand, if for you it will be possible to find it, then it could solve this issue for us and i will be allowed to travel. I will not need spend this funds, only to show here to confirm that i have them and can pay for my travel expenses, to confirm my financial security. So then after they will allow me to travel, i can give you it back. So it will be just for a short time, a few days before my flight, then you will have it back to you again.
I really do not now all this rules, and i have to admit that this rules made me surprised and nervous. i did not expect that there will be so many requirements for me to travel to your country. I understand that for you it is big amount too, and i do not want to make any issues for you. At least it is good that they do not require to spend more funds. I need only to show it here before my flight, so i was allowed to go on my airplane. Then i can return them to you. I will wait for your reply, tell me what you think we should do now. I am worried about you, i do not want you to feel nervous. I just hope we will find a way how to overcome this stupid rules, that i was allowed to travel
send you my kisses
with love
Letter 5
Hello again my dear Neil
thank you so much for your fast reply
I was waiting for it and was worried, as we have not so long time to organize something. We should decide it already now, if we want all to be ready before day of my flight.
My dear, this 5000, is not only about work visa. It is about any kind if visa, if i travel to your country. it is the same rules all over the world. there are more rich and more poor countries in the world. And people from poor countries want to emigrate to more rich countries for better life. But not all of them can have funds even for food. They come to more rich country pretending as usual tourists and then they remain to live there illegally. And since they have no funds even for food, they start to rob or make some criminal business as selling drugs, women go for in prostitution.
So to avoid all this problem. if person travel to your country even as tourist, they want to be sure that i am financial secured. Because i am young woman who travels there alone, who have never been abroad before. My salary is 170 dollars per one month, so i can not confirm my financial security, as my income is too small. that is why they want to be sure that i can afford this trip and will not make any problems for anybody during my visit.
I can tell them that i will be staying with you. but it can be only as additional proof. but it can not exchange this requirement. You are not my family remember, you are not my husband. I still need to confirm that i am financial secured enough ,and i will not go to work as prostitute there because i have no funds for living.
This rules are the same all over the world, i can send you what i found about other countries. Just that you could know that it is the same everywhere.
I have my passport and my ticket, but i did not receive visa in my hands yet. I will receive my visa only after i will confirm to the embassy here that i have enough funds to cover my travel expenses.
I understand that the amount is big. But maybe you could try to manage to find it? just for 1-2 days? Since i already have my documents passport, tickets? As soon as i can show that i have this funds, i will be allowed to travel. And i can give it back to you immediately at the first minute when i can see you.
I know it will be awkward to ask you now. but if you could find a way how to manage to collect this funds, just for 1-2 days, then we can meet as we planned!
I feel worried now about all this. I have almost all papers ready for my trip. it is the only one issue which is left.
I send you my kisses and wait for your news
Letter 6
Hello again my dear Neil
I have to admit that right now i feel very much nervous and worried about our plans for the meeting. Because it is left not too long time right now before my flight. And we still did not find a solution how to overcome this stupid rules. Why is it so difficult for Ukrainians to travel abroad? we have this stupid system left from Soviet union, when people to be allowed travel outside of the country, had to receive special permission to do this. Now we do not have USSR, but still there are so many stupid rules! And i feel very angry because of it! Why do they make obstacles for me to travel? What is bad in that I will come to visit my man? Why do they need to have all this papers and to check my security so thoroughly? I feel like I am travelling on a Moon, that they are checking me so much.
My love, if i will not be allowed to go on the airplane by the passport and custom control in Ukraine airport, then I simply will not be able to fly!
I understand your feelings. I understand that this amount is big for you also. But maybe you could take them borrow somewhere? At least for a some time? What the amount will it be possible for you to find right now?
It is just for 1-2 days, that I could be allowed to travel there. I can give them to you immediately after arrival. It is just stupid formality that i have to show it here. You know that I have all other documents to travel ready. It is the only one thing which prevents me to travel. Maybe you could search and find this amount, for only short time? Maybe somebody could lend you this amount for just 1-2 days? You will give it back almost immediately!
It is just my suggestion how to solve this situation. Because I do not know what can be other solution. Now i feel nervous a lot, but we still have time left, i am hoping in this time we will mange how to overcome this stupid rules, that i could take my flight.
send you my kisses
Letter 7
My love Neil,
i was nervous all day today waiting for the news from you, and now my hands are trembling when i am writing you this letter. I so much wanted us to meet! we already organized almost everything! You know that almost all is ready for my trip! and it is the only one issue which is left! This stupid rules! I so much hate now our stupid government! And this stupid rules to travel abroad! Why? why do they need all this papers? It really feels like i am cosmonaut who is flying on another planet, so they check me so thoroughly. This all makes me feel angry, nervous, it is hard to express my feelings with this words!
The amount is really big, i understand you do not hold it in your hands. But maybe there is possible to get some fast loan? or something, to ask somebody, to give it to you? you know it is just 1-2 days! That i could shop it here to this stupid authorities! and they would allow me take my flight, for which i already have tickets! You will hold this funds in your hands after 5 minutes when my airplane will arrive there! and you can immediately give it back! Can you try to do something? i feel now i am going to due! i so much have been waiting for this meeting and now this stupid rules, makes me so much nervous!
My dear, i am living on the border of the war zone, and you are foreigner, so if you will want to go here, you can be not allowed to enter the area. If we want to meet, still i should fly to you.
I do not want to make any issues for you, and I do not want to ask you anything now. I understand you feel there the same nervous as me, because of this stupid, stupid!!! rules! But maybe if you still could find place to take this funds, if you can send it today or tomorrow? i will fly to you, and after my airplane will land, you will hold all this amount in your hands immediately! It is just a matter for this 1-2 days, that this stupid authorities gave me permission go on the airplane!
with love
yours Tanya
Letter 8
My love, they can not change rules only because of me. Rules does not depend on my wish! We should try to find some solution! Because my documents are ready. if my passport is issued, it can not be returned back. So you can not receive funds for it. Funds for travel insurance and visa fee also were paid. This funds are not returnable. I do not know what will be possible to get from the cost of tickets. But in any way, if we cancel trip, then lots of funds will be lost! This will be so disappointing! when we already organized everything, and it is the only one issue which is left!
I asked here about this again, and they told, maybe it can be possible to be allowed to travel with the less amount in around 3000 dollars. But i understand this amount is still big. I am not sure if you can find it. But if you can do, it will be a miracle, we will meet!
It is the only one thing which is left for us now. And it is only for the first time, because i have never been abroad before. After i will travel there this time, then in the future they already will not check me so troublously. It is only for the first time, as i have not been there before, i have to confirm that i am secured.
love you
yours Tanya
Letter 9
My love
how can i get funds which you sent to the travel agency, if this funds already were spent for organizing of my trip and if my documents are already issue? I can not give back my passport and take funds for it, if they already were spend.
I understand your feelings now. I have a headache already, because i was nervous the whole day thinking about our meeting.
I think we should not rush to cancel everything. Then there lots of funds will be lost. maybe you still could wait till tomorrow and try to find this funds. Because we have everything ready for my trip. I am ready take my flight! it is the only one issue which is left now to resolve
with lots of love
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