Scam letter(s) from Natalia Broomkin to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello. Today we have a good day and I am in a good mood.
I hope you feel good too. Are you surprised? I hope this surprise will be a pleasant event for you.
My name is Kseniya. I am 29. Now in the 21st century online dating is quick and convenient.
You don't have to feel nervous to get a negative answer not like in a reality.
Now a lot of people try to find new friends in the internet for common interests, active rest and even for love.
I would like to find my man. If you search for only flirt or correspondence, our interests are different.
If you search for something serious we could try to learn each other better. Kseniya.
Letter 2
Jim i'm glad you said. I was waiting for your answer. I did not know what and how. But I hoped and believed that you will answer.
then you Jim? I write correctly? Well, of course correct. I read a few times before you write.
Jim i do not know where to start. I am 29 years old. I live in a small village. Sometimes go on business trips. But mostly, I live in my room. A small village Palauz in the Republic of Komi.
There are almost no one.
Previously, there was a shelter. For orphans. I was there. Learned and grown. Then he studied at the nurse. And then came back. Here a small point of care. I help all old teachers. Because apart from me there is no one here. Only some old men and women. And the summer come to them grandchildren. I'm bored here.
Friend here in the shop to put some sort of a satellite dish and now have the Internet. He is not fast. But I can see that want.
I live one. For a long time. I can not meet its own dream. I or a business trip. Or here. And then some old. On a business trip to work and treat people.
Where are you from? What are you doing? how many years? tell me about yourself.
I would like to know you better.
Friend maybe you're tired of my letters already.
I'll wait for an answer tomorrow
Letter 3
Your letter makes me smile. Jim i am glad that you are responsible and do not forget about me. How do you like my photos? Like it? what?
Jim i would be happy to receive more of your photos and learn more about you. You seem like an interesting man. I hope that you satisfy my interest. And I can recognize you more and more. What do you think?
What will our friendship?
I do not know. Let's chat and enjoy. You bring a new wave of my life.
His fellowship.
We have one of the village streets. Everyone knows each other. And it's very boring. But now I can communicate with you.
I will finished school. College. Now I work. I have in my life is boring. I sometimes meet with friends. The ride to the big city to watch new movies. What did you watch last? I watched the "Corporative"
This is a Russian comedy. Very interesting. You watch Russian movies?
Friend I would like to know more about you. What do you think about us. What would you like to tell? I will wait for your answer tomorrow.
I hope that my photos today you also like. Friend Do you wish that we could be in one place, and we had a group photo?
I look forward to
Letter 4

Jim I believe that everything will be fine. Again your letter.
Again heat throughout the body. You're happy about me my letters as the sun. I love to chat with you. Now I think about you constantly.
What do you like doing? usually? What to do? how to spend your free time? Could we go to the park? in the cafe? the beach? Do you like to swim? A lie on the beach? And with me?
Perfume?? I like the perfume brand lacoste.
You asked about the vacation. I have not taken leave at work for a long time.
I like to move. I like to workout every morning. Perhaps this is me with a boarding school. There we do it every day. Many do not like. But I think it is useful and it is good for my figure. You like it? I hope so. Dear how you my photos? I would like more of yours. Sometimes you want us to be in one place. All this is so new to me. I've never communicate. And so interesting. But sometimes you want to hold your hand. Look into the eyes. To hear the answers to my questions. Make a photo together.
I just love all kinds of sports. I even at home, only one channel on the TV. It's a sport. There are several. But I see it is this. What sports do you like? I like aerobics, gymnastics, skating, skiing, swimming. I like to watch the Olympics. It's very interesting.
And you? Tell me about yourself. Jim I would like to know more of you. Waiting for your answers.
Already waiting for your answer tomorrow. Kseniya
Letter 5
Jim i'm sorry, we've got an urgent call. I just came to the internet cafe, and come running duty nurse. says you need to go into the forest. Little girl ran away and the whole village is now looking for her. Suddenly wolves or bears. I will come and I will inform you all.
I hope you understand. Do not be offended. Kseniya
Letter 6
Jim, all is well. All night looking for. She hid under a tree and will not go away. And there's sleep. Only a few hours later could not find it. The light from the lantern fell on her. And she woke up. And scream. All is well with her. Probably still asleep.
I went home because I was exhausted. And she fell asleep. I saw in a dream as I ride a horse with a man. But it was far away. And I do not know with whom. Maybe with you? Dear do you think?
Dear and you know how to ride a horse? I do not know how. But would like to try. I have a boring job. The whole day watching old women.
Sometimes there are cases of accidents here. But mostly I just sit at work. And wait. Who will come or not. What are you doing? Do you like it? What do you like about your job? tell me.
thanks for the photo. positive for the whole day. I never sailed on a canoe.
Friend i hope you're not offended and will soon respond. I look forward to your response. Send photos. Do not be sad. I tomorrow come.
I hope you write your letter again and warm me. The warmth of your words.
I'm waiting for you..... Jim
Letter 7
Jim I think about you. I would like to know more about the place where you live. Can you describe it. What is your interest? Where can I go? You can sit together? rest? Museum? Lake? the river? I just do not know anything that surrounds you. In which city do you live, big or small? where would like to live? I send you photos of places where I live. I have a few. We have a small lake and park. But he's not big.
There's just a bench. Thank you for the photo. it's nice.
We mainly around the forest. And sometimes, to come to our village wild animals. I myself saw the wolves, hares, foxes, bears. But local residents to scare their shots and they go away.
I hope you like the answer to my questions. Because I'm interested in everything to have in your life. I'm lonely and bored here. I guess sometimes I have a lot to ask. But that's because I missed promises. I can talk to a neighbor. But it seems to me that we talk about everything. And discuss what we could.
Today by the way I found the puppy and took care of him near the hospital. Now he will live there. Local guard will be watching him. He said that he needed a dog.
Dear I do every night watching TV? cook food, I love to knit. Would you like that I linked you something? tell me and tell me the size.
And I'll do it. I think you'll like it.
Jim I will wait for your answer tomorrow. I hope you answer me soon. Today I send a photo where I in the forest.
I look forward to hearing
Letter 8
Jim I have one moment of your life has become unknown. And not just one. I'm just shy and do not ask others. I want to ask you about your friends. What can you say about them? you have a lot of friends? as you call them? how often do you meet? to go together? what you are doing? How to enjoy spending time? you have a picture together? tell me. I would be very glad to know about it. You tell them about me?
what they said? do you think they would react? tell me. I am very interested.
I have a few girlfriends. These girlfriends. With two girls, I was still at school Internet together. But now we are in different places. But we will meet again in two weeks. Or I go to see them. Or they come to me. Together we drink tea. Discuss what happened.
What's new happened. I have not told you about them. But I will tell you soon. I think they will be happy. They have long said that I should find a man. But I want special. And not just to find and live with him. Dear i want to find someone who is good with me. And with that I will be fine. With that every day we will be joyful. But they say that I 'll never meet. And so to be alone. But I think that if you look you can find. What do you think?
I really like you. But I still do not know everything. What do you discuss with your friends? we are still discussing any clothes, cosmetics, advertising, jokes about nonsense. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Tell me. I would love to know.
I'm waiting for an answer.
Jim, I 'm really looking forward
Letter 9
Jim Can talk to you about the secrets? you do not want to tell anyone. That no one would know. I have told no one. And I do not know anyone who knows you. What would you tell them. And I'll keep it a secret. You have to have such a secret? I'm easy to talk with you. I do not know why. But I think it's because you're away. We are all familiar with. But some force unites us. And this pleases me. I want to get to know you more and better. To them I can recognize you.
Because you do not hide anything, and I'm not hiding anything.
I can tell you that, do not tell her friends. I can tell you that sometimes in the summer I like it to go to the lake and swim.
They will scold me. To say that all the forest. And you go and even at night. Wolves and bears. We must be careful. I do not care. I like to swim under the stars. Would you like to join me? I think it would be fun. And is not that big a deal. What would you like to show me? Tell me, Jim.
I'm going to sleep now and look forward to your response. What is waiting for me and that you cook if I come to you. I so want to get your letter soon. How to do it, so we were able to communicate with you more than a day. Do you know how?
I'm waiting for an answer,
Dear, Can I call myself your friend?
Your friend Kseniya
Letter 10
Jim i must ask themselves about the personal. I want to know about your personal relationship with the other girls. And why do you not work with them. Why did not you stay with them. Was not happy. Or why she left you. I want to know in detail what would understand. Why and what can interfere with our happiness with you. To understand exactly what you look for in a girl.
I hope you will sincerely answer this question and tell me in detail. I can not even discuss it. And tomorrow is not even remind you of what you said. I think I should know. Or not? or have you forgotten your past and do not want to remember, because only a bright future ahead?
You like my photos today. I hope you like them. Every day I got to like the photo that you send. And when then choose to send. I'm glad you like it. What did you think when you look at them?
I'll tell you what I had in my personal life. I do not want to recalll it. I had a few guys. One only wanted ***, ran for many girl talking a lot of words. But he's ******. The second did not want and could not in life. We are with him in a boarding school still met. The third hit me for what I said to him "NO". A lot of drinking, smoking, all the time spent with friends without me. And in the end I was left alone.
And one very bad. And I'm glad that I save myself for her man. And I'll just order what I want to be with forever. They were all guys with whom I met. But not anymore. I'm waiting for more of something.
And could not meet.
I hope you understand me. I did not sleep with them. They take care of me. I answered their courtship. But not anymore. And it hurt when they hurt me with his actions. That's what happened in my life. I want to share my life with just one man. With the most reliable kind gentle and caring. And who will appreciate me. Which I will cook different dishes every day, who would surprise me, and whom I can surprise me.
Jim i hope you tell me your feelings and relationships. at least briefly. good. though I would have a reason.
Dear, i'll wait.............
Letter 11
Jim By the way. Today I learned about other ways. The internet is very weak here. And so the video link does not work. But you can communicate messages immediately. They have to come quickly. Only need to know how fast. Let's agree that tomorrow I will come to the Internet cafe. And just how to get your letter, I will write at once.
And I will wait. If you're near a computer, you tell me. And we will be able to communicate.
Fishing??? I have little experience of fishing.
I often went fishing when I was a child. now it is rare. It's nice to see your photos.
I could call. But the long drive to the city. And then I had nowhere to sleep. Here for 250 people did not want to spend the bond. And so many problems with it
But when I have time. I will go and call you. Can you tell me your phone number where I can just call. And you can answer me.
I am glad that I can more and more you learn. What do you do in the evening today? yesterday that he did? You often see dreams? What do you see? What do you think about me? what are your friends? I talk with my friends about you. As I told you, and. They are very happy.
All I asked. I told him just what I saw fit. They say that my face was even happier. I do not know that. But to me every day enjoyable.
Because I know you're waiting for my answer.
I hope that you and I agreed. And as soon as you receive my letter. You write to me at once. All right. I'll be there in about 24 hours. If the Internet cafes will work, the weather does not go bad, everything will turn out.
I will be waiting for you.
I'm already bored, I already want to receive your letter.
waiting for reply
Your girlfriend Kseniya
Letter 12
Jim I hope that you are there and will answer me soon. Only now able to come to the Internet cafe. I await your answer. Answer as soon as get my letter
Letter 13
Jim I must not wait for you today. I've been waiting for about an hour. But the letter and present. I do not know how much time you need to get your answer. Maybe next time out. I already can not stop thinking about you. I do not know what happened to me. But not enough for me one letter. I want so much to discuss with you. I have so much information for you, so many desires and dreams that we can together make a reality. But when I go to Internet cafes. And I want to write all the thoughts as if moving away from me. I do not know why. Maybe because I do not write very quickly. Or make mistakes and correct.
At school I was told that I speak better than writing and grammar. But I try. I hope you all understand
You have no new sense of our acquaintance? you feel nothing?
I've got a sense of the unknown. Sensations. I never experience this . I do not know why. I do not even know how to describe it. Almost two weeks we communicate. And I'm curious how you spend every day. Do you think about me or not. What do you think.
Dear i hope I have not much to give you, and you will communicate with me. Yesterday I chose three photos. What to send. And I decided to send all three. Hope you like it.
I believe and hope in the fact that I do not much strain you.
Your life changed when I came in it? my changed.
Jim I hope yours too. And for the better.
I send you my kisses.
Your little confusing Kseniya
Letter 14
Jim I want to talk to you about what you think. About me. Statement . As you think. I'm important in your life? I even bring that something new? interesting? Do you like to communicate with me? You would like to go with me to the movies? the park? the beach? Maybe something like that then? tell me. How do you like my photos? I want to know that you, about you and me together. Maybe I do not like you, and you do not want to communicate with me. And do not tell me about it? Dear i hope it is not. We just have no secrets from one another.
I want to communicate with you. I like you. That's why I say it straight. And I believe that you too will not hide anything from me.
Jim i think about you. We do not know for so long. But thoughts of you occupy almost the whole head. I do not know what it is. And why.
But this, I have not yet experienced. And so I do wonder with you.
Hunting more and more. But I'm afraid to scare you. But I hope you're not. And do not be scared. And do not run away. Joke!!
I know you're very good. And all that was in our life with you bad. All disappear. How to start conversations. Because every day I wake up with joy. What to get your letter. I can communicate with you. It please me. Giving strength. I'm getting better and better. And I believe that everything will turn out for us.
I want to know your opinion. Your feelings. I recognize that in the city I can call you. I will think and look for a time when not to go to work. And I will call you. I hope that you will be able to be near the phone. Could you explain to me how exactly am I supposed to do? what numbers to dial. Because I've never done this before. But I would like to hear your sweet voice courageous.
Jim i miss, I think, I want to... rather get your answer
Kseniya. I hope that my photos bring you joy.
Letter 15
Jim i am interested. And how would I meet your friends? close?
People who know you, affect your opinion? with whom you consult?
what would they say? Jim do you remember I told you about my friends. So they came today. And they have nothing to say. All I ask of you. About what our plans. I say that we are not familiar.
What plans. We only get to know one another. They say they do not understand how we can communicate without meeting. It would be nice if we could meet. What do you think?
I think that would be good. We could do what to think about it together, could do a lot of photos together. It would be very paddle.
Why do not you live in the next street? together we could swim in the lake. I live in the house next door old woman. I often go to her.
She says she has already seen a whole. When I told him about you and me. She was surprised. Said that if her time had the chance, she would get acquainted with someone too. Now she lives with an old man and they are happy.
we often talk with her. Because few people here. But calm and everyone knows one another. Yesterday the street ran hare. Can you imagine it?
We've got a lot of fun. But I'm bored and lonely. And only you and your letters to save me and I want to enjoy every day. All of your friends and family want to meet you. Jim i said that later.
Have you ever thought about a long trip?
Dear i'm probably tired with your questions? I send you my kisses and hope that they will help you fall asleep with a smile on his face.
And wake up in a good mood
I'm sure everything will be fine.
your Kseniya
Letter 16
Jim i do not know. Tonight saw a dream. Woke up when cuddled with her pillow. We'll be together. Some on the sandy shore. Laughed, swam and enjoyed life. It was great, and we lay down on the sand and kissing. And then I woke up. You're my head swirl. I can not think of anything. But I'm happy, I'm so happy. I even see each morning as the sun wake up and I like to look at it. It would be great if we could do it together. What do you think?
Jim i decided to find out how and what you need, no matter what I could come to you. You can learn about what would come to me. Could you do it? When? can learn? Maybe it's just, and we just talk.
Could meet to enjoy every day together. What do you think? tell me.
Dear i was told that tomorrow I might be able to take a day off at work. I'll go to the big city. All know, and may be able to call you. You can give your room that you will be around tomorrow? Suddenly happen? It would be great. I have not talk. On Englsih. Only in college last time. But all I was praised. I guess I'm bad writing.
But to say I'm better. I keep thinking, what's your voice. Sure that comfort.
I am waiting for an answer.........
Letter 17
Jim i was given a day off tomorrow only. Nothing happened as I wanted. But I'll go tomorrow and try everything and everyone will find out. If I get what you meet me? could come on the train, or plane, or ship on which I sail? I just do not even know how to reach you.
Jim i will take only what is necessary and to come if I get. But if not, then we put it back. Or are you coming. Good? The main thing that we found each other. And we do so that our meeting will be held.
And the most important thing. Hope you do not mind the fact that we met with you and be together. If you say against. I can not just meet ? And I generally do not need to learn and you have to wait here?
Easter is one of the most important holidays for Orthodox Christians in Russia.
basically this holiday is for believers.
we will do a great house cleaning, bake cakes, paint eggs.
All tell me that you need to meet, it is assured that you're a fine man and we have a great future. Neighbor even expand the map and said that we will be together, we are ordained to one another. And everything will turn out. And all will be well. I never believe in the cards. But I like it.
Dear i 'm sure we'll have a good time together. The main thing that we have. I think that in our time is not so difficult to go far. Have planes, trains fast. Even ships. You when you went away?
Dear you would be able to find me a place to live? we could spend time together often? Do you like this idea?
I'm waiting for your answers. I hope you reply soon.
Your gentle Kseniya
Letter 18
Jim I'm so happy that you will be able to meet and succeed. I run for the bus now. And I will learn everything.
I do not know if I have time to return to the Internet cafe.
But tomorrow I 'll tell you exactly. And we can all plan. Good?
I love you!!
Letter 19

Jim i learned. This is certainly expensive. But as we say in Russia. Than to live a life, better together, though not for long.
But in love. And can we all succeed. Jim i am willing to take a chance and come to you. I talk about everything with her friends.
They'll help me. All help me. Everything will be fine. It cost about $ 1800. And take about three weeks. BUT everything is possible. And I will come to you the fastest transport. Aircraft. So I told the tour operator.
Dear i do not have time on the bus. And so I do not have time to make that plan. A night stay at the station, I fear. There's a lot of people and I do not want to risk one. I do not know anything there I will start to collect and prepare everything. I hope you meet me and all will be well. I'll start doing paperwork now. And then we will know only when I can be with you. And I 'll let you know immediately.
my dear, you have a beautiful and cozy apartment. I would feel myself comfortable.
I saw these photos. my sun, I like the shower and the bathroom.
There are no special preferences.
I'm so glad. I'm all talk. Everyone says that 's enough to wait. Life is short. You need to look in her joy. And I'm sure that happiness is waiting for you and me. And we have a great future. And we have a good time.
I'm so happy. I can not describe. I ran to collect documents. I will let you all. How do you like my picture today? I shall be coming back, and we will have many photos together. Do you have a camera? I do not have. I hope that we find a way to make a lot of interesting photos.
I miss....
My dear i hope I did not scare you with his confession. But I'm sure. I love you. Maybe I'm wrong. Because I never felt like that. And that what gives me strength. And probably this is love. What do you think?
I love you!!
Letter 20
Jim i have so much to learn. I'm so glad. I think it will succeed.
I learned everything. I need accurate data. Where you live.
City and state. International Airport. Where can you meet me. And then have all these data to come to them. They said the approximate cost. And when I tell them that. They will deal with the trip. I now pay part of the cost. And then pay the rest.
I am very worried. Sorry about that trip soon. Just wanted to
ask once. Before I forget. I have so many thoughts. So many ideas.
I can not even imagine how it would be. So many choices. As we meet.
What should I wear? How will dressed you? I never fly a plane. It's not scary? I hope not. And all will be well. The main thing that I can meet you. I think more than two weeks. How did it. Meet you.
Dear i hope you do not mind our meeting. And meet me. I'll do anything. Succeed. Soon we will be able to try to bring together all to think about reality. I think it's a good idea. And you?
Jim i will wait for data from you tomorrow. She also start to prepare everything. And all do. I need to collect a lot of documents . More to go to boarding school there and get all the documents.
I await your answer.
I very much hope that all happen. And I can be with you.
Jim i love, I want, I dream of you. You're so good. I want into your arms!!
Letter 21
Jim i hope all is well with you. I am very tired. Yesterday collect half of documents. Tomorrow I'm going to collect more. And then to give everything.
I wrote down everything that you said. I think everything will be fine. Thank you all at once said, and now all turn out.
Dear i was thinking about that and how I do it. What are the things to take. I will not take a lot. And I do not have a lot of things.
I'll take basic. Yesterday I thought the whole evening. What do you bring as a gift? Can you tell me himself? What that ideas do you have? Tell me.
I watched his last photo. And I wanted to send you this picture. I hope you like
My love i will be waiting for your letter. Are you happy? Tell the truth. I think that when you leave the airport, then you and I will smile from ear to ear. You're already thinking about it? Talk to me!
You dreamed? Yesterday or last night? What did you see? Tell me.
Jim i am already looking forward to your answers. And I come tomorrow. And I will wait for your letter. I will tell you everything that happens with the trip. I think everything will be fine. And we'll be in the arms of each other soon.
I'm sending you a kiss, that they would have warmed you bring joy and freshness.
Your gentle Kseniya
Letter 22
Jim i am now on my feet all day I gathered all the paperwork, paid the first part, and now the design began. And as soon as everything is ready I will report. But since I have no connection, I will go myself and learn everything.
I'm glad you liked my photo. I'll be posting more. Later.
Jim i think you have wonderful dreams. I think it can be translated into reality. And very soon.
I will bring you what you're saying. I find the good and bring.
Today I had a neighbor. And she gave me a gift for you and me. This is a very beautiful thing. I'm sure you'll like it. But she said it was a surprise.
Jim when I gave the documents for registration. They said that maybe the embassy will learn about who I'm going. Who will meet. I would point your data? Will need your full name, phone number. What would they contact you and check everything. I hope you do not mind and tell it to me. Said that it will facilitate visa procedures.
Jim i 'm running all the time and all the time to do the trip. I forget to ask what are you doing? Tell me in detail. How was your day? What did you do? What time? What to eat? What did you do?
What movie watching? Prepare for my arrival?
I so want to do it all soon. But you have to wait. And I 'll be waiting.
I'm waiting, waiting, and only bring joy to your letters.
I miss.
Dear i love you!
Letter 23
Today woke up from that door who's scratched. It appears this little kitten. He's so fluffy. I launched it. Fed, watered milk. He fell asleep, and I stared at him. I take it to a neighbor. Because I need to go soon to you.
I wrote down everything that you said. I hope that the phone all the time column you. And you'll take it if you call. Can you give a phone number that is always with you. What would you at any time you can answer?
I hope ****** will be fine and the veterinarian will give a good verdict. I believe that everything will be fine. my full name is Kseniya ZOVUTINA. What am I dreaming of?? When it's hot I sleep only in shorts without a ***. when it's cold I sleep mostly in my pajamas.
I'm studying. I was told that you need to improve your English. That I speak well. But we need to be even better. Dali questions that are normally asked. Responded. Said that probably will not be any problems. But better prepared.
I collect and choose clothes that are to take. And you took the most beautiful things. I picked up a book of recipes. And together we will be able to choose what will cook.
Dear what do you cook for me? And what do we do at the meeting? Tell me. I want to know. Come it will be a big surprise for me? I hope that tomorrow you say.
Jim I will teach a neighbor to use e-mail. That she could take a letter from me. She said that I would send her our photos with you in the mail. But I said that it is better through the computer. Tomorrow we will be together in the Internet cafe. And I will create her address. And write down your address and your. Good? I think that we can send her photos and talk about how and what we do. You do not mind. She is the closest person to me.
I miss everything I do and I'd love to have wings. What would wave and be in your hands. But you have to wait. And soon all turn out.
I love you!!
I hope you send me your kisses in the next letter, and they warm me and my heart.
Your gentle Kseniya
Letter 24
We have beautiful weather. Once started to communicate with you. I notice for a fact that I am more pleased. You bring into my life such changes. What am I going to get bored. No depression. I feel good.
And many say to me about it. Do not understand why. And I'm not talking. Why all the talk about their happiness. Only close friends know and that's enough.
You cook deliciously. my girlfriend does not have skype. she never even had it.
Jim when I think about our meeting then close my eyes. And imagine the beautiful moments, days, and months together. It will be so good.
So many desires. So many things we can do together. And it will be a great time. I'm sure. Just think about it. So much time I went alone. And now I will be with you. And I 'm sure you will be happy too I have prepared. All improved. If I have the letters, which is a serious error, then tell me. This will help me in the interview . I will not be offended. And when I come, I will teach you Russian. And I'm sure that you will learn quickly. Because you're smart. And you will have a good teacher.
I almost forgot. I need to know international airport near you . What would take the ticket. If you can, inform the closest. I was told that you need a city name or airport code. I will never fly and do not understand anything in this. But I hope that you say. And I will give this information.
Dear i hope your day was lovely. And the sun. At work, all is well and everything is fine. I promise. You my kisses that they keep you warm and make your day better.
Everything will turn out. Everything will be fine. I 'm so glad to meet you. We will be happy. I'm sure.
Dear i love you!!
Your gentle and dreaming about meeting Kseniya
Letter 25
Jim i wrote it all down, and all data will be reported to the travel agency. Tomorrow I will inform you what they said. I hope all goes well. And I get the documents soon. Everything will work out.
Everything will turn out. We our one another. Remaining meet. And we are happy!!
Jim i create and teach a neighbor and friend to use e-mail. I think that they do not forget how to do it. And I can with them, then communicate. Tomorrow in the travel agency know all the news. As that goes. Maybe something else is needed. All and all I will inform you.
Everything will be fine. I see good dreams. We're together.
Yesterday meet gypsy. I do not like them. And I go to the other side of the road. But she cried out that she was glad that I met his own fate. I went on farther away. Because when they pass through our village, that it disappears. Sometimes even children. And so they kicked. It was only when I got home. I realized that this is about you and me.
Jim tell me what are you doing? How to prepare for a meeting? I even lost some weight. From all this bustle. Would you like that I was still on the look slimmer? Or I hate you so? I even think to start running in the morning. What would you like more. I think you'll be happy when I'm in your hands. Just as I am.
I hope that tomorrow you will say what and how you're doing throughout the day. And then I'll tell you everything, and you're tired from reading my letters. Or not?
I'm sending you a photo. Like it?
I love you!!
Send my hugs and kisses. I hope that they will be more pleasant than the ones I posted earlier. I want to see you soon. Soon all will turn out
Your loving and gentle Kseniya
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