Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Korotneva to Peter (USA)

Letter 1
I had a wonderful dream last night. I woke up with a happy smile and thoughts of you.
We were together in my dream.
I want to tell that my full name: Nailia Abdulnasyrova
We talked very kindly and held hands. I was very happy. Since the morning I have a good mood.
I'm glad that I have you. This is the second dream of our meeting, the first was a meeting at the airport and now that we are already together and we are both well together.
Please write me the airport which is next to your houses.
Peter, for the sake of our happiness, I am ready to change my life. I want to be only with you.
This morning I sent an application for a visa, which was not that complicated, I read all the instructions on the Internet.
I signed a vacation for 5 weeks,
I can take an additional vacation for 2-3 weeks, well, if we do not have enough time together.
I have an important question: 1 You will meet me at the airport??
2- I hope that we will sleep together. Since I do not want to sleep separately.
I hope that when I arrive you give me a few days to get used to you, I want to say that more than 3 years I did not have ***, I hope that you will be polite with me. Please promise me this.
I want to wake up next to you from your kiss and your embrace.
I have a feeling of joy that has appeared since the first day of our acquaintance.
A feeling of loneliness has vanished from my life, and I am pleased to know that there is a person in the World who thinks about me.
Our meeting with you is a big step in our relations with you.
I listen to my heart, and my heart says that together we will be happy. Please tell me your thoughts.
I'll be waiting for your letter.
I do not want to lose a single day from my vacation. I really miss you. Tomorrow I will go to Moscow.
Every day, my feelings for you are getting stronger.
It's not convenient for me to ask you for money for tickets, first of all I asked to help my mother. Well, they have no money, As has asked the sister, well as cannot help to get to me tickets.
If you can not help, I do not know what to do, our meeting is now in your hands.
Now I do not know how much tickets will cost, for the next few days, and then I'll tell you the exact price of the tickets.
I hope that you can help with the money for tickets for our meeting.
I think that the cost of air tickets is not great, and you will be able to help us.
Soon we'll be together, can you imagine it, Peter?
Our meeting will be great. Every day my feelings for you are getting stronger. I will wait for your letter.
I send you my hot and passionate kisses. I look forward to your letter.
With Love, forever your Nailia Abdulnasyrova
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