Scam letter(s) from Angelina Blaise to Phil (England)

Letter 1
Hello greetings! my name is Angeline Blaise, I have something confidential to discuss with you. I will give you more details as soon as i hear from you. here is my email; (
Letter 2
With Love And Trust My dearest
How are you today,i hope you are fine, you have given me hope by returning back my message and i will also like to see you face to face and i guess your the type of man i am looking forward to spend the rest of my life with, am not going to give my love to any other man, you will satisfy me,so is needless of looking for another man. My dear to tell you more about my self, i am Miss Angeline Blaise, 25 years old girl from Somali but presently residing here in Senegal, the only daughter of Late Dr. Blaise Alain. an international business man.My father and my mother was killed .Al- Shabaab militants launched an attack on the Makka al-Mukarama hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia On 27 March 2015. after many innocent soul were killed,My father and my mother was killed by Al-Shabaab militants at Makka al-Mukarama hotel in Mogadishu. Please i have not told anyone except you and the Reverend about the existence of this money and i will like you to please keep it secret to other people because since it is (MONEY) all eyes will be on it. Remember i trust you and that is why i am giving you all this information!. My love is for you and you alone,i will like to hear your voice, please just call me with this number (+221_762881590 ) It is our Reverend telephone.His name is Reverend Father Paul Benjamin. and his e-mail address is ( ) If you call him please tell him that you want to speak with Angeline Blaise Alain, and he will send for me because i am staying in the women hostel.I have already informed the bank about my plan to claim this money and the only thing they told me is to look for a foreign partner who will stand on my behalf due to my refugee status. You will have 20% of the total money for helping me and the remaining money will be managed by you in any business of your choice while i go back to my studies. In this regards i will give you my father bank contact immediately with some information upon your acceptance to help me. My late father has U S $ 2, 700,000.00 million dollars deposit which i am the next of kin. So all i need from you is your full contact information so i can forward it to the concern bank for the transfer. My dear i am glad that God has brought you to see me out from this situation and i promise to be kind and will equally need you in every area of my life including investing this money since i am still too young to manage it. This camp is just like a prison and my prayers is to move out from here as soon as possible. Immediately after the bank transfer my inheritance fund to your account then you can send some money from that money for me to prepare my traveling documents to meet you in your country. I will send some more pictures latter when i know your mind about this.
Awaiting to hear from you soonest!.
Yours forever in love,
Miss Angeline Blaise.
Letter 3
Awaiting To Hear From You Again Soon My dearest
please i really need your help and you know that since this is something that concerns money, i can't go about telling everybody about it, i fasted and pray for seven days before contacting you for your help, which i believe that you are well able to handle my inherited fund and manage it well in investment while i go back to school and complete my education, i trust you and i believe that you are my God sent to deliver me out of this sorrowful situation, So my dear the money i am talking about is still in my late father's personal account, but i contacted the bank as i entered this country Dakar Senegal and informed them of my father's death, from there i spoke with the bank director, and he made me to understand that i will present someone to stand on my behalf and claim my inheritance from their bank, So the director advice that i should use the full contact information of who ever that i nominated to write official letter to their bank for them to recognize him, now what i need from you is two things, 1. To assured me that you will not betray me in this transfer, mostly when this money enter
to your position, 2. For you to take me as your blood sister or daughter and welcome me into your family as i don't have anybody in this whole world anymore, With the assurance given after going through this mail, then you send me your information . Your Full Names .............Your Home Address................Your Occupation .......................
Your Office Address ..................Tel Phone Number..................Your Age
Your Home Country ................Your Resident Country .................. I Will then use them and write the official letter to the bank, i will give you the contact of the finance bank so that you will as well contact them directly in regard of the transfer. so that i can come over and start a new life with you in your country,
Await your reply,
Miss Angeline Blaise.
Letter 4

Dear John,sincerely i like you and you are the kind of a man i will want to spend the rest of my life with,some people would have giving so much interest at the mention of money,yet that never moved you,i totally love you guts.
I desire to be with you,but i still have a little challenge,if you will be able to help me in getting my travelling document to meet you in your country i will gladly join you without hesitation.
I will as well ask the Reverend father to help me in making inquiries about the cost for the travelling document.
I await your response soon
Letter 5
I am very sorry about your state of health and i have actually been wondering the reason for your silence,which was part of the reason i have not bothered to ask the Reverend the outcome of his inquiry.
I hope you got my last message,let me know your stand about that so i will know what to do next.
I wish you good health and a lovely day too.
I await your response soon.
Letter 6
Do you really get my point at at?
I requested for a transfer from the Bank to you in which you needed ti write an application to the Bank for the transfer,but you said you dont need that,that i need to come over to your country first.
That was the reason i had to make inquiries for the cost of my travelling document down to your country and i have no money here to process all that,i will be needing your assistance.
Please if you really love me as you confess and actually want us to be together you really need to help me put from here,then for your question,if i dont love and trust you i will not have gone to this extent with you,the truth is i dont really know much about men and love making,but i am ready to learn from the one i love.
I await your response you.
Warm regard
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