Romance scam letter(s) from Angela Issacson to Phil (England)
Letter 1
Okay John . I understand that you don’t want to link your c ard . Or something of the sought. But there is another means you can do it just provide your email address. We can have a chance to do a video snapchat kind of stuff there. In fact, it is a way that is much better than facetime or Skype. Want me to model and touch me on camera just for you? Check me out
Send me your personal username when you are done ok?
Letter 2
Philip This will be my last msg. I love doggie style tell me yours from my profile. I don't get any response from my profile. MY DETAILS Waiting for baby.
Letter 3
Well, I am convinced with no doubts that your reply is the best that I have received so far. And I’m forced to believe that we will have fun together. Before I get too far and I rush to give you my home address. I want to ask you one more thing. I just want to make myself feel safer. I want to believe that since you replied. Probably, you are not faking anything and you aren't a faker.
I am not sure if you want us to hook up tonight, tomorrow or maybe during the weekend? Let me be honest with you. I was really hoping that I will get some fun time with you as soon as possible. I’m definitely feeling like both at the moment Check out MY PROFILE
Letter 4

Philip,I didn’t receive any call or text. I don’t wish to waste my time or your time anymore. That is, in case you are not interested in us hooking up. All details and information about any endeavor are usually discussed via a phone. If you still have interest in us meeting up, you can get access to My Profile Here. Otherwise, I will not be able to meet with you. This is done for my safety. Hope to talk to you as soon as possible.
Letter 5
John Baby, I am not playing with you at all ok. And for your information, I don’t have much time to waste sending emails. You should think about my privacy because of the fact that I am a woman. We can have a video chat with my other profile. The other profile doesn’t demand you to link a credit card. Let’s us Video Chat Here
Letter 6
Ok Philip , Lets have a Chit-Chat Over Phone . Call me 888 :) 374 :) 1859
Wait for a while to get me ..
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