Scam letter(s) from Erica Ainlee Madura to Phil (England)

Letter 1
I am a charming, competitive,ambitious in a right way and have a positive outlook in life ..people say that i am fun to be with because i have a good sense of humor and i am flattered about it I always want to put a smile on everyone's face. i like outdoors activities and i am not afraid to try new things in life. I have long patient and understanding person my friends always share their problems with me cause they know that i am the one who always there to listen ....I might not be online here always so feel free to message me at my mailbox at imontop3369 ATg ma ilc om and say MINGLE2 so i know you raed this :) or simply leave your email so i can message you there
Letter 2
Hello John Thanks for the message may I know what city are you from and what are you looking for ? btw I'm Carla, proud to be a single mom , 40 years old , I have small business , I just got out from a long term relationship so i was hoping to meet someone that i can meet up to have fun No String Attached i guess , let me know if you are interested to meet me tonight ? and can you send me some pics of you too ? PS. here is some pictures of me hope you like it
Letter 3
Oww to be honest you look Hot!!thanks for the compliment honey :) so where would you like to meet ? can you host ? or how about in my place works for you ? I live alone so I think you can come to my place if you want ? to be honest I'm a lil nervous to meet you
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