Romance scam letter(s) from Zainab Hassan to Brad (France)
Letter 1
Hello Dearest. I am happy to know you, but God knows you better and he knows why he has directed me to you at this point, so do not be afraid. I have a great confidence that is why am contacting you in this manner. I believe people get to know themselves and become good friends only but one day, which can lead them to everlasting business and family relationship. I know you are humble and God fearing.

My name is Zainab Hassan. I am from Libya and my husband is one of the late Gaddafi son’s drivers, It was my husband who took Gaddafi family to Niger and Algeria when they ran from Libya. But he came back to Libya and died when their convoy was hit by NATO bombs. He told me something very important when he was alive. He told me how he took some money from Gaddafi late son and kept it in a secret place. He said the money is in US dollars,

$4,5 millions

I am presently out of Libya because we ran out during the war through the help of United Nations high commission to refugee camp. It is why I have written this message to you, I want you to stand with me as my late husband's friend and family business associate to take ownership of the funds which my late husband kept in one of the African countries in a bank. Please bear with me, because if people knows that it belongs to my late husband they will size it and report to the Libyan government, please understand me very well, my late husband fighted and died for his master with out achieven nothing, so please I have to keep everything secret until I hear from you. Please all what I am saying is just known by both of us and nobody else. I have 1 child from my late husband and nothing to feed him here until I can get hold of the fund, as I just told you, but I still have to be very carefully not to lose the money. I will give you 20% of the fund if you will assist me. I will tell you how you can receive the money when I hear from you.
Also every other detail about me will be given when I see your seriousness to help me in receiving the fund into your account. Please reply me quickly for more details.
Yours faithfully.
Mrs. Zainab Hassan.,,,,
Letter 2
Hello my dear.
I welcome you and your family into the new month of October and it shall be month of our great exploits, amen !

Before I move further, I want to thank you so much for your respond and I am very much impressed to read your respond that indicates your feeling in helping me get rid of this refugee life here in the camp. My dear, I believe people get to know themselves and become good friends only but one day which can lead them to everlasting business and family relationship. Please can I trust you if you will be honest to me ?

Please, I want you to know that there is no illegality attached to this proposal and also I would like to state to you that everything about the fund transfer process will be executed in line with stipulated rules and regulations which are in clear principle with international practice. I will never engage in anything that will constitute a problem to you and to me. I will not do anything that will compromise the successful actualization of the fund transfer process because this is the only thing that is remaining for me and my only little son Abdullah who is now 9 years old.

My promise to you is that I will not let you down from the beginning to the end of the fund process in as much as you agreed to help me in all ramifications for the successful actualizing of the fund into your bank account. Also I will like to receive your assurance that you are not going to let us down and that you will not betray my trust reposed on you and you will work with me in actualizing this purpose because I believe it is faith that brought us together for this good course.

I prayed for many days before coming across your email through Ministry of foreign Affair diary in the refugee camp and I decided to contact you in this manner and seek for your assistance believing that you have been selected by Almighty God to help me to actualize this great purpose.

I want you to know that at this moment of contacting you for assistance, I do not trust anybody but you and I am confident that you are not going to let me down. I want you to promise me that you are not going to sit on the money when transferred to your bank account by the bank.

However, I will like to receive further assurance from you and guarantee that you are not going to disappointed me and my Son as we are suffering presently here in united nation refugee camp; my main goal is for you to help me and secure the money from the bank. You have nothing to worry about as the bank will release the money to you directly to your bank account. On my part, I would like you to tell me little more about yourself, I want you to reconfirm the following datas of yours to me :

1. Name..............................
2. phone.....................
3. Occupation......................
4. passport...................
5. address....................
6. age....................

And also I would want you to start making arrangement on areas you are going to help me to invest my own share of the money and perhap get married and become one till death and equally you are going to help me and my only son to move out of this place immediately after you received the fund from the bank. Due to security reason I can not call you for now and based on where I am at the moment, I don’t have access for calling unless through email for now, I believe it is conducive for us to communicate mainly by email at the moment until when the right moment arrives for us to talk by phone.

Please understand me very well. I don’t want anything that will hamper the success of the transaction and I wouldn’t want to endanger its success as well. Therefore, at the moment it is wise that we communicate by email for the success of the transaction and for my security and safety of the money

$4.5 millions

However, I am giving you this number below for you to know that I have nothing to hide but, all I am doing is to secure my life, the life of my son and the money because if anything happen to it, it will be devastating for me and the well being of my only son and it will affect the future as well. Here is the phone number of the United Nations High Commission Director Dr. Mark Adams

+226 56574711 Please if you call the United Nations High Commission director Mr. Mark Adams, tell him that you want to talk with Mrs. Zainab Hassan then, he will send for me to receive your call.

Attached is the copy of my expired passport since March for you to know more about me and for your confidence. Please I want to receive yours information to know more about you and with assurance that you will not disappoint me in anyway or betray me.

Thank and waiting to receive your urgent response to enable introduces you to the bank here as my late husband friend and our family business associate as explained above.

Once again thank and my warmest regards as I wait to receive from you so we can move to the next step immediately.

Yours faithfully
Mrs. Zainab Hassan
+226 56574711
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