Scam letter(s) from Lubov Plakhova to Brad (France)

Letter 1
Hello, my dearest !!! I am really happy to receive your letter again !! Waiting for your news became a special routine for me )) It is not along while since we correspond but I used to wait for your letter daily, I even cannot imagine how I lived without you before !! You are my the only one gladness here !! I was really honored to read that you like my photos so much ))) Yes, i work on my figure shape and you can be sure that I will look good even being 60 y.o. )) I wrote you what is my age ))) Why do you ask ? Do you read carefully what i write you ? ;) Are you a serious man ? You know, I often think about us and dream about our meeting in real life ))) I picture it with my imagination in many different ways !!! And i can tell you that each way is amazing !! And now, when I am so happy to have you in my life I am also very scared at the same time... I am scared to lose our contact, I am scared to lose you... I do not want you to have a wrong impression about me, I do not want you to think bad of me. But I have to be honest with you. I have to tell you that I do not know long long it will be possible to me to keep writing you. I am not normally paid now and even paying not big money for using Internet cafe is difficult to me. It is not much but still it is difficult to me. My wallet is empty (((( I try save on everything but... Still my possibilities are very limited. My dearest, I do not know if I can ask you for it, but... But maybe I can count on you ? Please, do not think bad of me !! I am not a liar or cheater !! I am just a girl who was unluckily to live at place which became occupied but separatists and terrorists. I try to be positive but my life here is very difficult. I will be waiting for your answer with a trembling heart... Please, please do not think bad of me. I have my own pride and I hate myself for writing you it !!! I just do not want to lose you..... I hope to get you answer soon.
Your Luba, your love....
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