Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Aleksandrovna Tkachenko to Peter (Austria)
Letter 1
Now I will tell about myself. My name is Katya. I'm 30 years old. I was born on March 21st. I live in Russia, not far from the city of Kazan, in the village of Aisha. It's about 1 hour drive from Kazan.
I do not have parents. I grew up in boarding school number 11 in Kazan, Sovetsky district. My parents I have never seen. And I do not know anything about them. The boarding school did not say anything about my parents. I tried to find out, but I could not find out anything. Not about brothers, not about sisters, not about relatives. Then the state gave me a room and paid for my education. I do not like to think of the Internat. It was in the past. I got a secondary special education, my specialty is makeup artist. In other words, I do professional make-up. I work in the theater of fashion and estrade. And they offered me to pass an internship in your capital city. I did not even ponder, and immediately agreed. Because such an opportunity falls once in a lifetime.I do not know exactly where I will be internship yet. This will be told to me when I arrive. Maybe in the future we can organize our meeting with you. For a long time I have been preparing my documents for the trip. Moy rezhim raboty nenormirovan. Sometimes I can work 12 hours a day. And sometimes a few hours. I tried myself in the field of the model, even several times participated in the shows at district levels. But quickly realized that this is not mine. I prefer my work in the specialty. I give myself completely to her. I have no children of my own. But in the future I want to have my own child. But one thing I know for sure! I will never leave my child, under any circumstances. I like listening to music, I like Russian performer, Natalie! I like to go to the movies. But this happens very rarely. I like doing sports. Three times a week I go to the gym for the ABS Stretch program. I like to keep myself in good shape. Me in Russia nothing holds, because I do not see my future here. And so I decided to agree with the internship in your country. Do you have a hobby? Could you give me your full federal phone number? How old are you? What city do you live in ? What is your name and surname? Your new girlfriend katya. Your friend Katya.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Peter. how are you my new friend?? I hope that everything is fine with you.
I am very glad to receive a letter from you! I'm very glad that you wrote me the answer. I do not know why, but I was sure that you will write to me in the near future.
If you wrote me an answer, It means you liked? How do you like my photos?
I would like to know you as much as I do. Can you tell me about yourself in detail? As for me, I really love animals, and not just domestic animals. I have a cat and his name is Lucky.
Do you have a vacation? Where are you going to rest? With whom? How?
My hobby is not like everyone else's. I like to learn new. A year ago I started to learn English. And I'm so drawn into it that now studying foreign languages ??has become my hobby. But my English language has not reached the level I would have liked.
But as soon as my English is at a good level, I will study other languages. I have not yet decided what my next language will be. nan you say how well I speak English? Do you know other foreign languages? How many languages ? do you know?
Have you been to other countries? Last year I went to the sea with my work colleague. And this trip made an unforgettable impression on me. I saw the sea for the first time. And that it is so blue and without extreme. I have never been to the sea before, because where I live there is no sea. I did not leave the limits of Russia, we went to the black sea to the city of Anapa. Do you know where the city of Anapa is? You know, when I do not forget this trip, we had a lot of fun. I do not want to seem frivolous to you, but there I had roman. Sometimes in new places you can afford what you can not afford, in your own city. Maybe I should not have told you this, but I want to be honest with you and tell you the truth about myself. Because I'm not afraid to do it because of that you are in another country, and I'm not afraid to open yourself.
Yes, I almost forgot to leave your phone number. +79051710920 I can not say for sure which I will organize a flight to your country. But it will happen in the near future. Upon arrival in the country, I met my curator. My curator must provide me with a room for accommodation and provide some money for living.. In the future I want to rent my home.
I think that now we could contact you by phone. I think that this will be an unusual experience for me. This concludes my letter to you.
Letter 3
Hi Peter. I am very grateful to you for the new letter, I am sincerely glad for your every letter. We gradually find understanding between between you. You agree with me? I often think about you. This morning when I went to take a shower, I wanted to take some pictures for you. And when I started taking photos, my phone slipped from my hands and fell into the water. I was very upset because of this, because it was my only phone. I tried to turn it on, but it did not turn on. Today I'm going to go and get it repaired. I hope that it will be repaired. In the meantime, I have to go without a phone.
I thought about you all evening. And I came to this conclusion that I am interested in communicating with you. How did you spend today day? Are you waiting for my letter or not? If you take a scale of 5 points. I cook for on four with a minus sign. But in order to be good at cooking, you need constant practice.
And I do not have anyone to cook for. I live alone, watch my food and what I eat. You know, my life has not been easy since birth, I always had to fight for a better future.
Earlier when I was younger my way of life was a little bit loose. But time passes and everything changes. Now my life priorities have changed. But I'm still looking for a better life, because the life I'm living now does not suit me in the least. To be honest, life in Russia is not simple. It's a very harsh climate. But I do not want to complain about it.
Now I have no way to communicate in social networks, since my phone is broken. I write to you from my work, and here is a stationary computer ,and there is no web camera, and I do not have time to sit in social networks. And when my phone worked I did not use social networks, because my page was stolen from me. And some pictures of intimate content. And I'm more of a non-registered in social networks.
You know yesterday when I thought about you. I came to the idea that I would like to meet you in real life. And I think that soon it will be possible. Do you want this, too? I want to send you some of my special photos. I hope that you will be happy with such photos.
It was nice to get a response from you today. On this I say goodbye to you. my dear!.
Yours Katya.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Peter! !!I was waiting for your letter. You are a very nice and attractive man!
Yesterday I gave my phone for repair, and I was told that maybe my motherboard broke. And there is a possibility that my phone will not be subject to recovery. But the master said that he could only say more precisely after he had examined it. So I hope for the best.
Last night I had a sweet dream, and in it was you. It was not just a dream, it was a sexual dream. Such dreams I dream not so often.
And I want to tell you about it. I'm home alone. I lay on the couch in a light robe. I'm reading a book. And suddenly a doorbell rang. I get up to open the door. On the threshold you are standing with flowers. I thought how did you get here? I did not expect you, I did not even expect you to come. I invite you to the room. Silently we stand and look at each other. And I do not even know what to tell you. And you slowly caress me with a look. I can not stand it and come to you. You embrace me. Your hands are stroking my back. And words are no longer necessary. We realized that we are not strangers to each other. And you kissed me. You untying the dressing gown. You squeeze my chest gently. And then I wake up. But my condition when I woke up was excited. I do not know why you tell this. But this dream seemed so real to me that after that I can not sleep for a long time. I think of you.
You know, I came to the idea that I want to spend time with you. But I understand that we are very far apart. But in the near future I think that we'll be able to spend time together.
In recent times, you are always in my head. I always feel sexually attracted to you. I do not know why, but as if you are attracting me like a magnet.
This is very strange for me. Because, before with me this was not. Perhaps I'm completely open with you, and I'm not afraid of you. Even when I wrote you this letter, I got a little excited.
Today I have a very hard day at work! I hope that you liked my dream.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Peter! I am very glad to receive new letters. Every time I read your letters, my mood rises. I'm very glad that you understand, I'm not indifferent to you. Maybe I'm too open with you?
But I can not do anything with myself.. I want to tell my sexual fantasy. This is my big secret and I tell it to you first. I hope you're not gonna laugh at this. I open my most secret dreams to you. Imagine that we met with you.
First we slowly dance in the room, caressing each other, the twilight, the candles, the clothes gradually fall on the floor, I turn my back, wriggling, bending over, masturbating myself, you hold the member on the back, below, below, between the legs ... I turn face and walk away from you in dance. I lie with my legs apart, and you start caressing. You touch the wet finger of my clitoris, gently strokes it, gently presses and at the same time kisses me. Your hot tongue parted my lips. You insanely caress me for a long time, oral, so in the end I just beg him to come into me.
Then you tie my hands over my head and caress my body. He strokes his nipples, his neck, masturbates himself over my body, introduces a penis into my mouth, I sweetly take it completely into my mouth and begin to caress. When I see that you are already at the peak of excitement, I stop and let go of this wave.
And only then you enter me. Comes from behind, rhythmically moving back and forth, kissing my neck and caressing my chest. More and more passionately and aggressively. After that, we change the pose and continue to enjoy our bodies.
And when again you are ready to cum, you extract your dick from my pussy and you cum straight at me.
My dear, I hope that I did not shock you with my sexual dream? I can tell you this only in a letter. Because if you were familiar with real life, I would not dare to tell you about it.
But now I have completely opened before you. And now I have nothing to be ashamed of.
I think that you also have erotic fantasies. If people say that they have no erotic fantasies, then they are lying.
All that I now wrote to you, I would do the same with you. My sweet man. I have everything ready to fly to you. I think that soon we will be able to translate our dream into reality.
You excite me.
I'll think about you tonight.
Letter 6
Hello my ardent man Peter!
I want to start this letter with good news. I have everything ready for departure. And soon we will be able to enjoy our communication with you in real life. You know that I plan to fly to the capital of your country. I think that we could organize our meeting.
My documents are ready, my trip has already been paid. In Moscow, I will take my documents, and then I will choose the time for my flight.
I already collected all my things. Today I also went to the phone repair company. And then the bad news awaited me. My phone can not be restored, because the board was burned. And they told me that it would be easier to buy a new phone. Tell me, what is the cost of the phone in your country? They are expensive? But I'm not very upset because of this. Now I have in mind other thoughts and other priorities. I was promised that I would be paid a salary of $ 2,800. But this salary will be only while I will have an internship with them. But after the end of my internship, I will be paid more. But they did not tell me how much exactly. Say a salary of $ 2,800 is a good payment? or not? After the end of the internship which will last 3 months, I will have a choice, stay with you in the country or go back to Russia. I still have not decided what I will do. If I like to work there and everything will suit me. Maybe I'll stay there for a permanent place of residence. Can you tell about life in your country?
Tonight I'm going to take a bus to Moscow. And tomorrow I can write to you from Moscow. I think about you all the time, and about our meeting. And now my life is completely changing. And now my life is completely remembered. I'm a little worried about this. Because, this is the first trip to another country. I'm a little scared. But I hope for the best.
You know when I'm so worried, then for me the easiest way to relieve stress is sex.I bought you sexy women's underwear, at our meeting, you ripped him in passion. At the sight of your photo, I'm so excited, I want to quickly take off our clothes and be reunited. Now I do not have a partner who would help me do this. And I think that when I come home, I will do it myself. I'll think about you at this time. Now I need to go, because I still have unfinished work. I need to decide everything before I leave for Moscow.
I will wait for your passionate letter tomorrow.
Your Katya.
Letter 7
Hello my sweet Peter!
I was pleased to see your letter today. Because I did not get a good night's sleep, because I spent most of the night on the bus.
But when I saw your letter, it became much better.
Moscow is a very large city and it seems to me that here all people are spiteful. I went to the embassy and took the necessary documents for departure. But when I was at the embassy and received the documents. I was forced to undergo the necessary procedure. This procedure is passed by everyone who is going to fly to another country. This procedure is to completely check all the data and my debts. And it turned out, what I did not expect.I was told that I have a loan guarantee debt. And before leaving the Russian Federation, I need to close all fines and debts. Or I will not be released from Russia.
This is a mandatory procedure. My sweet. I learned that my friend. the whom I was a surety for her credit, did not pay credit taken in the bank and now because of her I can not leave Russia until I pay my outstanding loan and accrued interest for it. They told me that he did not pay the loan for 4 months. Now I can not contact her. She left for another city, because she found a man. and I do not have her address. And I will have to repay the loan, since I want to leave Russia for my passionate and sweet prince.
But now I do not have the full amount to repay this loan. I have some of the money I took with me. But this money is not enough to repay the loan. And now I'm in a very difficult situation. I'm certainly not pleased to ask you for help and maybe I should not do this. But, I have no choice. Because now I have no one to turn to.
my debt is $ 700. Now I have 200 dollars in my bag. And I do not have enough $ 500 to close the loan.
I can not leave the country. I understand that this is not your problem. But I appeal to you because now I do not see any other way out. If you refuse me then I will understand you.
Do not worry, I'll give you all the money when I land. Because I will be met at the airport by a curator. Which will give me money for the first month of residence. This will be $ 2,800. This is my monthly salary.
I would ask that he send me money to repay the loan. But he can not do it because they are in a special bank account. And access to them will be if only we together with him come to the bank.
This is done so that I do not have access to them until I get a job. And also, that my curator would not have direct access to my money.
It turns out desperate situation.. I think that you will not refuse me this help, although I understand that I should not ask you about it at all. But I hope that now I'm not an outsider to you, and I can count on your support. Because now I do not think about work, but I think only about you and our meeting.
Because I think that you are my future. I'll be waiting for your letter.
Letter 8
hi Peter!
I like receiving letters from you. How is the weather in your city? I'm interested because soon we can be together. I really want to be in your hands, and spend time with you. I want to give you all my love and affection. I want to fully enjoy you and your body. I think that you also want it.
I can promise you that the first night we'll spend with you.
You certainly will not be poured out. Because I will give you sleep.
My sweet already in the near future, I will be in your country. I'm very happy about that. My dear, now I do not have a bank account, because I closed it.
because I think that the bank account I will no longer need.
Because I no longer plan to return to Russia. I have nothing in Russia, and all my thoughts are only about you.
My love, I think it will be best to do the transfer of money through the ManiGram. It is a very popular company in all countries of the world. And you know about it.
My dear, here is my complete data , for the transfer of money through the ManiGram.
Full name: Ekaterina
Last name: Pavlovskaya
Country Russia
city Moscow
My love now you have my full data. In order to withdraw money from the bank , I also need your full data.
I need you to write me your full data. It is important.
Already in the near future I will be with you. If you knew how much I want to be with you. I have a lot of different thoughts in my head. about how we could spend time. I keep thinking about you all the time.
Yours Ekaterina!
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