Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Safina to Jim (Canada)
Letter 1
Nice and easy! I answer you later. I talk with my mommy.)
Letter 2
I'm sorry that I answer only now. I wanted to write a response to your letter earlier. But I could come to an Internet cafe just now. Yes, I write you from Internet cafe, here I got your e-mail address. Several days ago, they organized promotions and offers everyone single ladies getting contacts of single men from other countries. It was free. And so I was able to receive your e-mail. And from this internet cafe, I'll write you a letter, unless of course you will be interested in me! And if you will not do .... stupidity, because of which I could stop write you. And of course, I will also try not to do anything that would alienate you from me! In this letter, I have to tell a little about myself and my city. Where I live and what I do for living. And how can I communicate with you. So you may have answers to some questions. In my last letter I told you my name - Tanilya , as I said, I live and work in Serbia. This country, I hope you know, it is located in Europe. Neighbouring countries with mine country are Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. I do not think we should talk a lot now about my country, because all you want to know about my country is now available on the Internet. And I will also do this to learn about your country more. I am 31 years old, I never married, and I have no children. There were relations, but they all came to an end on because I was betrayed, or the man turned out to be .... as well in your country call those who do not have an own opinion? I think there is suitable word weak by character. And on this, I could not find a normal man, with whom I could establish a good relationship. And then I decided to look outside of my city and my country. I hope I'm lucky, and I'll find a decent man. I live in a small town Apatin, I work as private beautician and therefore have a free schedule. I can not say that my work is very interesting, but it allows me to be independent, and also self-sufficient. I think that this is enough. And now.... Now, since you wrote me a letter, it means you have an interest to know me better. Find out who I am? Why did I chose you? And what I want from our communication? And I think the one question I have already said a little before, telling you where I took the name of your mail from. Of course, your letter now does not mean that you will write me next. I think you still have questions, after which you will thoroughly resolve whether or not to continue the dialogue with me. Or stop now. But I hope that in this letter I will give you some answers, then you're already thoroughly decide to write me back or not. I'll start with the most important thing! I am real! And I think that this is one of the main thing! No! I don’t play games! No, I'm not breaking 'hearts, and no I'm not one of those, who plays with feelings. I read a lot about this, and I know about it. And I believe that it is not right to deceive people. And I will try in this and next letters to prove it to you that I am real. So I can prove it's not just by words. But do not misunderstand me, I'm going to do it, to prove that I am not a robot (smile), only when I know that it must be done! And of course I ask you the same. I want to see a serious attitude on your part. And then I'll do anything that you do not have any doubt in me, in my intentions, actions and words. Just want to note that I am not a stupid woman, I do not want to waste your time on the game. I want seriously to find a decent man. Well, or maybe a friend, whom I can trust! I can open up and not be afraid, my world, my thoughts and my life will be open to other people! And if you had a thought into an empty waste your and my time, I think that after this letter, you do not need to answer me again. I also want to note that you are not the first one whom I tried to write. I do not think I should have to hide from you this fact. But I want to say that the kind of person very much disappointed me. And so, I'll be careful now, since learning from my mistakes. Let me just say that he asked me for the photo, which I will not do ever! He wrote such things, that normal people do not ever be even about! And I stopped from writing him, just after a few letters. I hope that this time I did not make mistakes again. And you do not pervert, who just wants to see naked pictures. And I hope that you do not play on the two sides, that is, you are married and looking for a short intrigue! And really I hope that you are primarily a decent man! And a gentleman!

Perhaps, you want to call me by phone, talk in on skype, or facebook. But I do not have it. Internet is very weak in the Internet cafe as here is many computers. Besides, I have no profile on social networks, since it is require to spend in an Internet cafe a lot of time. I can not do it. And if this is a problem for you and you need it, I'm sorry, I can not give it to you. If for you it is very important, then you can stop writing me letters. The choice is yours. Regarding the phone, I have a usual cell phone. I use it for SMS and call my friends. And this phone works only inside of Serbia. This does not support the calls and messages from abroad.
And if we talk about our future communication, I prefer letters for first time! Emails will let me, and I think that will help you and as much as possible to open, and talk more about anything! In the future, when I get to know you better, I will look for other ways to communicate, I promise. Of course, I have some questions for you. What do you do for living? Where, in what place do you live? Why are you alone ? Are you satisfied with the communication from the letters? Now I need to finish this letter and go to work. Do not know if I'll see your letter again, when I come to Internet cafe next time, but I hope that I'll be in the cafe not in vain, and I will know you more, and just talk about myself, my interests and hobbies. What do I do in my spare time, and much more. But now, I say to you bye! And if you're interested in me, I beg you to add me to your favorites recipient for my letters always come to you, and as I have always been able to get yours. Tanilya
Letter 3
Today once again I see your letter, and that means ... That you are interested in me. And you want to know me better! And I think I should tell you more about myself, my interests, and some of my life, past life and present situation.
As I wrote to you in previous letter, I was born and now live in Serbia. Up to 17 years old, I lived with my mother and her man. My native father left us when I was 3 years old. The coward said that he was tired of family life, and that he needs freedom. For mom it was very difficult at that moment, but she got help! Her friend, who later became my stepfather and he replaced for me my father. Some time after that, my native father asked for forgiveness, and wanted to return to us. But mother could not forgive the betrayal, and so did I.
My stepfather took over my education, and gave me a lot of good in this life. He helped me in my childhood, taught how to ride bicycle, played with me much time. He even made for me soup, when I was sick. And I understood that he was not my native father, but I still call him “my dad”. And he also loves and helps all the time to my mother. And looking at this strong love, this happiness, I understood what is a real relationship and a real family should be. And I love it, and I love my mother. They are my family. In 17 years, they have helped me to collect the money and enter university. After finishing it, I moved to a city where I now live, work, and write a letters for you. It’s not a big city, but I like it. It’s quietly, calmly, and most importantly, a lot of good people who knows me. I think you understand what I mean ?! Or maybe you prefer big, noisy cities? My parents are living in another city, and I sometimes visit them. In my life there were men, and I had a relationship. But all of these relationships ended. The reasons were different. And if to take the main reasons, it’s that I was betrayed few times, and the fact that my man was not a real man .... How can I explain to you properly? The man is not someone, who only have male physical characteristics. As we know that there are gay's, there are a transvestite, I think it is very difficult to call them “men”! (I normally treat all and gay's and transvestites - it is their choice, their life). But I mean another men, who were in my life. Who could not perform their promises, afraid of serious relationships and were always dependent on the opinions of others people (friends, family or strangers). But I dreamed of and wanted to be near the real man. Who has it’s own opinion, his own views. I would like to be with such man and know that he will not betray me, do not strike me and will not hurt me. Such few usual things, and to admit, I think these men are not exist. Or am I wrong ? I really do not look at age of man at all (my stepfather elder my mom on 23 years), I understand, I see that it is absolute not important. And that age difference can not be a problem for me ever! Externality is also not a problem. As my friend said, "if a monkey suit in human clothes, it would not become a human!" And I agree with her. I look at the ideas, thoughts, at a glance, look at how a person communicates with me right now. And this is important for me. And only then, I be able to understand whether or not to start any relationship, or just stay friends. But it is very difficult ... very difficult to find someone, to whom I am ready could give everything what I have, totally myself. That's why I'm still single here and I do not have a family and kids. And I can’t say that I’m happy with everything. If I was now just 20 years old, or at least 23. So I would not look for man myself. But this loneliness ... this cold ... And the realization that my life goes and I just waste life time .. Being a single - it is really hard. Being alone is very painful. And I think you understand me. And despite the fact that I have friends, I have parents, I still feel a void in the soul, in my heart. And this feeling that this void has pushed me to do this act, to write you a letter. In the hope that I can find ... only. But even if I can not find happiness and love, I still will be glad to have new friend. Do you agree with me ? Communication, learn something new, someone new. See the look at this world of another person. It is informative and interesting! Do you agree with me ? As I said, I beautician, and I have a clients, who regularly use my services. And that’s why I have a free schedule of work, I will write you as soon as I have free time. In my last letter, you probably realized, that I like to write much. And I hope that you will do it. That you will find plenty of free time, and write me more about you, your interests, your past and present life. If you do not have a time or you do not want to communicate with me, then better do not start it now. I think that if you write 1 or 3 lines, it is ... it is not communication. Just imagine, if I'll come in internet cafe to write you long letters, to talk about myself, my day, and in return I will receive just a few words ... Do you think it would be normal? I think, if I write so dew, you would not be pleased, and you would not be of interest to write me again !? Concerning me and my free time, I spend it at home or do a walk. I have meetings with friends and go on a visit to my friends. I do sports, read a lot. During the warmer I like to ride a bicycle. And just as it is my main transport. I had a car before, but I started to afraid drive. I saw the accident, which happened next to me, there no one hurt, but once I saw it, I had a fear of driving a car. And so, I sold it, and began to ride a bike. Especially in my small town the car does not need so much, such as in big cities. And it is much healthier to make walking or bicycle. I do not drink alcohol frequently. But I can afford on holidays wine or champagne a few glasses. In the past, in the years of study I smoked cigarettes, but then I dropped it. And during more than 12 years, I do not smoke. I listen to music. I prefer the classic music. My dream is to learn to play the piano and violin. I know that I can realize this dream, but sometimes I do not have enough time to attend music lessons. I love the nature, picnics. I know how to cook good, but since I'm alone, do not often do this at home, and I always have a meal at one of the cafes. But in the evening be sure to cook supper, and dessert. My height is 176 centimeters, my weight is 48 kg. I was born June 29, 1986. My zodiac sign Gemini. I think that you have enough information to begin to get to know me. And most importantly, it will enable you to understand me better and understand if you want to chat with me now? Just I hope that you will tell me about you. Your family, your hobbies, how you spend holidays? And what do you like to do in your spare time? Now again I put a photo in my letter and I will wait for your answer. And just I hope that you send me your photo. Have a nice day! Tanilya
Letter 4

Cup of coffee, sweet dessert and your letter. This is really good day today. I hope that this will continue the same way (smile). It's nice to learn something new, get to know you better. And to know the world in which you live, your thoughts. It’s as if I open a new world for myself. And I really like it. And I very much hope that my words, my letters will bring you also much pleasure and a smile on your face. As it now occurs to me (smile). Especially I like to write letters. At this moment, when I write you a letter, I can comprehend a lot. Pondering every word, every thought. So, not to talk nonsense, as it can be in a telephone conversation. Although this, too, has its own charm, a person may not be perfect (smile). To make mistakes it is most of human quality, to do silly things or look ridiculous. But in the letters can not be silent, as in the case of a telephone conversation, when you do not know what to say and what to talk about. You can write one letter a few minutes or can spend for it several hours. Thinking over every sentence. And deciding what to say to that one, who will read it. In this case, I think of what to say to you Jim. I do not know how it’s about you, but the phone calls I do not understand. The call may be at the wrong time, when you can not speak or say a few words, that's all. Is this communication? That's all come to an end. Is not it ? How often do you talk on the phone? And if you spend a lot of time talking on the phone? And how much time do you spend to write me a letter? It is much better to have a real meeting, live chat, see the interlocutor, his emotions, to feel it all. But in our case we don’t have such opportunity. And it will be better to use letters for a wile. Time will show what we will get further, but for a while I think our letters is good way to know each other better.

In our correspondence, I will by all means try to prove on the words that you can trust me. I want you to remove any possible doubts, and not be afraid to open up to me. And you should do not fear that I may do hurt you. No, this never happen. I promise, that I will not lie to you or deceive. Because I know myself how it’s hurts. I know how difficult it is to collect "pieces of a broken heart”. And I understand how difficult then again to believe and trust to people. And to be alone again. And also I do not want you to ask of anything. Of course in addition to communication, understanding and trust. That's a lot for you? I hope no! At the same time, I want to get more confidence in you. I want to learn and to trust you. I need to understand that I can share with you absolutely all of my thoughts, feelings and plans. And if we can get it, then we can become very close people. I understand that it will take some time. I'm ready for it, and you (smile)? Or do you have some kind of hurry? And yet, I really do not know what these letters will lead to, maybe it will be a love relationship or a very good friendship. But, in any case, we will not be alone. Although now, I have received from you a fourth letter, and I think I am not alone already, as it was before the time, when I wrote my first letter to you. That is, even now, I think a few minutes what I need to write you? What to talk about, and if I talk to you on the phone? (Smile) we would have kept silent? (smile). But you know my situation with phone. But I’m sure that later, when we learn each other better, I will find a way to call you and hear your voice. Of course in my life, in the past were, and now there are a lot of interesting things. Moments, that I was willing to share with you. Thoughts and feelings. I want to tell you about myself more. About my day, about my friends. About losses, and joy. About friends, who supported me in difficult times, and the people, who betrayed me. About my family. And of course, about the world, I do not see how it see most of other people. And I just need to know that you've already to know it! My feelings are now enough closed. I do not want to talk about them, especially on the third date (smile). Let's call it so. Third big letter it is as the third date. I know that many people on the third date in reality have to wake up in the same bed. And someone even after the first date. (Smile) But I want to be different. Not to be as everybody. Because I'm real .... And because I want to find a man, only one for all my lifetime! But I’m sure, that if we continue to learn each other better I be able to become more open for you. I think you understand, that from the first letters I can’t tell you at once everything about me. In this phrase, I thought I should finish my letter, and I'll wait for your answer again. And I hope that I will see him very soon. Sorry, that my letter is not so informative today, I just tried to tell you how I see all this now, how I feel and what I want. So I hope that in your next letter you will tell me more about your life, how it goes there. What interesting things happens with you this days? Maybe you have some interesting thoughts after reading my letters. You know, I always glad to know it, all this helps me to learn you better. I wish you good day and that soon you will write me again.
I really like our correspondence and want it to develop further.
Bye. Tanilya
Letter 5
Jim, today I want to start my letter with one really good proverb. Hope you will agree with it. So here it is: "Without knowing the past of person, you never know him very well!"
That's what my stepfather used to say, when he was preparing me for life in this world. Giving good and useful advices, and trying to grow me in who I am now. My view of the world. He
often told me about his own life, told me about some funny things. And for me it was like a fairy tales for the night. He is not my genetic father, but he is a real man, who raised me, taught me a life, educated me. He helped us, and loves us very much. He loves my mother, and I ... I became his daughter. And I will always consider him as my real father. And now I think, that I need to tell you more about my past. So that way you could know me better! (Smile). When my real father left us, it was very difficult time for us. Mom could
hardly buy food to feed me. And she herself could not have even a few days to have a rest. She understood that at any moment they could take me away and take me to the orphanage. She was afraid of this! And it used to happen that I saw how she cried at night, how painful it was! But God heard her. Her friend learned about what happened, he came to us. My mother did not want to accept his help at first. But I never forget that day. He looked at her, and said: "If you do not need my help, then think about your daughter" And he turned his head to me, and I looked at him. And for the first time I realized that this man was warm and decent. I wanted that he stay with us. But who will listen to the little girl, who saw this man only several times before(a smile)?. And then, Mom accepted his help. He began to come more often, holidays, my birthdays. He started to bring food, sometimes he gave money to my mother. But every time she did not want to take anything. And he left it, or put it not noticeably in her bag. At first, she was surprised, but realizing where it all came from ... I began to notice how my mother and our life changed. We began to live better. Mom began to smile, and her tears at night I already did not see again. And one day ... (Smile). Once I saw how they kissed. Since that moment he appeared in our house till their first time, before this kiss was over a year. They were at first scared that I would be angry, or that I would be against it. But no (smile). I hugged him, and told him not to leave us! And he stayed. Stayed with us. I did not think that another person, a stranger to us, could become a native. He helped me in my studies, helped me in everything. And when here it was not a calm time and I heard explosions, and shots, he was next to us. ( I mean the terrible things that were in my country in 1999, I mean bombing of my country ). He hugged us tightly, and said that everything will be fine! That he will not let us go, and will always be with us. That no one will harm us! And I believed, we believed him! And we knew that if he said so, then his words are not empty sound! And that he will take care of us until the end. He was near, next to us. I was terribly scared when I heard all this. Shots, and screams. This was really scary. Now it's in the past, but many people remember those days, that few months of fear. A few months of hell. And we were very happy when all this hell was over. About that time we began to forget, and began to walk more in nature, my mother and my stepfather worked, in the evenings we watched movies, read books. And they told
funny and interesting moments. He also loved to read, and probably he gave me this love for books. We went for walks, went to nature, and spent time together, always! And I still like to do all this in my spare time. I mean to read books, to go for a walk in the park. I don’t like to spend my spare time in big, noises companies of people. I prefer to spend it alone or with my 1-2 of friend somewhere in cafe or to go to see some movie. I think it much better than go to night clubs, drink alcohol and not remember anything in the mornings. So maybe I’m not modern and typical girl, but I’m who I’m and I don’t want to hide it. I really don’t like to be impersonal part of the crowd. I’m enough original and individual. Of cause I think there is something that I still need to learn, maybe make some changes in my character or do some other work above myself. But I think for all this I need to have near to me the person, who will love me and support in all my beginnings. For a while I think I have no reasons to change anything. But I really want to have this changes and because of this I wrote you my first letter. So let’s back to my life when I was much younger. At that time, my native father, well "rested" from us began to come again and again to us, and say that everything will be fine, so that we must forgive him. But we did not believe him. I will never forgive him! I will not forgive him for leaving us, when I was a little girl. I will not forgive his for not coming to us when it was the worst time in my country! He did not remember us .... So we told him “good bye forever” and asked him to never appear in our life’s again. Years passed, and I finished school and went on to study further. My specialty is a cosmetologist. But I could not immediately work on this profession. I worked for the first time in a small firm. Papers and figures. Typical office work .... every day was the same as previous. It was very boring (smile). It was at work that I met my first love. I was 21 y.o. that time. I thought that I would be happy, but it turned out that he likes to drink alcohol. And when I wanted to tell him that he had to stop, I got a blow on my cheek. After collecting the things, I left him. And I did not see him again. I left that work. I changed some jobs after that. Also began to be afraid of new relations. But over the year, I healed my wounds. Also I thought to find a normal relations again. But communicating with men, not everyone caused me interest. There were only small meetings, but then the cafe and nothing serious. I already started how to learn and understand men better. I remembered the advices of my stepfather and began to apply it in my life. And everything began to become more better in my life then. One more time I understood that my stepfather was really wise and clever man and I’m really grateful to him for everything. After some time, I met another man, he was the director of the beauty salon, I wanted to get a job there. He was 23 years older than me, then I was 23, and he was 50. And I did not pay attention to it, I never considered the age as a problem for the relationship and that’s why I already wrote you about it. We talked for a long time, I recognized him. I began to trust, and something warm and nice arose between us, really good feelings. Which began to grow fast. We have been together for more than 1.5 years. He gave me everything, he had money, expensive things. But again I did not succeed in that relations. And to be honest, life has taught me another good lesson again! I did not come "in time" from my parents, I came a few days earlier to our apartment, wanted to make a surprise for him ! What I saw there, do not tell (smile), but the picture was like in a trivial
melodrama about treason. He probably thought that giving me some values, money, I'll turn a blind eye to all that he can do. But I'm not one of those who value money! I'm one of those who appreciate feelings, care, understanding. I did not arrange a scandal, and did not even collect any of my things. I just left him.... Since that time I absolute sure, that I really need in relations. And that some material things, like money, expensive presents, all this is not important for me. Maybe this one more reason to tell that I’m not like most of modern girls. But I don’t care about it. Sitting on the street, and wiping away tears, I decided that I would not have any more relations at all! What it’s much better to be alone than to feel again what I experienced. I did not want to have a broken heart again. And my trust in men has disappeared! I got in the car and drove off. I did not even think where I need to go. I was afraid to go to my parents. Did not want to upset them. I just went along the road. And at some point, I remembered that my friend called me a long time ago to visit her! So, I went to her. By the way, I'm sending you with this my letter the picture where me and she together. Sabina, and her daughter met me! I have not seen them for a long time, and I was happy to meet them again. Embracing, and kissing Sabina, I went to their house. They lived together. I just know that her man was killed few years ago. After telling her everything, she told me that I can stay with her as long as I need. And I agreed. I found a job, or rather I found a client who addressed to me. I saved up some money and began to rent the apartment myself. After it everything began to get better. There were new friends, who helped me. They brought their friends to whom I helped in my specialty. Someone's got a wedding, and I had to do make-up and hairstyle until evening. Some children have finished school, graduation. But I think that this is not very interesting for you. Makeup, cosmetics, hairstyles (smile). This is interesting only for girls. (smile). So for while I still live in a rent apartments, it’s not very big, but enough for me. Some time ago I thought that I need to start save money for my own apartments. But then I sat and began to think, if I really want to spend the rest of my life here, in this country with some new man, who will again bring me disappointment? And answer “NO” to myself. So I decided just to live as I was living before and to see, what the time will bring to me. And again after time, I began to understand that life goes so fast. I have friends, but they are all girls. And this lack of male attention .. this loneliness, made me forget about my promise to be alone forever. And so I wrote you my first short letter. Maybe I just say silly thing, and you do not believe it. But when I walked in the Internet cafe, I looked at my feet, and thinking about what I need to get acquainted with a man, something stopped me. Raising my head, I saw an advertisement that an Internet cafe make a promo action, introduces lonely people to another lonely people from different countries. And I ..... (Smile). Something pushed me there, and I went. I was given several addresses, and they helped me to write a first letter. You answered me!
As I said, I will not hide that others man also wrote me before you, but now they are all deleted, because I told you, their requests, their words were not cultural, and they ... I do not even want to think about it . Now I'm glad that you are present in my life. And that I can share my life with you. Ahhhh, I think my “not a big" letter (smile), it does take you much time to read it (smile). But I already told you that I love writing. And if I do not write so much, you do not recognize me better. So I hope you were interested to read this my big letter and soon I will see your comments about it. Hope you also be able to tell me more about your childhood, about your family and some of your relations with woman, which you had before. Maybe you could tell me, what you understood for your self from your past, what kind of decisions you accepted for yourself? Of cause if you are not ready to share with me some personal things I be able to understand it. I will come every day to the Internet cafe, except Sunday. And I will always answer you! If you write me the same way, and you want to communicate with me!
Have a nice day (Smile)! Tanilya
Letter 6
I feel aroma of coffee, this soft taste. And a hot croissant in my hand. Your new letter Jim. Having time for a some break, I happily came in the internet cafe. I really wanted to believe that you would answer me today, again. I wanted to see your letter. I wanted to tell you more about myself and my life. About my day and how I spend my time here. Why do I want this? I myself do not know the answer to this question (smile). But I think that everything is very simple .... Reading your words, I see that you understand me. And for someone it will seem like a trifle, but for me ... if someone understands me, then this is already means a lot. I want to communicate with such person, to be friends, to recognize this person. And now I want to know you more. Tell you more about myself either. Of course, I could continue to tell you a lot about my past, small details, mistakes that made me stronger. But I see no reason to go into such subtle details, remembering all the little things. No. I live today, I live now. And rely on the fact, that when something happened to me, the past already not be changed, which can not be fixed .... And I do not want to do it. I'm here, I'm real, and I live now, these days and this time. I understand all the value of every moment in my life. And it does not matter if I made a mistake somewhere, I'm just learning on this. And if I would be afraid of making a mistake again, any mistake, even small, then I be not able to live in the future. I would afraid only that something bad may happen again, what happened in the past. With these words, I just tell you again, it does not matter what happened in my life before, and I know that some of it was really hurt, that I was betrayed, and the disappointment that I found out. All this remains in the past. And do not be afraid of the past ever. And how it is in your life? Do you often remember your past? Do you remember only nice situations or also your sad experience? How often do you do it? In my life there are many acquaintances. Most of them are good people, sometimes we meet together. Sitting in a cafe not far from my home. Or we all get together and celebrate holidays. But there are also those friends, who have become a part of me, my life. Those, to whom I can trust, who is ready to "give a hand," and without thinking about what to help in a difficult moment. Such as my friend Sabina. Before everything that happened to me, she was very close to me, we were friends from an early age. But after all that she did for me, when I needed it, after her help, she became my sister, whom I never had. But about which I dreamed when I was a child. Do you have such close friends? I think that every person should have such a friend. She knows a lot about me, as I know about her. She knows about you, and about writing letters to you. And to admit, she is not very happy about this. Assuring me that this is not anything good will be at the end. Of course, I understand her anxiety. And I know the reason for this alarm! But still I have my own thoughts, and my own opinion. And realizing that if I made a mistake, I already did it! And there is still no way back. I can stop writing letters to you, but now ... now I do not want this. I think that time, words, our letters will let us know whether we make a mistake or not. But for this it is necessary to wait (smile). This morning, I started the day with hot tea, and a cherry pie. My morning for me starts at about 6:00 – 6:10 AM. I like to wake up early. Shower, tea. After the morning continues with a short run. I like to run, I like to listen to my favorite songs in my player, and enjoy running. At the time when I go in for sports, my thoughts are pure, I do not try to think of anything. I just hear my favorite songs. Classics, or some Rock. And I'm as if I'm leaving this world, and running in my empty, imaginary, my world. Especially since early in the morning very few people are outside. And I like it. I do not run every day, I do it 3-4 times per week. I also go to the gym 2 times a week. Sport helps me to be concentrated, and also to watch for myself, and my figure (Smile).
After the shower again, I have not much time to choose the outfit for the day. And I'm ready to go to work again. Of course, if I have a record for morning receptions. If there are not, I can do housework, cook or clean up. Or sitting in a chair, and crunching an apple to enjoy the lines from a new book. What have I been reading lately? (smile). “Beautiful Bastard”, yes this book aroused interest in me. (smile). I think it's worth reading the rest of this collection (smile).
And what do you read? What genre do you prefer? Also, today I will go to visit Sabina, I promised to visit her. In our last meeting, we met on the street. She wanted to talk, but I did not have much free time. I had to go to one very unhappy standing client, who could not stand being late. And realizing that I was already so late for more than 5 minutes, I just said that I would definitely visit her soon. So, tonight I have plans. I think we'll be at her house. Or maybe we'll go and take a walk. The evening promises to be good. But I do not want to guess.... I can not say that I'm doing something interesting in this life. A story about which could cause you a rapture, or a strong interest. Work and home, rare meetings with friends. Friends have their own lives, children, husbands, families. And it's hard to be lonely in such companies. And at home ... sometimes I did not even know what to do with myself? But when I’m at home, I still know what I can do. I think about what to write in my letter to you. Well, it's time for me to go.
I'll wait for your letter again, and today I'll think about what else I could tell you so that you .... you recognized me better! Perhaps now it has appeared, something interesting in my life... maybe it’s our letters ?! Tanilya
Letter 7
Our time is running Jim. With each new letter, we get to know each other more and more better. And every letter tells us something new and interesting. More details of our life’s, our past and present. Some moments, that allows us to understand, how much we have gone through in this life. How much we understood, learned, and experienced. How many things we have missed and how many mistakes done. How many people would like to change something in their past (smile)… But we understand that it is impossible. You can not change the past. And so we need to change, build the present and think about the future. Make it really happy, without making the same mistakes. When I saw my friend for the last time, we were lucky that the weather was really fine. And we went for a walk. I suggested her to take a walk in the street. And on the way, we decided to go to the cafe. Our conversation was about different things, I think that I should not write everything that we talked about. There were different topics: fashion, and some moments that were with us before, remembering some funny cases. But I think that I should tell you in details our conversation, which was in the cafe, where we were sitting. Just understand, Sabina she is like a sister for me, I already told you about this. She helped me, she did not leave me, when it was very hard for me. And I listen to her advice, but I still do what I think is right. And she understands this. She just wants me to hear her, and so I would not make her mistakes. When we were at the cafe, and ordered juice, and salads, she began to ask me about you. About our communication. And it was very important for her to know this. She has her own reason to worry about me. And I knew this her secret. I knew, and I could not tell you about this before. Until she lets me tell you it. And yet, she was at first opposed, but realizing that without this you can not understand her, why she is so strongly against our communication. And so she agreed that I could tell you about what happened to her some time ago! She was one of the first who started using the Internet cafe, she also found herself a man from another country. And they ... they fell in love with each other. She talked about herself, about her daughter. And he said that he loved her very much, and her daughter also, and was ready to come after them, to take them back to his country! I remember how glad she was! She was happy, and she told me a lot about him. That he was from Germany, that he sent her flowers. And also sent some small gifts. But some of them did not reach ever, because of the bad work of our ordinary mail. And later some time, he told her that he would come to our country. She was glad to know this, prepared, and waited. He came, brought some papers with him, said that these papers would be needed for her to fly back together to his country. And all the time he tried to go to bed with her. She understood this, but did not allow it. She afraid that this may be just a game of words, deception. And if she knew that she was right already then, then there would not be the pain that she had. Yet, he could promise her everything, and she could not resist. What else can you expect from a girl, who loves, such girl is ready for everything (Smile), if only to believe in this, in these words. But 10 days later, he packed up his things and was preparing to fly away from her. When she tried to stop him, to find out what happened, why he did this to her? He beat her, and said she was a dirty whore. And that he does not care about her. And that he just wanted is to sleep with her and have sex. He told her this, laughing at her when she was crying, that if she had not slept with him here, he would have taken her to his place, raped her, and threw her out into the street, like an unnecessary thing. When you hit, it hurts, but the pain goes away. The bruise will disappear. But when somebody broke your heart, crushed your dreams, and humiliated ... this pain will never pass, and she knows it as no other. And I know it. Only now she decided that there will be no more relations in the future. And I ... I still believe that not all men are so bad! After that situation, she went to the police, and tried to punish him. But all is unsuccessful. Our corrupt police did not want to work, the same as the police of his country. They already had enough problems with immigrants at that time. That's why, my friend is afraid for me. And why she was against our communication. But I still think I should try it. As I said, "if you are afraid of the past, you be not able to live in the future!" Also, I would like to know from you a few details, small details. Which are important for me.

1) What is important to you in this life? ( For me, to live so that not to regret that I did, and how I lived my life)
2) Do you want to have a strong family? (Yes, I do very much and it’s my main goal for this moment)
3) What about religion? Can you call yourself very religious? (I'm Catholic, but I do not go to church very often, and I read the Bible. I do it when I feel like it.)
4) What do you expect from our letters, and our communication? (Friendship or relationship, I do not hide that I'm ready for anything. But most of all I want serious, love relations).
5) What is your most favorite food? (I love all the cuisines of the world, I love vegetable salads and salads with chicken as “Cesar”, fish and meat soups, this is one of my favorite dishes). And so, I will answer you if you write me your questions in the same way, in order. Then I immediately pay attention to it, and answer you to them. Of course, if I did not answer it before! Understand, I do not think that I should say to you the same things several times (smile). And so, you will ask me about something that I will consider too early to discuss with you, maybe some intimate things, then I will not answer them, sorry. Now we are just friends. And the feelings that are between us enough interesting, a little flirtation, and knowing each other. I think you agree with me ?! Of cause I’m sure, that we will develop it by the best way together. But for this necessary more time.
Now I finish my letter and I'll wait for your answer.
Kisses Tanilya
Letter 8
I came to internet cafe, I look again at your letter, and before I read and answer it, I'll take a cup of coffee again. I really like to read it and drink coffee or tea. This moments time goes very slowly and I totally dipping in our correspondence. And whole around world stop to exist for me for this moment. How much I am tired today. Believe me Jim, first I even thought about missing this day, and not writing you. But still, I had to warn you about my decision. But since I'm already here, I think that I can answer your letter, write a little bit about my day, and then go home to have a rest well. Home? I have one more client, but I think that I will manage quickly, and then, of course, go home. (smile). Yes, this my day was not so ordinary. At first, I was sprayed by a car (Smile), then I had to listen to 2 hours of the story of one annoying girl, who spends her husband's money, and thinks it's fine (smile). Trying to prove to me how hard it is for her to live. If she only knew how it's sometimes really hard to live! Is not it? I never understood such girls. They do not like to understand that they ... were bought. I can not find other words! Yes, rich guys may buy any of such girl, and when they bore their "toy", then what do they do? Of course, they throw it away. And what can she do next? Alone? Not knowing how to do anything? Not having any life or work experience. They are like an old dolls, which left somewhere in basement and the children do not want to play with them anymore, as they have grown up or bought a new dolls. It was also suggested to me (a smile), to live in a "golden cage". But I know that this is not real life. Of course, expensive things, cars, gifts. It's nice, but to be a doll in the hands of a person who does not really appreciate you, who absolute don’t care for you and your feelings ... I do not want that. And I always sent such man “far away”. No, I believe that I can buy and I can do a lot for myself. Clothes, some values. But to go to bed with a man, who does not attract you, and even so that you do not appreciate either. For which you are only today .... doll. No, I'd rather be alone all my life than will be a whore. But, alas, I can not say such words to my client to her face. Because she pays me well for my work. And in my profession there are often such clients, who try to show me that all the money, cars, and values they earned themselves. (smile). Well, if they think so, then let it be so (smile). I don’t care. Maybe you also have some interesting cases to tell me from your past? Some strange of funny people you could meet? But still, today after that client, I had a very bad headache. After it I had a few more clients, but I have been working with them for a long time, and we do know each other well. We usually talk about cooking, fashion, news in our or some other city! Someone got married, someone left for another city. Gossip, news. Everything as usual girls. Even strange, when I went to an Internet cafe, I did not have any mood at all and so much tired, but when I started writing this letter to you, I noticed that I was smiling more (smile). Maybe you raise my spirits and my thoughts of you! I think after my last letter, you could understand, why my friend is against you and our communication. And why I'm afraid of all this a little bit. Yes, it's true (smile). I am afraid that ...... I thought, I'm sorry. I just wanted to write that if we suddenly fall in love. But I think it's too early to talk about this! Yes! I should not have written about this now. Sorry. I just write my thoughts, which are in my head. And I know that I can’t remove it and it’s better to write now. I should not tell you about it. But I believe that letters were created to persons could be more open. And I do not want to hide anything. I just said my thoughts (smile). Is it not legal (smile)? Yes, you may also have fear, and I have it. But I think that we can trust each other. Especially from you I do not have a headache, and that already means a lot (smile).
Jim I'm very pleased to read your letters, come to the Internet cafe, write you about my day, about my feelings (sigh), and talk to you. Of course, this is very strange, but I feel good when I know that you are. It's a strange feeling. No, this is not love. I'm sure of that (smile). But this, it seems, is some kind of connection, as if we knew each other for a very long time, and met again. Did not you have that feeling? Therefore, in any case, I'm ready to trust you and try to make our communication even more open. So, how quickly time flies, I soon again have to go to another client. And so, I understand that I need to finish my letter now. But for some reason the fatigue that was in the beginning passed, the smile does not leave my face. And I ... I just want to say thank you, thank you that you are. Thank you for writing me, and that you understand me. Thank you for so good understanding. I really want our communication not finish. And if I suddenly do not see your letter, I will be very worried ....
Well, enough, time, time, time. I have to go. Bye, have a nice day. Write me soon. Tanilya P.S. . In my previous big letter I asked you a several questions. I done it, because I was hoping that this way I can get to know you better and we be able to become closer to each other on one more step. But in your today letter, I could not see that you answered my questions.
Letter 9
Jim, today I would like to tell you one interesting things. I like to stand next to the window at night, when all people are sleeping. Not turn on the light in the room, look at the starry sky, enjoying this beauty. This silence. At such moments, I understand a lot, and I try to think about something. I remember the past, I think about the future, and I return to the present. I look at my life, and see and think, what I have in this life. Few people could say, that they does the same. Very few people, who are thinking now (smile). Reflects, and tries to find the right way through life.
For many people, this is a waste of time. But not for me! Time. It does not wait for anyone. Time never stops, and does not turn back. And I already told you about this. But today, I had such sad night. I could not fall a sleep for a long time, and decided to look out the window, again to see the starry sky. It was not so bright because of the clouds, but still, it has not lost its beauty. We miss our time, life moments that could change us, and our future. But often we were afraid, often we doubted…. and whether it is necessary to do this at all ?! And these fears always stopped us. You, me, everybody. And now we do not understand that the time that flows so is not noticeable, one day it will stop for us. Our time will stop. And we both understand this. I do not want to scare you. I just want to tell you my thoughts, that were in my head last night. And you know, I'm afraid of it. I'm afraid that I will not be able to enjoy this life, I be not able to be happy, I will not be in time in necessary place. That I can not realize my dreams. And this fear tormented me all night, I tried not to think about it, forcing myself, I told myself! But if the mind has found an idea, then it will not get rid of it (smile). And no matter how hard I tried, I did not succeed. These thoughts were with me, and they tormented me, my mind. All I want in this life ..... I want to have a family, my own family. And that you understand that for me family is not just a marriage. No. The family is where you want to be, and with you the ones whom you love. And those who love you. Who care of you, who loves for that you just exist. This is a real family. What do you want, do you want the same family ? Or maybe you have some ideas about what family should be? It is difficult to write this letter today, since on my face does not appear a smile. I'm tired. Perhaps, not a snap of sleep makes itself felt, and for this reason today I have a sad and sullen letter (smile). Or is all my pain coming out? I do not want this to "hurt" you with my words or make you sad. But I told you that I have nothing to hide, and that I will reveal myself to you, and trust! That’s why I’m writing you everything what is in my head, in my thoughts, in my heart. I hope you are not against it? Maybe you are not interested in such kind of sad letters from me? I'm tired of being strong, tired of fighting, going forward, and trying to find my happiness! I beg you, I do not want to offend you and I hope that you will correctly understand my words. I really like you very much, you understand me, and you are not like everyone else! And I even thought that we could start communicating on a new level, on a new "stage" of relations. But when this thought occurred to me, I was afraid to tell you about it. I was afraid that you would laugh, I fully understand that these are just letters for now. And I'm not sure that you ... you feel these letters, these words just the same as me. I know and understand how hard it is for you maybe to believe me, my words. Some strange girl, who suddenly appeared in your life (smile). But I ... I do not want to hurt you. Even more so when I understand you, and I know that this will mean it to you. But in the depths of your heart, in your soul, I feel there may be some doubts. Sometimes I feel this fear, that maybe you think I’m not a real. But you know, that not a real girl could not put so many feelings, ideas into letters, these words that you can feel, when you read this, read me, my letters. And by this I'm trying to get your trust, total trust. Since I already trust you ..... I did not want to say this, but my friend keeps discouraging me from communicating with you all the time. But I do not want to listen to anyone. This is my decision, my life, and if I make a mistake, it's only me who is to blame, and no one else! And I'm not afraid of anything anymore. It will not be more painful, I already know for sure. Today I am confused in my thoughts. So much I would like to tell you, and already told. But realizing that this ... this will only make me have feelings for you, other feelings than just friendship. I understand that I can not do this step. I want to, but ... but do you want this yourself? Could you at least believe a lot and trust me? Could you feel my warm in my letters, the warmth that I feel for you? Or all this for you just words and you don’t feel anything after reading it? I understand that probably you may say it’s stupid, and this my letter will only push you away! Maybe ?! And maybe it will change something for the sure? But I'm telling you this, because I understand that the time that passes in my life, I will not be able to return. And that I do not want to be lonely anymore, and that I'm feel so cold and lonely here! I want to be happy. And you ? Perhaps, I should finish this letter on this. Should I send it to you or just delete and write another one? I've been thinking about this for a enough long time. But still, I'll click "send". And what will happen next ? I do not know myself........
Have a nice day! Tanilya
Letter 10
I don’t want to hide, but I was really afraid to go to an internet cafe today! Fear was in me all this time, since my last letter. My mind struggled to stop me and repeat in my head again and again that I should not write you about my feelings for your letters, for you personally. Fear, that because of my words in the last letter, I can ruin our communication with you, fettered me, my thoughts. And I could not get rid of this fear in any way. Destroy this friendship, which I treasure. I was afraid that it would happen! Yes, I already told you that I like writing letters to you, reading, and knowing you better with each new letter. But I also said that I want something more! I ..... I have the warmest feelings for you, and I do not understand this feelings even now till the end! How can a person make my heart beat so much being at a big distance, and only with the help of letters? How can a man cause a mad interest in me? How do I, having so much sad experience in real life, may fall in love with someone I never seen in real? My mind, it's like "boiled." And so many thoughts are in my head, that I had to comprehend, and understand .... find answers to all so important questions. And I had to do it in the shortest possible lines. Today I did not have much job. And it allowed me to find the right solution for everything! Find the right answers. It happened, I told you what I wanted to say! What I felt, what was trying to go out of me! Emotions, which I had to restrain! But I understand that if I did not do it in my last letter, then I would do it later anyway. So why was need to wait? What would have been changed then? I think nothing. I made the right decision, that I did not hide something from you. I promised you that I would write you everything, my thoughts, my feelings, emotions. That I will open for you, I will trust you. Now you understand that my words were not empty. (smile). I still think, that now you are reading this and maybe not understand, what I’m trying to tell you and why do I tell you all this ? Took a deep breath. Now I began to read your letter, and I realized in it .... that you ... we are with you ... How difficult it is to find the right words now. Probably I need to take a short pause, read your letter again. I'll take my coffee, and continue to write this letter. When I just sat on a chair and started to open my mail, I heard my heart! I heard this furious blows, and it seemed to me that it was about to burst out. And I did my best to calm it down. I was breathing deeply, closing my eyes, and I said to myself "so that it does not happen, what kind of answer does Tanilya wait for you, it will not be worse for you." And only after these words, I began to read your letter. And with each line, I realized that you feel the same feelings for me, as I have for you. Your words, your thoughts. As if you took them from me, from my head and wrote it! How can this be? I never imagined that it was possible! In it's just not realistic to believe. But it's true. This is reality. And this happens to us!
An indescribable connection between us has attracted us all this time. I understand that we have not seen each other yet. But I .... I fell in love with your thoughts, your words. And if I tell this to someone of my friends, they will tell me that I'm crazy! Moreover, now I do not want to tell my best friend anything about it! She will definitely tie me in, and will not let me go to the internet cafe again to read your letter, and write you (big smile). Of course it's a joke, but first I want to sort it out myself, and only then, if necessary, she will find out about our words, our feelings, and my decision. What are we doing with you now? (Smile). We have just could know each other enough! Has this really happened? Did I fall in love with a person, who is now in another country !? Heck. And I am amazed! (Smile). I agree if it was in the movie! Or the stories from the book. But when it's all real, and it's happening to me. A million thoughts are in my head now. And how difficult it is to accept everything. You know Jim. For myself, I have already decided a lot. You were that piece of puzzle in my soul that I did not have. I do not hide it. What will happen next it is not so important! I think I should spit on everything. On the opinions of others, on the thoughts that try to stop me. I live today, I live now. And now I'm happy, really happy with you. I am happy that in my life you are. Crazy Love!? If so, then I'm ready for this. Be happy on the distance. It's much nicer than being alone all the time! I already do not have that coldness in my heart. There you are, I am. And we began to take steps towards something new, new for us. We do not run! But we will not stand on one place either! Now we have changed only one moment, but perhaps we will change our whole life ?! Now I'm going to finishing my letter, and I'll wait for your answer. I can not believe that now I will write these words again .... I love you Jim. As if I emerged from the depths of the ocean, and swallowed fresh air. How nice to say it! How nice to write this! I'm sure that now you, sitting at home, hear how hard my heart is beating (smile). Tanilya
Letter 11
What's a beautiful day today, since I got your letter. I liked all what you wrote me. Your thoughts about our feelings are very important to me. I need to know this in order to understand .... to understand you, to know more, more better, more deeper! And also it was probably my most enjoyable moment in my job today. And I'll tell you all about it in detail, because I believe that it will be very interesting for you! I hope so. But for beginning I want to say, that I'm glad to see your words, I'm glad that you understood me, and accepted what I told you. That you accepted my feelings, what I think about you, and what I really feel for you. This is not a joke and not a dream, not a game, and not an empty words. This is reality. I have feelings for you, warm, and caring. I know what I'm talking about! And I can not be wrong. And I know that we took the first step, confessed to each other in sympathy, feelings. But I want you to understand that we do not have to rush with it! I still have a lot to learn about you. And you have to decide a lot, consider everything. And we both understand that we need a meeting. But not now. No! I hope, that you will understand, and you will be patient. I will not hide that every letter will bring us closer to this moment, but in any case we need some more time. We still have much to discuss and understand some important things! Understand that means for you these feelings, what do you want from this relationship? What do you value and how do you see our future? And of course I must answer these questions for myself! Saying "I love you", especially writing it in a letter, it's enough easy. For many people, this is an empty words. Which only may speaks about sympathy, and nothing more. But not for me. And on this, I want you to understand, most importantly, that you take it seriously. If you think that all this is just an Internet romance, flirting, and all this is just virtual. Then you are mistaken. This is reality, these are my true feelings. My confession. I have discovered to you not only my soul and my life, but I also opened my heart to you, and you must understand this. Now it is very difficult for me to find the right words. There are so many thoughts in my head now. So many questions, on which I do not have an exact answer yet. Fear, joy, not confidence in my decisions. Feelings mingled in me, in my head. And I struggle to understand everything. Find a solution. To understand the most important question is - if I again made the mistake of confessing to you my feelings ?! Understand, you can write me beautiful words, I know it. But are you that man, who will be next to me and will be happy to love me, to be the most close and dear person for me? Do I repeat my past, which I'm trying to forget so much? Will I again feel that pain, that betrayal, disappointment? Will I be afraid again that you can hit me? No matter how hard I try to forget it, all my past, past pain, it's not so easy to forget. Sorry that I tell you all this now. I beg you, do not take offense at my words, but I'm only telling you everything, that I think, that I feel! You know what fear is, when you're afraid that the past will happen again! You know this as well as I know, I’m sure. And you're afraid of it. Afraid that I can play with your feelings. I can break your heart. And that's why you must understand me. Understand my fears, because I understand yours. And with all my might I try not to do anything that could hurt you. What could cause fear, fear love me! I try to remove all bad thoughts, doubts, in the depths of myself, "close" and not think about it again ever. I need to believe you! Believe your words. Because if I do not do this, I will not trust you. And then we will not be able to take further steps. And I want, I want to love you. You attract me to yourself like a magnet! And I will ask you only one question. Will you hurt me, when we're together? I really hope that you will not hurt me any way. And I promise that I will not hurt you ever! So, probably for today it's enough to talk about issues, fears. (smile). I already told you that I had the best working day. Today I came to a girl, and she asked me to bring her daughter in order, make her a haircut, and few of make-up (the girl herself really wanted it). I understand that at this young age, this is not very good for young skin, and for this reason, I had to pretend that I use my work creams when it's just a gel for baby skin (her mom gave it to me). And we started to do her hair, and put her together. I learned that today is her birthday, and today she should look very good. She likes one boy from a kindergarten. And she wants to impress him (smile). (Here you may see, for what we are ready to receive the attention of the man (Smile)).
When I did everything, I gave her a mirror so she could see my work! She was very happy, she liked everything. I understand that everyone needs money, but sometimes happiness is more precious than anything in the world. Now I'm finishing my letter. Now I will not think of anything, except that in my life there are you, and I'm happy with this, I think this is the most important thing!
Love you.
Your Tanilya. P.S. I understand that you would like to exchange instant messages with me. Unfortunately I do not have such an opportunity. Likewise, I do not have any applications you mention. My phone works only inside my country. I'm getting sad from this. I would really like to hear your voice. You can leave me your phone number and I'll call you as soon as opportunity. In the meantime, we can continue to communicate here. I hope for you this is not a problem. I live in a rented apartment. It's a small but cozy corner. Before work, I walk. It's not far away. Yes, I would like to see pictures of your house.
Letter 12
How are you doing today, my love Jim !? My most gentle and caring man in this world. My sun, my happiness and my true love! I am so happy to receive your new letter, read it now and write the answer. That's all I wanted today as was waiting for your reply with great impatience. Since I already can’t live without your letters, as a fish without water. This is of course the comparison, because I really can not live without your letters, words and nice feelings after reading of your letters. You write very gently, that's way how I like it. And I always want to hear from you these words to me. Always and everywhere. I do not care where we will be and how many people there will be around us. I am sure. That I'm going to kiss you all the time, that I will never be upset with you because you are my light, for which I want to live, and strive for the best for the future!!! And everything that I dream about when we meet in the future will be for us!! Here I’m fine. I didn’t have much work and at once came to internet cafe to see your letter. And I plan to write you more bigger letter today. The weather is fine enough here also. My love, I really liked how you wrote and told me. I've just been waiting to write you!! Yesterday evening I met with my friend, as was going to do. We sat in the cafe, drank tea and ate a delicious dessert. And during all this time we have fun talking, she told me her news and events. I didn’t tell her anything about you, since I already explained you the reasons of it. Then I went home and thought about our love and affection that I want. I wish that our relations be very romantic. Would you will like it? Here in this letter I will write my dreams, my ideas about how I see our relations in real world and ask about your ideas.
If you would come after work and I'll be waiting for you always!! Every day, and wait only for you, because I need only you!! If we met now, and would already be together. Then when you get home - and I meet you with open hands, and a cheery smile because you're back. You undress and go to a bathroom. To take bath and to come to kitchen, you already clean and dressed in home’s clothes. Then I sit down at the table! I think I will never have supper without you, and always been waiting for you, and together we will sit down to supper. So it will be more pleasant for you to have supper with me, I think. Yet while we have supper and drink tea, we talk about us, our events and thoughts. We tell each other the most wonderful words that we want. I'll call you “my prince”, and my love - my ideal and my dream. After all, everything is that way! You are the most kind and gentle man in the world for me! And I think that you are ready do everything for me and I really appreciate it!! I hope one day in real world I will feel your great love for me, your kindness and your gentle hands, your body and your breath. So I continue to dream ... after dinner when we - we can relax a bit, and then all of a little walk! You can show me the most fabulous places in your city. As I already said - I want to know everything about you, for you could show me everything connected with you. Perhaps you'd like some place, maybe it will be romantic! You memorize about some places will be also interesting for me. And then together we go there to spend our time. You will tell me something about it, and I will listen to you very carefully! We can then return home or go somewhere else! I’m sure you know more interesting places to visit, so you show me this! Then we will walk together and hold hands. Then all the people will look at us and smile. So I think we will be a great example of a strong love couple that happy together. Such a pair that has a purpose in life, we will always seek what we want to achieve together. I do not even doubt!! You are my favorite man, very caring, and I never will leave you. The main thing that you would not want to go away from me, or I just can not keep you! But I do not want to think about it, because you're real man and hope you can choose a life partner! But all these are only my dreams. I really wish that it would becoming a reality. And now all my dreams are just about it. Also my dear, I want to write you more! I would like to write you my ideas about sex, I think that it’s already correct time for it. Since this is also a very important part of a relationship and is very beautiful. Because only with you, I want to translate into reality my thoughts, dreams and desires. And I think that if you are helping me in this - will have absolutely great result! I want you know and understand that I am very gentle, and I want to start making love always with gentleness, care and soft things. I want to massage your back a little bit to relieve tension. At the same time feel your regular breathing. Probably every man loves a massage from a woman's sensitive hands? I know how to do such massage, and you'll have lots of pleasure from it! When I finish, I put on your back my breasts, if you want it!! And then I just have to caress in your ear and tell you quietly that I love you, honey!! You are my good and gentle! My hand then walk slowly to your pants and I touch your penis! First through your pants and stroking it very gently! When I have my hand between your legs you will - it will be very good for you! I think that by the time your body will already be up and does not suffer anymore! Is this true? Then you just turn around and we see me face to face and look straight in the eye! To be aware and have the same contact, that is just an invisible thread - which connects us. Our minds! You place your hands on my body and make me feel very strong desire to make love! And then you start to take off my clothes so I become naked. Next, I think the same thing that you also like this! I continue, take your penis and start to move, gently touching the tip! You get from it most excited to just simply hug me and are already beginning to make love! But I just want to pinch my breasts. To its heat and massage! You tell me that you want more! When we will be in this conditions, maybe I can take it with my lips and kiss! From this you will get maximum pleasure? I'm ready to do it just for you! And I must say - that never before I did not do it, but I want to try it with you! Only with you – with a man whom I really love very much and I do not want anyone else to give such things! But I wanted to tell you all this my fantasies!! Just so you know, and then waited for this moment! So when we both have an excited state, then you have me real pleasure! Here's what I would be like to have in sex, I see it this way!!! To bring you up to this maximum possible state so that you never forget it!! I want you always have only good with me so you be satisfied. Since this is important for me either! I think I've also always be with you satisfied. I want this, and I think that I could tell you what I think! What do I think and dream at night! What I dream to deal with you! I think you write me your opinion in your next letter? I look forward to your letter again. And I will answer you always! Always tell me what you think and how you imagine! I just want to say one more time, that's all I wrote to you here - it's just my dream. I really want that our relationship with you, it was just beautiful and romantic. I think we can make our relationship more beautiful and more emotional than any book novel. We ourselves will find better ways for it! Can you imagine life with me and all that I wrote to you today? Do you want this? Now I will finish my letter, I hope not very shocked you my letter?
I love you.
Yours Tanilya.
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