Romance scam letter(s) from Shannon Roland to Phil (England)
Letter 1
How are you doing Mr John, please tell her not to worried too much, that everything is fine with me.she should always pray for my safety, because life over here is so dangerous..
Letter 2
Well it's a very good thing you like my daughter, my daughter dropped a note telling me how she likes you so much, MR JOHN i want you to know my daughter happiness is my happiness too.if she is happy with you then you have my support, All you need to do is take very good care of her because she is all i have.I do not think i will be able to survive the mission ahead of me, this mission is so deadly i know she will be so worried right now, Please Mr John do all your possible best to make my daughter mission attack take place 8 hours from now and it will last 45hours, please you also have to pray for my safe return.Thank you. YOURS SINCERELY
Letter 3
Good day
this is to inform you of your parcel with our company, here is our , and your tracking number to your parcel. H9B9401410 . We are about to deliver to you.. please kindly confirm your details.. Thank you
Letter 4

good day
After I receive your email, I understand that your personal information is already stored in our database. The following items may be provided in your package and have been duly delivered to us so that we may ship to you at any time and once you meet our payment requirements it will be sent to you via Level 1 or 2 AIR SURE delivery channels. Package Contents: Metal box shipping, proof of ownership and safety documents.
Original Ownership Certificates and Security Documents Weight:
0. 000,529 lbs
Metal box shipping weight:
Total package weight:
110. 23053 pounds
Total package weight:
110. 25053 pounds
Package color:
Package Packaging:
seal Your package is deposited in a metal box of the delivery company and can only be accessed and exercised by you. To enable us to deliver your package via courier, please see the following in person and please note:. Insurance added. The first category (FEDEX Messenger exports)
The maximum delivery time of 2-3 working days
Post / Shipping 9442.10
Fuel surcharge 1095.00
Insurance 3880.98
Value added tax 1000.80
Total $ 15,416.88. (USD) The second category (DHL Messenger exports)
The maximum delivery time of 3-5 working days
Shipping / Shipping 7575.10
Fuel surcharge 850.00
Insurance 2890.98
Value added tax 734.80
Total $ 12,050.88 (USD) Note: This means that the above charge can not be deducted from your consignment, so it must be provided by us before we start shipping. As soon as you pay, the parcel will be delivered one step ahead of your door. You should respond immediately so that we can provide you with the payment details needed to transfer the delivery costs. We sincerely hope that the above information will help you, and we thank you for giving us this opportunity to meet your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us.
Thank you for your satisfaction as a member of a messenger provider and we are happy to assist you Your service,
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