Scam Letter(s) from Christiane Blanche Laloi to Phil (England)

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Letter 1

merci j'ai bien lu votre message parlens de vous et j'ai beaucoup aimer ce que te ma dit par rapport a toi j'aime parler avec vous ?

Thank you I read your message parlens you and I like it very much that you told me about you I like to talk with you?

Letter 2

My name is Christiane I'm new on the site I'm single without children I live in Toulouse I want to get acquainted with you if possible ..

Letter 3

I send you an invitation here is my address Christiane.blanche19

Letter 4

First of all I want to thank you for your will to want to get in touch with me because I'm a single girl currently, so it's a real pleasure for me to talk to you why not, I send you this email to tell you a little more about me and allow you to have some idea of me.

Letter 5

I have a headache and the doctor has prescribed me to compress and I would like you to help me my love?

Letter 6

I would like you to send me money so that I can buy but conpress my love

Letter 7

Yes darling I understand you perfectly and know that I love you and that I never want to lose you You are the only man I love and I just need you to help me because I'm not with you for enjoy your money, but I need you to help me understand my love Stp

Letter 8

No It is actually that you think me I love you and that's why I'm with you and if you do not trust me tell me because I love you and you could never lie to me I'm a woman who says that I recent for a person My love ??

Letter 9

Yes darling I want it and tell me when you want me to come live with you because I am always ready to join you my love ..!

Letter 10

Yes my love want to be with you because I love you and I want to live the rest of my life with you



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