Scam letter(s) from Sarah Thomas to Phil (England)

Letter 1
I'm Sarah single with no kids, I am 5'6" feet tall and am 33 years old, brown eyes,I'm from Texas and I work as a professional wedding planner and a coach at the gym center..And you?
Letter 2
well I feel that I am ready for serious, strong relations and I need a very good faithful person to share my life with.Do you have google hangout on your phone
This my you can add me
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Name: Olga
Age: 30
Name: Kelly Rims
Age: 26
Name: Natalia
Age: 34
Name: Mary
Age: 30
Name: Natalia Skachihina
Age: 26
Name: Tatyana Botvinkina
Age: 27
Name: Cynthia Rose
Age: 30
Name: Elena
Age: 30
Name: Teresa
Age: 29
Name: Karina Zubel
Age: 25
Name: Lora Assuga
Age: 34
Name: Joy Diane
Age: 28
Name: Angelina Brown
Age: 29
Name: Elizaveta Mihaylova
Age: 31
Name: Emilly Jones
Age: 34