Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Evraeva to Mike (England)
Letter 1
my dear, I don't think you want to meet that much. you why the are looking for any other path, but only would not help me. I don't need you to buy me tickets. Because I'm gonna go to the travel Agency and I'm gonna do it myself, it's important that I buy the tickets myself and get my hands on them. they'll give me documents and tickets. I'm just asking you to help me and send me $ 320. I really want to see you, but I think you don't want
Letter 2
Now I have gathered my thoughts and will try to state all the words that the Bank Manager told me in the letter. When I went to the Bank, the Manager approached me. I told him what I wanted to know. He began to explain and now I will try you write. There is a translation service Western Union and Moneygram. He said they were both almost the same. You need to go there and you can make a transfer there. And I will be able to get from you within 10-15 minutes after posting. Do you represent Mike? I didn't think it was that fast. You'll need my details for the transfer. 1 this is my full name - Ekaterina Evraeva. 2 this country is Russia. 3 this is my city-Tver. and 4 the postal index of my city Tver - 170000. This is all the data you'll need to transfer the amount. For me to get your help, I need your full name. then your town, where you translated it. then the exact amount of the transfer and the secret code. Here are all the words of the Bank Manager.
Now you know how to help me. My dear, I am waiting for your help so that I can start making my papers. kiss you. your Ekaterina
Letter 3
Hello my dear Mike. I read your letter. Yes, I know that we will live only for 3 days and then I will go home to Russia. But it will be an unforgettable 3 days in my life. Mike, I will leave Russia for the first time, I will be able to enjoy freedom for the first time. I can hug you and spend the night with you. Yeah, I know it's only 3 days, but you know, it's gonna be an amazing day for me. I live in a small town. In my life I visited only about 5 cities of Russia, and this is the maximum than I was content here. But you opened new doors for me, where I can see new people, talk to you, find out how you live. Learn your ideals and culture. Isn't that wonderful? Yes, I like you very much, and Yes, I want to spend these 3 days with you and appreciate every second given to you. My dear, you are opening up new possibilities for me. How can I be sad, because I know that you want to be with me for 3 days and I'm happy about it. Know that I will be glad even 3 days because it is my dream and I am grateful to you that you execute it for me. I appreciate it as gold, you're a real man. such there is no on earth. You're the only one, and I really respect you for that, my dear. I will give you an unforgettable 3 days, believe me my dear. My dear, I went to the Bank and found out how you could help me. The Bank Manager explained everything to me. Now I'm going to think about it, because in this letter I wrote to you sincerely and with all my heart. I find it difficult to switch to another topic. I'll make you some tea and give you information on how you can help me. kiss you
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