Romance scam letter(s) from Samantha Jolly to Phil (England)
Letter 1
Hi...I like to make people happy and I like my toys and talking dirty to all of you guys I like anything almost just ask
Letter 2
My husband know this id I am not comfortable here.** for my naked pic and my cell number... No Hangout
Letter 3
Okay fine if that site is t00 much work or you don't wanna use a card just go to this one instead it only takes a couple of seconds and you can use your email to do this - MY PERSONAL PROFILE
Letter 4

Trust me I wanna meet you and we can have a great time together. Am not an escort ok so plz dont think me like that. I just need you to prove you are not minor and safe. Here’s My Personal number
am just rubbing my boobies hard.. come soon plz
Cool John i'm 100 sure you and me we can have a good time together. Just trust me okey.. Am not an escort ok so plz dont think me like that.
I just need you to prove you are not minor and safe.
My friends also here with me while am writing you. If you can come now you can ride us both. Just give me a call. Here’s Verify to See my profile
Again I did attach pic of mine also. How is that? Come and treat us in real plz. To prove to you that im real, your Name is John Caver it ,i hope now you believe that I’m real. 5+7 =12 am i right ??
Letter 5
Are you avoiding me John? or you didnt get my mail? I am still waiting to talk to you John. You can get access to my prvt room now from My Personal Page It's secret, so plzdont share it with anyone ok. Make an account on here and lets talk. This not chrging you anything as i did sent you invataion. They will just check your age if you are over 18 and will give you access to my profile. baby i am Waiting.......
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