Scam letter(s) from Evelyn Nuamah to Phil (England)

Letter 1
My name is Evelyn Nuamah , 33yrs of age,single with no kids.,,and I dont mean to let a man who don't want kids of want.....Well am Currently in Ghana after going through a deceitful act called Relationship from a man up there in New Jersey,Orange.. I never knew he was married and he lured me to come over and be with him after we met right here in Ghana when he came over for a Business Tour here. He was married and I never knew so he asked me to spend some time with a friend there so he can handle some problem he was having with his relatives over his house. I later found out that he was lieing to me and all he wanted was to use me for his selfish and lustful ****** desire.. After getting the information, I came down here... I really went through **** and I hope this wont scare you away from me.. I have been out of this Love scene for a while but I want to give it a try since I cant remain single for the rest of my life...
Let me know if you are interested we can chat more and see how it goes.
My ex was a real ****, he prefers drugs to me, he isalways ***** and on drug... He treats me like a piece of rag he bought from the market, I tried to talk to him to chance his attitude or I will one pack my Baggage and leave but he wont listen to me till I finally took my decision and break-up that **** called relationship with desire is to meet a man who has a sense of humor,sensitive,caring,easygoing,sincere,single man who wants a true woman to be with, who will treat a woman with Love and respect. I am looking for a man who is special with romance, loving relationship,a unique man who is affectionate, with interests and characteristics similar to mine. Someone who wants a meaningful,serious, long-term relationship,who will spend all the good and the bad times with me and grow old together with me.. lol I will like to entertain you at my house if we are ready to feel each other's pain, I will make you some delicious food, we will also have some nice wine.. When it gets dark, I will light up my candles and will want to talk and gaze at you in the flickering lights.I want to gradually rub and caress you.Yes, you and I to make that passion ignite where two of our spirit soar and collide throughout the horizon and universe together,where two souls shall become one.. We will also go out to the movies and go to night beach where we can have some real fun and enjoy the breeze as well.
Letter 2
I had an Elder brother called Johnny whom I lost this January when he left for a Peace Keeping Operation in Lebanon,he was in the Ghana Army..i lost my Mum too but with she lives 6hrs drive from me.. She is a retired Mid-wife and am so proud of her and so she is too....I am now in Ghana with my Auntie.,,What are your hobbies, I mean what do you do for fun at your leisure times?
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