Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Corachenka to Max (South Africa)

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Letter 1

Hello, Max! I hope this day will be nice for you. I am happy to introduce myself to you. I was born on January, 20th, 1990. I work as a social worker. I do it for retired people and children. This is the most unprotected stratum of society. I live in one of the smallest cities in Russia. This is the old Russian town of Plyos. We live here as if in the last century. It is located on the right bank of the Volga (Gorky reservoir), in the mouth of the Shokhonki River, in 18 km from Privolzhsk and in 71 km from Kostroma city. The highest point of the city is 54 m. We do not have many civilizations. The Internet is also a rarity. To my delight, I have an old laptop and a 3G modem. The population of our city is 1796. people (2017). There are no industrial enterprises in the Reach. People are mostly involved in agriculture. I live an independent life. My parents live in the north of Russia. They are retired. We meet very rarely. Approximately once a year. How do you spend your spare time? As for me I like cooking, jogging and sewing. I'm not a young girl, but I do not have a family. I guess I'm too fed and I do not know how to meet guys. I believe to meet my true love and create nice and united couple. I shall wait for your answer.
with regards, Nata.
P.S. i send you also photo my city!



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