Scam letter(s) from Christy Saam to Victor (Portugal)

Letter 1
Good day. How are you doing and hope everything is cool with you?. I liked your profile on the site this is why i contacted you and you are the first that wrote to me from the site. Thank you for writing to me and I want to tell you all about myself and why i registered on the site, so you can know me better. I'm a strong, ****, smart, independent lady with many goals and lots to acheive in life.. I am looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage, no matter what the age, I have a belief that age is just a number but true feelings and affection is what really matters in a relationship. I'm looking for a man who is open minded to have correspondence with. I am a ****, loyal, devoted and most of all God fearing lady who's looking for the same man to spend the rest of my life with. Someone to share personal moments with, enjoy life together and to firmly hold the blessings of a lasting and undying happiness. I am born to please and not to tease which is why i believe that i always have to put God first in all i do. I am educated with high goals, morals,and integrity. I love to have fun with the man of my dreams and need a real man by my side to share in my dreams. I also need a man who will take good care of me as his loving lady,A man who knows how to love and how to treat a lady. I need a man with good conversation, intelligence, a man who is smart and one who knows how to treat a lady well and most of all a man who fears God and can be trusted. I want to explore the world and do new things when I come home or when i am with the man of my dreams. I love warm weather, tropical drinks and sandy-beaches. I like to party and have fun and most especially with my man. I don't want any more drama in my life like the one i have already witnessed. I like romantic evenings and bedroom talks just between my man and me]. I'm a real ladylooking for a real man, i love to be with my loved one all alone and be with him for the rest of my life. I love to be out with friends and be all alone sometimes and most of all to please the man i love. Here is a little more about me, My name is from Portugal , but right now in USA on a business trip. I will be returning back to home next week so maybe we can arrange to meet anywhere. I will be willing to relocate if i can find a right man of my dream which is the reason why i am here on a dating site. I was born and brought up in Portugal, my father is from Norway and a successful business man. He was into fashion designing and also into buying and selling jewelries. I attended University spent 4 years there and after that i begin to work with my father in his profession and i got to know a lot from him about jewelries and also about how to get them raw that is those like gems and also how to transform them into jewelries and sell them at a more expensive rate which is what i do now for a living after the death of my parents in an auto crash. I now live all by myself and now i have to fern for myself that is why i have to get these jewelries raw here in USA and then take them back home to transform them and also sell some of them there. I am looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage one day and i will be willing to relocate to a secure foundation maybe coming to you when i am through here and knowing that i have a loving man for the rest of my life, age is nothing to me, all that matters is love, care and open-mindedness. I think we will need to learn about each other more and more before we can do anything, i will love you to e-mail me tell me more about yourself. I hope i have been able to tell you a few about myself and i would tell you more after receiving your mail. I want to ask you some questions and i want your honest answers.... Are you single or married and do you have kids? I am single never married with no kids... What is your bad and good experience in meeting a lady on the Internet?? I am newly registered on this site so i have no experience... What do you do for a living[work]? I buy and sell jewelries... How old are you and what do you think about our age? Just as i have written in the mail i do not mind the age all i care for is the love that there will be and i am ready to do anything for my man when i find him no matter the age difference... Are you a player? I am for real and i also need a man who is for real I will attach some picture to this mail so you can see how i look like. I want you to also send me some of your pictures. I look forward to get a reply from you so i can know if you are really the man i have been waiting for. Hope i hear from you soonest Christy
Letter 2
How are you and how is work? Hope all is well with you?. Its my very great pleasure to read from you and it really made my day when i read your mail and i like the way you answered my questions and i now know that you are really for real and i hope things will work out well between us both. I am coming back to in Portugal by next week. I am in USA for business, as I am a merchant that deals in Gemstones and raw diamonds. What happens is that, I buy the gemstones in raw form from the mines in USA and I take them for refining, transformation and polishing the stones into valuable commodities like the bracelets, rings and lots more expensive things. This is more about me, I like watching stormy weather, going to educational lectures, beaches, watching movies, musical concerts and sometime go for dinner and taste a little coffee, I am ambitious, imaginative, kind, sensitive, self-confident, generous to a fault, and loyal. I'm not a Vegan, I love to cook. I am also interested in trading, technology, engineering, or working for myself. I believe I am intelligent and that i have the capacity to be a great friend and lover and open to possibilities with the right playmate because i grew up to love and to care for others, I'm for real, because i don't think i have time for playing games around, because its very bad and sad when someone hurts another persons good feelings and i don't think i am here to do that and i won't like that to happen to me also, Well to my understanding, relationship can mean two things 1) It can mean that we have a connection, which I think exists because we have gotten to know each other better, 2) Relationship also means to be romantically and sexually involved and I think we are not at that level. So, I think at this point, given the few amount of time we have e-mailed each other, we definetly have a friendship formed based onsome external and internal similarities that are developing into a relationship that will bring us a little closer with good intentions, and the potential exists for the relationship to evolve into something more significant and i prayand hope that what i am thinking is right because i won't like to be taken for granted.I've been in several rapports where I was not fully appreciated and it hurts especially knowing that i have been dumped by a man before. In fact, many times I felt I was taken advantage of and that hurts. I'd like to meet someone who recognizes the little things I do for him and knows how to be appreciative. For instance, if I were to make breakfast in bed or draw a bath for my man, he could thank me by giving me a hug or a kiss.Or perhaps sending me a card for no particular occasion just to tell me 'thank you.' I'm very appreciative of what people do for me and i reward them in my own little ways. To me it's the little things that mean a great deal to me. What does it really mean to be affectionate?. I love a man who can display his affections for me anytime and anywhere without having to be shy and even if he is shy he should be able to show his love for me anywhere though. Anda person who knows how to be affectionate is a big plus. I love being affectionate. This may be an odd one, but I've learned that there are many man out there that are set in their ways. They have one way of doing things and are never open to suggestions or advices. Stubborn man are a major turn off for me and i hope and pray that you are not one of them. I like a man who is open to ideas, thoughts, and basically openminded. I think being receptive brings about sensitivity as well. A man who is ignorant, mean, and just plain insensitive is difficult to get along with and i dont need such a man in my life. I would say that I'm not afraid to display my emotions. I'd like someone who is sensitive and caring. If I'm sad, I'd like for him to be able to comfort me and cheer me up and most of all for him to be there for me. He doesn't has to do much, but just knowing that he's there for me is more than good enough, Have you ever had someone not stand up for you? I was deeply hurt when someone I once knew wouldn't stand up for me, even after he told me he loved me. I would never allow someone to hurt my boyfriend or my husband, and I would always stand up for him and would like him to stand for me too no matter what. One thing I will always do for my man is to protect him and what i need from my man is for him to protect me too.
PS-I hope i have met the right man
Letter 3
Hey dear How are you doing and how is everything going with you and hope you had a nice night with me in your dream as you where in my dreams, how is everyone around you i hope all is well as i am fine here also and just woke up to get ready for the day,I buy the gemstones in raw form from the mines in USA and I take them for refining, transformation and polishing the stones into valuable commodities like the bracelets, rings and lots more expensive things, I got your mail and i am so happy with your views and I am so glad to know that we share the same view and that we are moving well and it mean so well together, I am so glad that you understand all i write and that you are always ready to read from me and also to write me too. I want you to know that i am so happy i met you on the dating website and that we are writing each other because i now believe that we are meant for each other and that we might be together real soon. I truly hope that the feeling i am having about you as a honest person is real because with what i read from you i feel that you are a man who will be the right person for any right woman too and i hope this leads to something great, I would like to talk this time on what i feel is the basis of a strong and steady relationship, there must be perfect understanding between both people involved in that relationship as well as patience with each other. I know that for a relationship to be at its best the parties involved must be willing to sacrifice for themselves and stand for each other. I mean to be able to go the extra mile for each other. The main point in a relationship is Honesty and then Trust and they are as important as much as the other which we have been able to discuss in our other mails we have sent each other. As you know i would like my dream man to have trust for me and for him to be honest with me and i am sure that where there is trust and honesty then that will be the right relationship for anyone to be in or do i say perfect. For a relationship to be steady then both the man and woman should know that they are to become one and therefore hide nothing from themselves. I will do anything i can to make sure that all is well with him and he is happy because if my man is not alright or is feeling sad then i will also feel it too and if i am feeling bad then he too will feel it soit is better when two heads are together to solve or make amends. i hope you write me soon. I am glad i met you and i hope that things work out well for us Have a nice day Christy
Letter 4

Comment allez-vous et comment tout va-t-il avec vous et comment fonctionne le travail et tout le monde autour de vous, j'espere que tout va bien, car je vais bien ici aussi. J'ai recu votre courrier et je suis tellement content de votre point de vue et je suis tellement content de savoir que nous partageons la meme vision et que nous nous deplacons bien et que je veux dire si bien ensemble, je comprends aussi l'anglais, je suis tellement content que vous compreniez Tout ce que j'ecris et que vous etes toujours pret a lire de moi et aussi a m'ecrire moi aussi. Je veux que vous sachiez que je suis tellement heureux que je vous ai rencontre et que nous nous ecrivons parce que je crois que nous sommes destines l'un pour l'autre et que nous pourrions etre ensemble tres bientot. J'aimerais parler cette fois de ce que je pense etre la base d'une relation solide et stable. Ce sont mes points de vue sur une relation forte et stable. Je sais que pour qu'une relation soit a son meilleur, les parties impliquees doivent etre disposees a se sacrifier elles-memes et se defendre. Je voudrais pouvoir m'ameliorer. Le point principal d'une relation est l'honnetete et ensuite la confiance et ils sont aussi importants que l'autre que nous avons pu discuter dans nos autres courriers que nous nous sommes envoyes. Comme vous le savez, j'aimerais que mon homme de reve ait confiance pour moi et qu'il soit sincere avec moi et je suis sur que la ou il y a de la confiance et de l'honnetete, ce sera la bonne relation pour que quelqu'un soit ou dis-je parfait. Pour qu'une relation soit stable, alors l'homme et la femme devraient savoir qu'ils doivent devenir un et ne cachent donc rien d'eux-memes. Je ferai tout ce que je peux pour m'assurer que tout va bien avec lui et il est content parce que si mon homme n'est pas bien ou est triste, je le sentirai aussi et si je me sens mal, il l'aura aussi C'est mieux quand deux tetes sont ensemble pour resoudre ou reparer, j'espere que vous m'ecrivez bientot. Je suis content de t'avoir rencontre ... Voila Christy
Letter 5
Hello Victor
How are you today? Thanks for the lovely mail you sent to me. I read the mail over and over again and i must say that you are a very lovely person. I like to always receive emails from you. I am beginning to think about you. I have not met you in person but my heart is already thinking about you. I believe that liking someone is not by the appearance of the person but by the heart that will really care for you. I hope i am making a right decision by liking you. I will also want you to let me know if you truly want me as your girl because i am so happy i met you and i think about you so much that i want to make you the man of my life. I hope you will be willing to make me your girl. I never tried online dating before but when i met you, your mails usually make me happy and my heart always tell me some words that, this might be the beginning of a great love. I am shy and don't know how to express how i feel about you now. I hope soon i will have the courage to write it out to you so you can know how i feel about you. I will be waiting to get an email from you before i tell you how exactly i feel about you. Thanks You Have a nice day Christy
Letter 6
How are you doing today?? Thanks you for the sweet mail you sent to me. I like to receive emails from you. I was waiting all the time to get your email and when i finally go the mail, i was so happy and i smiled. I always think about you. You are a wonderful man and you seem like the man i want to be with. I am shy but i will do my best to express how i feel about you. I am sure this is a beginning of a wonderful relationship. Hey, there is so much I want to tell you, a lot has been running through my head lately. I'm having trouble putting my thoughts into words so you will have to bare with me through this. I keep thinking about the future, about life, and what I want out of it. I keep thinking about us and what this relationship means to me. I keep thinking about these things and I realize they go hand in hand. I want you to know that this gradually growing relationship is my future; it's what I want out of life. I want to grow old with you. I want to experience this love forever and ever, and I really think I'm going to get to. I want to see you walk around our house while i watch you at how gorgeous you are. I want to you to know that love is so important tome and i have been single for long. I want you to pull the covers off me at night and i get closer to you to keep warm. I want to see you laugh at me when I do ****** stuff and know i have a loving and caring man. I want to have a child with you and go through the experiences of parenthood with you. I want to see you and me chasing our little kid around the house, all three of us laughing our heads off and having fun. I want to hold you when you cry and smile with you when you smile. I want to fall asleep every night with me in your arms. I want to fall asleep on your chest listening to the beat of your heart and know it beats for me. I want you to be the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see when I go to sleep. I want to see your early morning hair; I think it will be so cute. I want to sit on the beach with you and watch the sun set, and I want all the people who pass us to envy the love that we obviously have for each other. I want to see you walk down that isle and I want to take your hand for the rest of my life. I want to spend all night, and maybe the next day, making love to you with an undying passion (sorry to be so blunt). I want to be thirty years old and still make out with you like a little schoolgirl. I want to cook a meal with you. I want to sit there talking to you for hours about nothing at all but in the same time everything or maybe we won't talk at all and just grin at each other realizing how lucky we are. I want you to get mad at me for doing something ******, and I want you to bust out laughing when you try to yell at me. I want to lay with you in front of a fireplace and keep the heat going long after the fire goes out. I want to take trips with you to places we've never been and experience them together. I want us to go skinny-dipping in a hotel pool and get caught and streak back to our hotel room waking everyone up because we're laughing so hard. I want to hold your hand and let you scream at me while you bring our child into this world. I want our friends to come over and get totally jealous because they don't share a love like we do. I want us to run outside in the rain and act like total kids getting completely soaked and return inside to have fun.I want it to take your breath away every time I say, "I love you" because you know it's coming from the heart. I want us to be sitting there and watching our child take their first steps from my arms into yours. I want us to sit down with a box of strawberries, a bottle of chocolate syrup, and a thing of mint chocolate ice cream; well, I'll let your imagination finish that one. I want to love you and be with you for at least forever or more than forever. I couldn't really express in words what I'm feeling right now so I decided to share with you some of the images and thoughts that have been running through my head.I just want you to know that I had never found someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with until I met you. I really am crazy about you, everything about you.

Kisses Christy
Letter 7
Good evening my love. How was your day and hope you have a nice weekend? just taking my time to rest honey as tomorrow will be a very busy day for me, i will be going to make the shipping fee for all the gemstones that i just bought so that they can be shipped home for me before i finally take my leave back home or maybe i can fly over to you so we could meet before i finally go back home or tell me what do you think? I just woke up this afternoon from my siesta after my midday meal and i received your email and i feel so loved, no man has ever make me happy the way you did and i want you to know that am really for real and i mean it when i say i love you and that is how i feel about you honey and am not playing any games here., because i believe i have found you and i want you to delete yours as well reason because, I don't want any other woman to write to you my man. I hope you understand my reason for this. I don't like to share my man with another woman, Honey i would love you to send me your address and your phone number so that i can give you call as soon as i land at the airport and waiting for you to come pick me up in your car so that we go home together before i finally go back to my house or tell me what your suggestion is my love. i hope hear from you honey and i won't stop thinking about you because you touched my heart in a special way.I can't wait to meet you honey and i believe you are just what am looking for in a man.. you complete me and you make me so proud, will forever be grateful i found you kisses and hugs from your queen Christy
Letter 8
Hello my love
How are you? I want you to know to know that i can take cab to you if your car is not yet ready, My love here are a few things I wish to do with you at some point in this lifetime: Be your best friend. Get caught with you in the rain. Dance with you in the rain. Stargaze on a clear night. watch the sunset together. Spend all day with you doing nothing. Moonlit walks on the beach. Be more proud of you than I already am at this very moment. Go on a carriage ride through the park. Do a crossword together. Go to brunch. Have a disagreement (it could/will only make us stronger). Go for a twilight horseback ride. Watch a bad movie together.Spend the rest of my life with you.Have our picture taken together.Eat ice cream with you. Make love to you passionately, go to a museum together. Talk to each other using only body language. Give you space when you need it. Accept you totally and completely - flaws and all (I already do). Discuss current events in a heated debate.Have you see the error of your ways from aforementioned heated debate and make mad, torrid love to you, in the midst of all that passion. Carve our names into a tree/table. Go for a walk at dusk together. Be one with you. Send you a singing telegram. Spend all night thinking of 101 sweet things to do for you. Hold you and gaze into your eyes and realize how much I love you...and tell you.Gently run my hand across your cheek and look into your eyes. Blindfold you and take you somewhere romantic. Spend my life making you happy. Spend my life making our family happy. Feel your heartbeat. See our unborn child/children in your eyes. Go roller/ice skating together. Give you a back rub just because. Always being honest with each other, go hiking/camping together. Have our first fight, make up and feel a stronger bond because we very successfully weathered the storm - together.Marry you. Laugh at someone together. Share a plate of spaghetti. Give you a stuffed animal just because, go on a fun family vacation and bring back the kind of memories movies are made of. Treat you like my Lancelot. Go on a road trip across Portugal. Count thunder together during a thunderstorm. Envelop you in my soul. Cook your favorite meal/meals.Know you better than you know yourself. Go to a renaissance fair. Plant a tree in our yard together, have you know without me saying a word - that I love you.Be able to say "I love you" in 89 different ways - in 89 different countries. Hold you when you're at your saddest and comfort you when you need it the most. Be the one you come to for that comfort and holding. Wipe away the days' stresses and issues, with just one hug/kiss. Grow old with you. My Love how are you doing today? Hope you had a nice night? Did you dream of me last night?What was the dream you had? I want to meet you real soon to make our love happen.. I love you always. Your future wife to be Christy
Letter 9
Good day Dear,How was your day? . I am sorry i have not been able to write to you since. I just came back home from the clinic to receive first aid treatment, I was attacked by armed men on my way to make payments for the shipping of my gemstones this morning.. When they attacked, i was injured. The criminals took my bag containing vital documents and my MasterCard. They also attacked the driver that was driving the car that I rented here for my daily transportation. I reported the case to the Police headquarters immediately, and I also called my bank to block the stolen credit card. I asked them to issue a new MasterCard and send it here for me, but they said it would take about 21 working days before it could be processed and sent down to USA. Honey, I had to drop my passport and my wrist watch with the clinic security as a collateral that I will come back to pay them for my treatment before 24 hours. My dear, please help me!there is no one I can ask for quick assistance but you, You are the closest person to my heart and I know you will not watch me suffer this great pain, i wish you could see the the pains i am going through here.. Honey, the treatment & medical bill is 280 euros. I promise to give you back your money as soon as I am well and back home. Baby, I feel so lonely now and I need you by my side. Please darling.Please i don't want to miss my flight.. please help me. I am in so much pains here.. write me as soon as you get this message. Your dear Christy
Letter 10
I'm not joking with you and do you think am here for game or what? , here is the number you can get me on +1 478-285-6456 and I never read a mail from you that ask my number ________________________________
Letter 11
Goodmorning **** How are you doing today ? I knew it's hard to trust and it possible I didn't read the part you ask for the number, I know many crazy things happen online but sometimes it's about how God want it to be, If you help me I believe it's part of building our relationship and am not here to waste your time or let you down because I want you for who you are and I will never let you down because you part of the reason I have hope of loving again, I know it's hard but please I will be glad and feel great if you can help me, You can send it via Western union or money gram and you can help me with whatever you can Name: Christy Saam
Address: 143 e daffodil road
City: Ruckersville
State: Virginia
Zip code: 22968
Letter 12
I believe its hard to trust ****, But stranger can turn to be part of us in a way that cant be express, I love you and this is just a little time i need you, I dont know how to express how i feel deeply, But i wont let you down
Letter 13
Thank you so much and i cant express how i feel deeply, I know its hard to trust and things happen for a reason but I swear with my life never to let you down because you put a smile on my face since the day i started emailing you and you always deceive my respect, I cant wait to be in your arms with alot of kiss and great time and You really surprises me ****, Thank you very much You can just please send it to the doctor bank account to be assure Bank name: Bank of America
Account Type: checking
Routing number: 051000017
Wire routing number: 026009593
Account number: 4350 36080436 Name: Paul Franklin
Address: 167 E Daffodil Rd
Ruckersville Va 22968
Letter 14
Yes send it to me and am saying incase maybe you think i just want to spend it thats why i gave you the doctor name and the Bank details is my Account and the name i send with the Bank details is the doctor name incase you want to do any check to know am not lying
Letter 15
The account is my USA account number **** and the name i put on it is the doctor name, Incase you doubt me, But here is my account and if you send the money i will surely receive it and i want you to please be calm, Im not here to hurt you or take your advantages and you can count me on to your heart because i wont let you down because i love you Bank name: Bank of America
Account Type: checking
Routing number: 051000017
Wire routing number: 026009593
Account number: 4350 36080436 Christy saam
Address: 167 E Daffodil Rd
Ruckersville Va 22968
Letter 16
How are you doing and i hope everything is okay with you?? I really appreciate everything and i know sometimes doubt happen but its needed when you just getting to know someone and i wont let you down..Hope you have dinner yet
Letter 17
I'm a business woman and how do you expect the number to be on Virginia number ?? Your Portugal phone it's your home address on it ? I'm here to work and not staying here, The number is a roaming number and Atleast when you search it, it's not up for scam because I can see you doing everything to see maybe am taking your advantages and i know it's hard to trust but you have to trust what I said if you have believe in me and my love
Letter 18
Goodmorning, How was your night? I was busy all yesterday but i took my time to write you and i hope i can write from you today
Letter 19

Goodmorning, I woked up this morning and I feel weird that I didn't receive any email from you and I hope you fine and if you decided not to reply me again, Well I know that's life
Letter 20
How are you doing ****? Sorry for the late reply have been trying to run around to get things in order, I understand you busy at work and I believe it's normal because that's natural and I hope you can help me do it today
Letter 21
How are you doing today, I want you to know if you send the money no way I can receive it because my ID card and ATM is lost. How is work and I will be glad if you can send it via Western union to Paul Saam because they can still help me picked it here or not I won't be able to do anything and I want to arrive Portugal on Sunday morning
Letter 22
**** western union will need the address with city, state, post code you used when sending the money
Letter 23
Goodmorning ****, How was your night? I got my stuffs back and Yes they receive the money, Thank you very much and am the one that went to received it at western union, I want you to know am going to make get waybill of my Gemstone shipping this morning and after that, Im coming to Portugal on Sunday, I really cant wait to see you and kiss you because you gave me every reason to be loved again, This is from my heart, to thank you for everything you have done for me, for all the times I forgot to tell you how I feel about you and how happy I am that you are in my life.Let's make this lovely journey last for a lifetime, do not ever let me go. I am yours as long as you want me to. I love you so much **** Kisses and hug Christy
Letter 24
Good morning ****, Thanks so much honey for the lovely emails you sent to me. My night was cool and very lonely as i really missed you all night dear and all i could do was think about you and i together, i most say that i can't wait to see you fill up virtually all the holes in my body and make me desire for, I had a hectic day at work yesterday and i just came back to my hotel room from the shipping company in charge of shipping my gem stones to the jewelry company that made a request for them in Germany and i have been thinking and crying so hard about the whole mess that happened today.Honey i am having a little trouble with my business here and it really frustrating me so much that i just want to share my worries with you as it giving me a sleepless night. I'm through with the payment of all the necessary bills including my hotel and car rental bill so that i can start getting ready to coming home to you this weekend as soon as my gem stones as been shipped to the jewelry company that made an order for them in the Germany but only to get a notice of increase from the shipping company on getting there today after the payment of a total sum of 22,000 Euro which is the normal shipping fee. I was notified that there has been a slight increased in the shipping fee due to value added tax (VAT) and the new shipping fee has been increased to 23,100Euro but i have spent all the money on me paying for my hotel and car rental and am left with nothing right now and if i don't get this gem stones delivered to the company as promised, i won't get paid as they have promised to send me a cheque with the next 48 hours of receiving the gem stones but the shipping company said they won't ship the stones until the shipping fee has be paid in full and i don't have anybody i can run to for fast assistance right now. Honey i will be very glad if you can borrow me the remaining 1,100Euro or anything you can help me with for the shipment of my stones and i promise to pay you back as soon as i get my pay cheque from the company and even with an interest my love.Please darling you are my only hope i have right now. Please help me so that i won't have any delay and i don't want to miss my flight home. I love you so much and i hope to read from you as soon as possible. PS: I have attached a copy of the notice of increment and the receipt of payment for you honey. Your troubled angel Christy
Letter 25
Hello ****
How are you doing and happy Sunday, heading to church now, I want you to know I am who I am and I don't have to lie about myself , because I believe so much in open minded and honest, I feel so terrible to read all what you sent me, I want you to know I have nothing to hide for you and if not what happen I won't be seeking your help, it might be hard but I always believe in myself and people around me because it's only God that knew the best for everything, All I want from you is love and passion, because I can't stop thinking about you and I really believe in you that's why am still here and not trying to take advantages of you, Nothing really joyful than to sleep in your arms and wake up by your side because that's so much passion and love....I know online is full of ridiculous stuffs but that those not changed how I feel about you and I wish you can fly here to visit then you know am honest here and I have nothing to gain in lying to you, I'm not asking you to send me all the money and all am asking is your help for the sake of almighty God because you are the only one I can run too for now, I told you about my status and I never seek help from someone before because I always do everything myself, but it's because of what happen that's why am asking you for help and I can't pay you back in millions ways but am just trying to do all I can to leave here because I want your love and have a great kiss with you ****, I love you and that stay first before any other things
Letter 26
Hello ****
I know that's a lot of money **** and you can please try and help me with anything you, maybe I can sell some of my little things to get the rest, I know it's hard but am ready to pay you back with everything I have in my life
Letter 27
I really understand you as a matter of fact but I believe you can help me if you really want too, That shouldn't be a problem but what really going on with you now is trust, I want you to know you earn my trust and am not ready to let you down because I always want to be with you and you can try to help me any other way you can, you can get cash from your bank and head to western union outlet to send it and you can try money gram too, I'm here crying and feeling deeply sad because I'm not expecting this to happen now
Letter 28
Hey ****, You dont have to be harsh me and you know all i have is you and i always love you, But please help me out for this last time and i wont let you down, If you truly in my position now, I believe you know i will surely do anything to make sure everything is okay for you, Love matter in everything thats why i cant stop thinking about you
Letter 29
Goodmorning ****, how was your night ?? I can't sleep because I think so much about you and You taking this in wrong way, I'm not saying you should help me with everything , I'm saying you should help me with whatever you can, I lost my and dad longtime ago , I only have one Uncle and he already said he can help me with little money that's why am saying maybe you can try and help me with any amount and I will surely pay you back my love
Letter 30
You can call anybody in FBI and Interpol since I didn't lie or do anything wrong so why I have to scared about that, You getting my email wrong, I said I have someone like step father which is my uncle I just told you in last email and I said my dad is from Norway and check my first email where I said I lost him, Why should I be lying ? Oh my God this is sad.. it seems you taking me so cheap because I asked for your help and that's really sad because all I ever have for you is love and best wish
Letter 31
Goodmorning love How was your night? It seems you dont understand my English sometimes, I said this is sad that you think maybe am lying to you and i turn you to a fool with my lies, I'm not lying and everything i said to you always remain the same things, Im not here because of money because i want is your love and spend my time kissing you and be around you ****, I love you and i hope you really want me the way i want you too
Letter 32
I want you to know am not here to waste your time or my time.. My Love, I promise to always be there for you… We are a team, you and me… I am on your side, to support you and to build you up when you are feeling down. I am here to encourage you and to cheer you, to be your best friend and to love you.My Love, if you allow me to,I promise to always be there for you…God favored me and brought you in my life. Thank you for being one of the best things to ever happen to me. I love you!I love u baby skins. Always and forever! Smooches my love,To be your best friend and true "one and only." I really wanna just settle down for a small life for a bit and then go traveling soo. I hope you don't mind a nice ***** town for a while,ive promised you my heart and to fight through every thing that stands in our way I will keep that promise for as long as you let me
Letter 33
How are you doing and how is work? I feel so bad about what you said? Because i really believe am not a baby to be wasting your time or my time, I gave you the shipping bills and you telling me is not real, Why i guess you have alot of doubting mind and thats really sad because i dont believe you can doubt me, But i understand you because its hard to trust this days because of many crazy things going on this days, So how is work today??
Letter 34

Goodmorning **** How are you doing today ? I really feel good about your email and thank God your mom is feeling better and I understand when someone is getting older many strange things happen and how old is she? And what's her name ? I really appreciate you saying you want to try to trust me and I feel so good about that, I want you to know I won't let you trust on me down because all I want is you and I will forever want by my side and if maybe have pay the rest shipping fees for the stones I should have arrive to Portugal yesterday but I believe God know the best and am trying all I can to make sure I be in Portugal but no one to help and even my uncle only helped with little and I know it's hard this days to get money around, I can't stop thinking about you because I looked at your pictures anytime am feeling down and you are amazing man with a great pleasure, I'm glad you came my ways, I can't wait to kiss you and have a great night *** today... I love you
Letter 35
Goodmorning ****, How was your night? I really appreciate your mails and your lovely messages always, I feel you such a man that understand life, I can't stop thinking about you because of the love and happiness you always gave me and that shows a lot of potential in my life, I like that so much and I hope to meet you soon and I want you to know things still the same with me here because I was unable to get the rest money I need for the shipment and I will be glad if you can try to step out of your comfort zone to see how you can try to help out of this issue and I won't let you down because I really want to arrive in Portugal this week to spend more time together
Letter 36
How was your night ? What do you mean it was me that do the justification instead of the doctor ? And moreover I didn't say anything bad and am not asking you to help me with all the money and whatever you tend to help surely going to help, But as a matter of fact, you remain the best for me that's why I always have the best thought about guy and I really hoping to meet you soon so things can be in other and be able to spend more time ****
Letter 37
Good morning **** How are you doing this morning? I know your English is not perfect but as a matter of fact nobody is perfect thats the best in life, Things have been hard for me because i was unable to get the money i need even though i can stop thinking about meeting you and now all remain is 710euro's and Have been trying to run around to see what i can do, Because the more i delay things the more am into mess because of the time the company gave me to deliver the Gemstones to them, I will really be glad to know everything is doing great with you and i cant wait to see you, So both of us can be able to spend more time together with life and happiness
Letter 38
How are you doing today? I hope everything is okay with you? I want you to know theirs no way i can deduct from the stone and sell it because the company and i already agreed on budget they need and now things is getting delay and am scare not to loose my money with them because this job mean alot to me and i really hope things can work out thats why i said any amount you can help about the remain fees, I will highly appreciate it because am tired of here and i need to be in portugal soon
Letter 39
Good morning my **** How are you doing today? Thank you **** for your lovely message, I just woke up here and i really understand that you have to go through much trouble but please i believe everything going to worth it at the end of the day, Sometimes it takes many hard and obstacle for something great to happen and i believe you can do the western union Online the way you did it the other time, I will appreciate with everything you can to help me, I know its hard but i cant access my Portugal account here and no way i can get into it that's why things is kind of hard for me ****, I will really appreciate your support, God will continue to guide you and make things easy for you, I cant stop thinking about you, Love comes in hard ways sometimes because Good people come in bad way and bad people come in good way, All i have to give you is my love and trust, In which i wont want you to be down by me because i always believe in you that's why i want you to keep believe in me as your woman that remain our first priority, Love is about happiness, I found my happiness in you that's why am still with you, I will forever be your woman with no fail, I believe in your love because i really love you so much.....Thank you so much and i love you so much Christy
Letter 40
Hello **** But I need the money here in USA but Portugal and I already close my account in Portugal and I will open it when am back but you can look for western union outlet to go send their with cash and I understand but I want you to know am really in need of this
Letter 41
Goodmorning ****, how was your night ? I hope you thinking about me as I do
Letter 42
But you no theirs no way I can do this and theirs many local bank here and am not sure they have them in Portugal unless you want me to find someone that have all those popular bank and moreover I believe you can withdraw the cash and send it at western union shop, you can go to western union shop with cash to send the money too and what PayPal??
Letter 43
How is work today ****? I cant stop dreaming about you and i wish everything have been in other, I will have been in your arms by now because you always give me every reason to keep smiling, Because i cant stop loving you **** Here is my Wells Fargo bank account details Wells Fargo Bank
901 Emmet St N
Charlottesville, VA 22903
United States Christy P Saam
Address: 137 E Daffodil Rd
City: Ruckersville
State: Virginia
Zip code: 22968
Country: USA
Wire Routing #: 121000248
Bank Routing: 051400549
Account: 3864519354
Bank Swift Code: WFBIUS6S
Letter 44
Kay is a big Mall, That have private Shipping company inside because they have Jeweler's too, So why saying i work at Kay mall, Do you think all am saying is a jokes and maybe you think am just here wasting my time around, I believe am matured than trying to be wasting my time around
Letter 45
Hello Victor Hello i really appreciate you saying your mind, First of all i dont know where to start and how to start this, But am very disappointed about you and what you said, Do you believe i will so low to take advantage of that small amount of money, You saying you have two company that telling you this is a scam, But you believe those company will disclosed my relationship with them when they don't know you personal or have anything to do with you? I think maybe you take me to low and believe am such a woman that have nothing to think in life than trying to take a man advantages, If you help me fine and if you don't help that's nothing and that's life, I believe everyone of us fall in that position sometimes, The 20,000 euro's you talking about is already on the Company name with their secretary, So what are you saying to me, I feel so bad because no man ever talk to me this way because, If you stop writing me that's nothing because God know the reason why i meet you online in the first place, If you doubt me and this didn't work out, I will surely pay you what i own you once i get to Portugal, I'm a woman of dignity and i always believe in myself, Because i will never lie about my identity because that's my life and my cross, I cried now because this is so sad, If you didn't write me again that's not a problem, But once everything is in other i will send you what you lend me the first place, I know many crazy things happen online but i believe all you saying about me so far is false accusation, because they have nothing to do with me, Call me on this number to talk on phone if you doubt me +1 401 622 1275 and i even own the hotel money because of all my bills, But i already said i will drop my wrist watch and other things for them till i get money, If you don't want to write me again then you free to go because am not forcing myself on you or your life because sometimes good people come in bad way and bad people come in a good way and its only God that know the best that's why i always believe in myself, I always hope for the best with you but i believed both of us is matured enough than trying to think about playing each other, I'm only here for your love, trust, honest, integrity and commitment, If you think maybe i didn't worth that then its up to you but just know everyone is not the same.. Love you Christy
Letter 46
They already emailed me asking what's going on because someone wrote them and they are so surprised about that and they told you they didn't know anybody with that name, if I may ask if you are the company are you going to disclosed whom supplying you with stones without know them, someone write you now and said he or she need to know someone that working for them with such a big amount and you believe they can just tell you ??
Letter 47
I want you to know I am who I am and that change nothing about me, Because if you stop emailing me that's your loose because I have so much love and happiness to give to that right man, if you not pleased with that then you can stop emailing me as you said because I never have doubt mind about you and the us sounding ridiculous, So you thought you can just email some company's and be asking about Christy that want to supply them when they didn't have anything to go with you
Letter 48
Goodmorning **** Wow I really appreciate that you pour your mind and soul out to this email because it let me understand you for real, as a matter of fact I know it's very hard for you to understand me because sometimes message scream things up, Before I had the accident, I already paid the shipping fees and it only remain little money to balance then, so when I get attacked that's when I told you and you helped me with the hospital bills, So when i went to pay the little money remain that's when they told me the shipping fees is increased, I know it's hard to trust someone you never meet or see before, but sometimes we can't judge someone how you meet them before someone you just know can have more value than someone you know for a long time, The house address on the account is the house I stays sometimes, Remember in my emails back that I said my uncle already said he can help me with some little money then?? I told you he helped me and am looking for the rest money because I want to leave here asap, it's very hard to get money and I know you need to be sure you not just wasting your time around, But I have a lot of trust and love to give you then you can know how serious I really want to be with you, Meeting someone online can be complicated but always let your heart remain the same because none of us know what tomorrow may hold for us, Trust me am not playing any game or lying to you because if am lying to you that mean an deceiving myself, stay safe at work
Letter 49

Thank you very much and i really appreciate your help about this even though its hard, But whatever amount you help me with, I will surely be glad because i want to leave here asap, Here is the account again Wells Fargo Bank
901 Emmet St N
Charlottesville, VA 22903
United States Christy P Saam
Address: 137 E Daffodil Rd
City: Ruckersville
State: Virginia
Zip code: 22968
Country: USA
Wire Routing #: 121000248
Bank Routing: 051400549
Account: 3864519354
Bank Swift Code: WFBIUS6
Letter 50
I guess you busy since yesterday and I hopenwork is fine with everything
Letter 51
How are you doing ****? I understand you alot about your job and i know how hard its with your job, But i really like cant wait to meet you even thought despite many obstacle, I know both of still have a long way to go and i wont let you down because i believe in you, I want know what you want in a relationship. But i guess the most important thing is being honest with each other. Though i feel reluctant talking about myself and my current situation to you as i dont know how you'll feel. But i guess its important you know all about me and the situation i am in so that we'll know if we can go further. I've had loads of bad experiences in my past relationships and i wouldn't want to fall into the same problem anymore, Thats why i always appreciate every little things you do to help me...I love you
Letter 52
Goodmorning ****, How was your night? I had a sleepless night because of my hard time, But an hoping to meet you soon because I really can't stop thinking about you because that gave me so much joy and happiness, so I hope you can help me today with whatever you can send and I really appreciate your help so much
Letter 53
Good morning ****, how was your night ?? I hope everything is okay with you? The amount is in Euro's because that's the best way for me to calculate them and They will charge it dollar and exchanged it back to Euros and I hope you can please help me go your bank to do it today
Letter 54
But i thought you said you going inside bank to do the transfer and moreover tomorrow Friday is another month and the time my bank gave me is not yet complete and I told them am going to arrive soon to be able to sign for necessary things then I will pay you back all the money you left me, I understand how hard it's to trust but at least it's about how much length you ready to go with someone that's how things can be easy for us and moreover I believe in open minded and understand that's why am plan with you
Letter 55
How are you doing ? I really appreciate all your effort despite I know it's not easy decision but I want you to know God will continue to reward you in great way and I want you to know money gram is far from here and that's why I always prefer you using western union and I hope work is not stressful
Letter 56
How are you doing today? I'm so sorry if you think maybe am controlling you or trying to be demanding, Please for the sake of God **** and moreover I never think anything bad about you and I know it's far for you to go western union, But whatever you do am okay with it
Letter 57
How are you doing and I hope everything is okay with you today ?? I really appreciate your message and I really like to get to know you more, I will be waiting for the information once you send the money and I can't wait to see you and spend more time around you inside your new home
Letter 58
How are you doing today? I'm so sorry for the late reply and i thought i reply after that message but it didnt went through, How is everything with you and i hope you having your house set up now, im trying my best to have everything under control, I cant stop thinking about you because thats part of my priority and i want you to know i will write you more tonight
Letter 59
How are you doing this weekend? I'm feeling little down and i will surely get out of here soon because things just getting messy with no one to help out and i really believe in you, All i want around me now is you thats why am keeping this real with you and i will forever be grateful to your love, support and kind, Even though sometimes its hard for you and how is mom doing today? So if am around that means both of us going to be in your new home, Thats great because i really cant wait to see you and i hope you can still find ways out of your ways to help me because things is not yet sort out and am not trying to inconvenient you with my life issue but its hard for me to keep on like this and i dont understand what to do thats why i need you by my side and to keeps me going because of the love and trust
Letter 60
How are you doing today? I feel bad about your message and i understand you have your own life to live and you have to know if you have to made some decision for future purpose and your mom cant be with you forever and you have to start learn how to made your own decision and stand on your decision without no fear of what anyone going to say or do about it
Letter 61
I really appreciate that you took your time to write me and thats great, I cant wait to see you and i hope you can help me send what i need to help me out of this
Letter 62
Good morning ****, how was your night honey ? I wish am their to help you with the running around for the house and I wish you can take some pictures of your new house for me to look and I hope you not stressful this days and I can't wait to see you
Letter 63
Its good to read from you, Have try to get to get intouch with them, About a week ago and they told me i will have to wait until am back because i have some paper to sign in person because its company account thats why am messed up and seeking your help, Well i hope everything going great and your mom is not disturbing your moving around?
Letter 64

Just know when I get to Portugal, I won’t forget all you said to me now
Letter 65
Atleast you already blocked and unfriend me on skype, So no problem and just know am hurt with all your words
Letter 66
You getting everying wrong, what am saying is that I told them I prefer giving me the amount in euro for better understanding and I never told you the document is a fake document
Letter 67
Okay, so what do you want me to do now ? If you want to me to stop writing you no problem, I will stop
Letter 68
How are you doing today and please don’t take things up that way again and you get angry easily and that’s veey bad idea, I’m sure when you angry you will always beat me at home , How been your day and what do you eat?? Are you going to mother house tomorrow or when?
Letter 69
You have to always be calm because I believe what’s going on now is not what you can just take up quickly like that and I hope you let your calm take over to be able to figure something out
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