Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Usova to Jens (Norway)

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Letter 1

Hello my love Jens!!!!

I not write you, I am very a pity, that to you earlier, excuse me, but I was afraid to inform you, that with me happened. I to not want you to deceive and write, that everything is all right and should speak you the truth. I really very much was afraid to inform you about it, but I do not have other choice as I you like and to want to arrive to you Jens. I hope, what you will understand me? i at once has hastened in the airport to get necessary tickets. I have put a part of money in a handbag, and I have put other part of money in a bra. When I to go by the underground in the airport there were many people in an electric train and all were pushed. A code I have left at the necessary station and was directed to the airport I was captured with horror! I have noticed, that the bottom of my handbag has been cut. I am revealed, that money in a handbag is not present. I long to cry and did not know what to do in that case, but then to me have advised to address in police of the underground. They have accepted my application, but have told what to search for the thief is useless, as such thieves need to be caught at once on a place of fulfilment of a crime and to me have given back my application. I long went across Moscow and my eyes saw nothing because of tears. I was in full confusion. I do not know how many hours I so went, but it became already dark. I have found a bench in park and all the night long to sit on a bench. In the morning I tried, something to do, also wanted to write to you at once, but to me it was terrible, as I think, that you will strongly become angry. Then I tried to search for any work, but I have not taken with myself documents on my formation and all my attempts appeared vain! I do not know, that now to me to do. To me have told, through week I should leave. I to not spend the rest of money as I think, that we shall find a way out of this not a simple situation. I do not know to forgive you me whether or not Jens? But, I very much love you and I hope for your pardon and your love Jens. I then have regretted, that have not taken advantage of services of a taxi, and have decided to go by the underground. Now I to live at station, but on former I do attempts to search for work but while all is impossible. To me granted a delay in presentation of my insurance and tickets till Monday of next week. It is a shame to me to write to you this letter as I am guilty, but please forgive and understand me. I do not have other output from developed position more. Please if you have forgiven I transfer me tomorrow of money as this week I should take away all my documents, tickets and arrive to you in one week. At me now is present 280 Euro. At me was 300 Euro, but I had to spend some money for movement across Moscow and for a feed. Please transfer me 400 euro that I have bought tickets and has paid the insurance.. I promise Jens, that I shall be very cautious and I shall not use more public transport. I any more do not know, that to you to inform and I do not know you have forgiven me whether or not, but I to write to you only the truth, though she very heavy. I hope for your answer very soon!

I kissssssssss you my love Jens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tatyana.



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