Scam letter(s) from Julia Bragimova to Jacques (Luxembourg)

Letter 1
Hello Jacques!
I want to tell you more about myself.
Perhaps after that you change your mind and we will be friends.
I guess my life is not interesting as yours. I am a cook by profession and therefore work in school, a cook.
I like cooking very much. My grandmother taught me how to cook.
She died in 2001 of a heart attack.
My friends really love it when I cook for them.
I already wrote that I am 31. My birthday is 3 September 1985.
I have a lot of friends different ages. I don’t see a problem in the age difference. I can find a common language, with children and with older people. Maybe that's why I work at school?
I spend a lot of time at work and I don’t have time for entertainment.
Every day I go to work on a bicycle. This allows me to be in great physical shape. My height is 169 centimeters and weight 54 kilograms.
I studied English at school. Sometimes a dictionary interpreter helps me, but I can speak and write in English. I have a Russian accent.
I have never been married and I have no children. My last relationship ended 2 years ago. My ex-man went to live in Moscow. He already has a wife and a child.
I already wrote to you about my village, it is in the east of Russia and is called Shamanka. This is Irkutsk Region.
By nationality, I'm Russian.
I live with my grandfather, because my parents died when I was 5 years old.
They were in a car accident.
I don’t like to think about it ...
My grandfather says that I must leave here. He says that I'm wasting my time.
I agree with him. Live in Russia very difficult. Sanctions and state policy are very aggressive. And I want to see the world.
Now I'm collecting information on how to get a visa to your country.
I already have a list of documents required to obtain a visa.
I think it will take about a month. What do you think about it?
Would you like to meet me?
Tell me more about your city. I am very interested in your life.
P.S. Here is my phone number +79104410946. But I don’t think you can reach me.
In Russia, to take international calls, you need to have a special permit.
This rule was imposed after the sanctions. But I will try to obtain the necessary permits for this.
Letter 2
Hello Jacques!
It is me again. And again with sad news. I still couldn’t find the money. I hope, you don’t think that I'm nothing do for this. I'm actively looking for money for a visa. But so far without success. And I again and again ask you: Help me!!! I think you have more chances than me. Don't refuse me for help, please!
Don't scold me much, but I go on a desperate step and send you ***** photo to prove to you that my intentions are serious. Please, don't ask new photos. I can't do it. Because I feel shame for these photos.
You can't even imagine how difficult it was to do it.
But you are my last hope. I want you to believe me.
Most of all I'm afraid to miss this chance. A chance to see you.
The embassy is very strict to Russian women, but they made me a rare exception and approved the visa. Need only payment. Such a chance in the future may not be. Our time is limited. They do not say deadlines, but I'm afraid to delay and get refused.
I'm tired of the gray life in Russia. I want to live in a civilized country. I want to enjoy life. I want to give you happiness. Please, hear me and my heart.
I can’t write anymore, because i am crying.
I'm wait your letter.
With love, Yuliya.
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