Scam letter(s) from Marine Johnson to Brad (France)

Letter 1
Dearest, Thank you for your kind email that shows me your willingness to assist me and my brother, I appreciate your openness to express your desire to love me and help us. First of all, it is certain that we have not seen each other before which I know that you will be thinking how possible it will be for a stranger like me, having a trust in contacting you in a transaction of such magnitude involving this much money but I want to clarify you now that, contacting you for this transaction is not by my power, rather a divine direction from God who knows the heart of every human beings on the earth. Before I make the step to contact you, I prayed and fasted to seek the face of our Almighty God for him to give me his directives and open a clear revelation to me concerning the type of human being you are. Thank God he opened my eyes to know your honesty and faithfulness to your fellow human beings. God has directed an orphan like me and my brother to your hand with our inheritance funds which you know that is not small money, the only hope of my future and I know that you will not betray my trust in you.

As it stands now, because of our age, I and my brother do not have any knowledge of money transfer transaction because I have never been involved in such business before, except this opportunity from my late father. Now, our God has confirmed you as the right person to handle this transaction for us and look for the best line of investment field to introduce this money so that it will help us in future. Being the person that is going to handle investment of this money while I and my brother will continue our educations in your country.

However, referring to the mail I sent to you, I want you to understand that this money is where the hope of taking care of my future and education lies on. Presently, what matters so much for me in this transaction is trust and honesty, because this money will be transferred to your account and entrusted in your hands before I and my brother will come over to meet you for the investment of the money and the continuation of our education. Based on this fact and the huge sum of money that is involved in this transaction

5.5 millions dollars,

it will be better for us to know each other very well first as to build trust before I will send the documents which you have requested and also introduce you to the Bank where the money are deposited, My main reason of contacting you is to request for you to assistance me and my brother to secure the transfer of this money from the London bank to your account as our investment and financial manager and as well help us in the management and investment of the funds while I and my brother will go back to study under your care. I have attached my passport for you to proof my identity and our personal pictures as you have requested to show you how me and my brother Daniel look like and below is our contact address in Ghana.
I appreciate your openness and out rightness in showing me your sincerity to help me, but the most important thing for me to have more information about you. I will require you to send to us to us your address, phone, profession, age and id. card or passport copy to confirm your identity. This is for us to confirm your identity in order to develop more trust and confidence in you. Please don’t be offended if I am asking this information from you, you can understand that the nature of this transaction requires lots of carefulness from both side, because of this huge amount of money so as you are trying to be careful so is I and my brother for us not to fail into a wrong hand or wrong person. We must confirm your Identity first before we will proceed further to give you the bank deposit documents and bankers contact in London. This transaction is 100% risk free and there is no any legal implication of us claiming our inheritance which our late father left for us. After receiving your identity, we will send to you the documents and the banks contact in London where the money is deposited. I will be looking forward hearing from you with the information that I requested from you so that we will proceed further, I pray this will be the beginning of a long lasting business relationship between us. Best regards
Miss Marine and Daniel Johnson
233, Koffi Apiah Avanue,
Mac Carthey Hills,
Accra (Ghana)
Tel: +233.548254035
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