Scam letter(s) from Monica Schipp to Phil (England)

Letter 1
How are you? I am trying to have someone to relate with it. Its pretty nice seeing your page and I finding it interesting, so I guess I say hello to you. All the same your profile cant say everything about you, so I need to know more about if you care and here is my email address
Letter 2
How's everything over there ? I am so glad to meet you. Its good to have that feeling that you are caring about someone and he cares about you too. I
am grateful meeting you my new wonderful friend.
Don't you agree? As a woman, I want a man that I can share the pleasures of love with, a man who's willing to teach and learn. I want a man who together
with we can be two people who can lean and depend on each other.My personality is both serious and upbeat; I have a sound is position that makes me friendly, prone to laughter, fun-loving and easygoing. However, I also like to think deeply about life and the world.

I feel passionately, but I'm disciplined about my words and therefore thoughtful.As you know that Greatness lies in Simplicity, dont you think so? My interests and hobbies include: books, films, travel, sports, music (I have a special fondness for contemporary jazz) card games and board games, arts and culture. Trust is something thats hard to give,especially if you have been hurt once.If you have been there,i believe you would know what i mean.But later
in the years,i have grown to see that,there can't be love without trust.Cos its the first step to any successful relationship.I am here seeking for someone special that i could call my own,someone who is filled with total honesty and would give us the chance to trust from within. Dislikes: I don't like people who are selfish,cruel, careless, arrogant and fake

I want you to tell me more about you, What do you seek for in a relationship? What sort of relationship you seek for? What are the basic qualities you seek for in a woman? Do you like public intimacy? Can you love me? What is love to you? Would you hit your woman for any reasons? I leave you with a smile and many pleasant wishes. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Rosemary
Letter 3
I would like to do a little introduction here in order for you to know more about me and my personality.

I lived most of my life in the UK, I have BS.c in Arts at The Leeds University UK, But My Dad never allow me to work, He was like what is the essence of working whereas i am the heir to his wealth that why I was working with Him. I love nature and arts.Life and its natural contents has always been my childhood desire.

My father is from Los Angeles , California , while my mother is from Leicester UK . I hardly grew up to know her because I lost her due to cancer, It was a painful moment for me, I had to come to the USA with my Dad to complete my studies. I attended Los Angeles Unified School District for my elementary then got admitted to Amino Ralph Bunche High School, South Figueroa for my high school, I later came to the UK to complete my studies at the Leeds University since then its been Me and My Dad until we have our rift due to the loss of his money that was kept with me to my ex since then i've grown all alone and dealt with life struggles myself.

I am not here for games so i believe that there is no way anything could work out if we are not honest to the depth with each other, cos what i meant to build is a strong friendship, that could evolve into something special. In which we would understand what we desire, before moving forward to seeing eachother in person, i mean physically

About my love life, I have only been into one serious relationship, which has locked my heart away from love for a while I gave the relationship all i got and i was as committed to it as much as i could. But at the end of the
day i got used and abused in a manner i doubt if i would ever forget. He took all my willed money,which is alot of dollars and ran away with some blonde to get married.I was devastated for a while,but grew strong later in the years and kept my heart locked to myself.

I am here seeking for someone special that i could call my own, someone who is filled with total honesty and would give us the chance to trust from within. Really you are older than me but age is just a number, As I said in my previous email I told you how much I have been hurt and used by young guy and I cant afford that to happen to me anymore, I am looking for a man that is matured at heart, cool, gentle, loving and trustworthy.

From the first email I have a good feeling about you; You are the only one that I am contacting at the moment. So I am hoping you are taking this seriously as i am not here for games, but something that can lead to eternal happiness.

I would like you to know that life is not bed of roses on my part and you must have already had a feel of that in my first e-mail to you, I will be looking forward to hear from you. Rosemary
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