Scam letter(s) from Elena Kralen to Trevor (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Trevor! I am glad that you have written to me. I waited for your letter. Write to me here, it is more convenient for me. I want to get acquainted with you!! I live in Russia, city Kirov. I live with parents. I am 28 years old now. Earlier I studied in school as the cook. I had secondary education. Then I have decided to study at university. I learned english from school therefore I can speak and write on english well. I hope that we will not have problem with understanding each other. I recently have finished university, a speciality management and the right. It is last year which I study and hope that I shall work on a speciality. I spend second half of day on work. I work in a dining room from 8:00 till 18:00. I to prepare for different dishes. It very much is pleasant to me, though the salary small but it to me suffices to buy some things. I have no computer of a house, therefore I write you from internet club. My salary I was a little have increased therefore can now dare to visit internet club. I single and also would not find anybody who loved me on the present. I have decided that there can be I can find loved on internet. I heard much about such acquaintances and many found the second half. Probably I write you much that to you not interestingly but if you have questions that I I shall be glad to answer them. I want that you have told about yourself also. You to search for the girl for serious attitudes? Tell more about itself. It is very interesting to me. I shall wait for your letter. Elena
Letter 2

Hello Trevor my love!! I can name you my love because I test to you some love.. Though we never met, but my heart nevertheless is not quiet when I think of you.. You are not indifferent to me.. You are necessary for me.. I want to meet you.. I cannot easy sleep if I shall lose you.. My parents informed me yesterday not pleasant news to me.. We shall move to settlement because here very dearly to pay for an apartment and all municipal services.. We require cheaper habitation.. We should have an opportunity to pay taxes and to have thus products. We for a long time received papers from court that we shall be expelled from an apartment if we shall not pay for an apartment.. We gave all papers about our incomes and charges. It has turned out that we we spend more than we receive the salary..:))) We shall move to a countryside where there will be few services and payment for an apartment will be cheaper. I so am sad. I have learned as far it is and roared because I shall lose full connection with you. There is not present internet, phone and the nearest mail is through some kilometers from a house.. There only one grocery shop. I spoke parents that I want to concern with you and I love you but they have told that I have an opportunity to communicate with you 2 more weeks and then we shall leave..: ((.. I want to you.. We have one opportunity to not lose each other.. If I have arrived to you now.. Will be late later.. I understand between us distance. Travel not cheap.. I have no chance to pay a way.. If I could.. I would arrive to you already.. I love you and I do not want to lose you..I should make documents all over again, it is the visa, the passport and medical the information then to take the ticket. If you could help with payment of travel that I would try to call to you at once.. Probably that I cannot write to you in some days.. There can be you can find on my travel to you?? Then I would pay for documents and the ticket and in two weeks I would travel to you instead of to a countryside for ever.... I love you and I hope that we shall not lose each other.. If you cannot help me with travel now that we shall lose each other for ever..: ((Elena
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